Absolute Resonance - v3 Chapter 698 Zombie King

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When the figure of withered bones holding the soul-calling flag appeared, even Pang Qianyuan, a king-level powerhouse, couldn't help shaking in his heart at this moment.

Because of the other party's name, it's not that he has never heard of it.

The corpse demon king, like the fish mane king, is one of the four evil kings.

The dark cave in the closed town of Shengxuanxing Academy actually attracted two alien kings? !

This is obviously not normal. Because according to the habits of aliens, especially after reaching the level of alien kings, these alien kings all have a strong sense of territory. The fish king occupies this area of ​​​​the crack in the world, so the other alien kings are

Will avoid stepping into this area, lest the two sides fight.

But now, in addition to the Yuchi King, a second alien king also appeared. And it seems that the two sides did not have any objection, which shows that they have reached a certain consensus, what is the reason that can make these two alien kings abandon the instinctive repulsion and confrontation, and reach some agreement?


Unless, it is an order from a powerful existence at a higher level. The levels and strengths of the Fish King and the Corpse King, in the dark world, are definitely at the top, but above them, there are still some more powerful aliens, which is normal, just like Pang Qianyuan himself

Although he is also a king-level powerhouse, there are still many people stronger than him in this world.

The same is true in the dark world.

According to the information he got, the fish king and corpse king belonged to an extremely terrifying existence.

"Eight Dark Lords"

Pang Qianyuan's pupils shrank slightly. Just thinking of this name made him feel boundless dread, because this name, in the top level of the entire human race, was very famous.

This is an outlier comparable to a king-level powerhouse! It is rumored that a hundred years ago, in a certain princely battlefield in Inner China, the Eight-Headed Dark Demon King led the four evil kings to appear.

Those who died among them, in the end, it was a certain heavenly king-level powerhouse of the human race who repelled the eight-headed Dark Demon King.

From some top-level information that only king-level powerhouses can obtain, Pang Qianyuan knew that the eight dark demon kings were also extremely powerful overlords in the dark world.

But now, the Fish King and the Corpse King appeared here at the same time. If it was instructed by any existence, then there was only the Eight-Headed Dark Demon King.

Pang Qianyuan's heart sank uncontrollably at this moment. He didn't understand why that kind of heterogeneous existence would be interested in the cracks in the world suppressed by a holy school. Normally, with its existence like that, he should turn his attention to the battlefields of those princes.

Investing here is really a bit of a loss.

"What are you planning? Is there anything worthy of your attention here?" Pang Qianyuan asked slowly. King Yuji tilted his head slightly, his gray and white fish pupils looked at Pang Qianyuan without any emotion, and said, "Pang Qianyuan, don't ask any more questions, the matter has come to this point, if you are still smart, it is wise to protect yourself and leave Daxia.

Most sensible behavior. "

"If you still try to stop it, then today, you, the only king-level powerhouse in Great Xia, may have to perish here."

"This land will eventually be covered by black water."

Pang Qianyuan looked gloomy at the Black River of Evil Thought behind King Yuji, and said, "Do you want to introduce this Black River of Evil Thought into our world?" , if this black river of evil thoughts is really allowed to flow into Great Xia, then the pollution that this land suffers will be even more terrifying and horrible than ordinary disasters


In particular, the Heihe River of Evil Thoughts will continue to expand. If this continues, not to mention the Great Xia, the surrounding countries and dynasties will be greatly affected. This is like an uncontrolled plague.

The fish fish king smiled noncommittally.

"Yu Chi, your words are really too much." At this time, the corpse king holding the broken soul-calling banner raised his pair of eyes filled with death, and stared at Pang Qianyuan, holding the soul-calling banner in his hand. Wave up.

"I'll stop him, you drive Heihe and enter Daxia from this dark cave."

Following the Zombie King's move, one can only see the boundless gray and white dead air sweeping in. In the dead air, there are countless illusory shadows screaming, like the cry of a banshee, and at the same time exuding a terrible corrosive power .

Once this dead energy enters the body, even a living person will be instantly transformed into a corpse controlled by the corpse king. Seeing this, Pang Qianyuan's complexion also turned cold. Today's changes have been somewhat beyond his control. The appearance of two alien kings is really a rare situation in Outer China, although it is not yet known who the other party is.

There is no intention, but he knows that the evil thoughts of Heihe must not be released. He took a deep breath and stopped his original idea of ​​supporting the academy, because if there was only one fish king here, he could temporarily suppress it with the power of the Dragon Bone Holy Grail, but with the corpse king

Once they appeared, he could only stay, otherwise once they drove out the black river of evil thoughts, even if the Xiangli tree had not been destroyed, it would be useless.

Of course, Pang Qianyuan also understood that he was caught in a dilemma now.

boom! The indescribably vast force roared out of Pang Qianyuan's body like a tide, shaking the whole world, and then behind him, a bright halo of three colors about a thousand feet emerged, and the halo scattered.

Has a mysterious flavor.

That is the Holy Ring of the Three Phases.

Contains the real three-phase power.

At the enthronement ceremony earlier, Li Luo used Pang Qianyuan's power to display the three-phase sacred ring, compared with it, it was like a firefly and a bright moon.


The three-phase holy ring erupted with countless radiances, and these radiances seemed to be descending from the sky, melting the whistling gray and white death energy completely. At the same time, Pang Qianyuan grasped the palm of his hand, and saw a huge knife appearing out of thin air between the heaven and the earth. When the huge knife appeared, it seemed that the sky was torn apart. one moment drama

Vibrated violently.

Pang Qianyuan's face was indifferent, and he slashed at the corpse king. The corpse king also stopped at this time, and a dignified appearance appeared on his bone-like face, and the soul-calling banner in his hand kept flapping, and the next moment, a vast amount of dead energy condensed and turned into a body in front of him. About ten thousand zhang

giant figure.

That figure seemed to be composed of hundreds of millions of corpses, wearing ragged clothes, emitting a monstrous death aura.

The shadow of the corpse raised its giant palm, wrapped in almost substantial death energy, and bumped head-on with the huge knife shadow.

boom! An indescribable energy shock wave erupted at this time, and the earth was torn apart layer by layer. In some areas closer to the depths of the dark cave, there were strongholds and purification towers built by universities, but these facilities

Once, it was almost completely destroyed.

In the depths of the dark cave, the two king-level powerhouses had an unreserved confrontation. Looking at the earth-shattering fighting skills of the two sides, the fish king saw that Pang Qianyuan's strength was indeed beyond doubt. After all, the two sides had fought so many times over the years, and he still recognized the strength of the other party.

It gnawed a hard bone.

However, it is quite happy to see the corpse king's deflation. This stinky guy can't deal with it well.

"Hey, Pang Qianyuan, you and I have been fighting here for so many years, and this time, you are still going to fail." The humanoid body of the fish king gradually disappeared. The huge and strange black fish then stirred up the black river, and the eerie and weird pitch-black river began to pass through the cracks in the world, facing the dark cave.

poured away.

Their plan today is unimaginable to Pang Qianyuan. Now both inside and outside the dark cave have fallen into their control. Pang Qianyuan's stubborn resistance can't change anything.

boom! boom!

The aftermath of the devastating battle continued to erupt in the depths of the dark cave.

The huge corpse figure summoned by the corpse king has been cut off by Pang Qianyuan's terrifying knife light in the confrontation again and again. The power of the three phases reveals the invincible power, forming a suppression on the corpse king .

But the corpse king is completely unmoved by this. Pang Qianyuan is indeed stronger than it expected, but it is not so easy for the other party to break through its blockade.

It kept waving the soul-calling banner in its hand, and in the dead air that filled the world, large hands of corpses condensed, constantly shattering the void, and grabbed Pang Qianyuan.

"Pang Qianyuan, your heart is disturbed."

The corpse king said indifferently. As time went by, although Pang Qianyuan had a little advantage, it was him who was calm.

Because at this moment, whether it was the corpse king, Pang Qianyuan, or the fish king who stirred up the Heihe, they all raised their heads in unison.

The dark cave was shaking crazily.

In the dark and dim distance, it seems that a long-lost light shines in.

The dark cave is collapsing.

The temperature in the dark cave also increased at this time. Pang Qianyuan was a little stunned, and immediately a bitterness emerged in his heart. His eyes seemed to penetrate through layers of obstacles, and he saw the Xiangli tree that witnessed the history of Shengxuanxing Academy in the academy. It was ignited by a black flame.

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