Alliance God-level Summoner - Chapter 772 , back to the future

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boom boom boom~

The purple chariot ran fast in the street, followed closely by a black shadow, its footsteps were light and soundless.


Behind him, the sharp screams were getting closer and closer, Xiao Yao's eyes flashed coldly, and he said in a deep voice, "Xixi, close your eyes."

In fact, the little girl had long been blinded by the gust of wind, but she hummed obediently.

plop plop~

The four-headed Rakshasa fanned its wings, turned a corner in the air, bypassed the building at the corner, and quickly approached Xiao Yao.

Compared with the future Rakshasas, these Rakshasas are obviously much thinner, like stunted women, their hands are as dry as ebony, faintly exuding a cold and ghostly aura.


The two Rakshasa speeded up first, one left and one right surrounded Xiao Yao, the ghost claws swelled slightly, and ruthlessly tore at both sides of his temple.


At this time, a black shadow jumped up high, rushed from the side, crushed a Rakshasa to the ground, and poked her head with one claw.

"court death!"

The coldness in Xiao Yao's eyes was even worse, he twisted his waist and half turned, the power of his whole body suddenly exploded and was transmitted to his arms, and the blade of the ax swung upwards with the force of lightning, from bottom to top, across Luo Sha's neck.


When the blood suddenly appeared, Luo Sha's body stopped in mid-air, his eyes froze in horror, and there was a deep bone wound on his neck, which almost cut off half of his neck.

After being fed back by Lao Niu's war beast, Xiao Yao's strength has reached an astonishing level. Although this Rakshasa is infinitely close to the bronze level, it still can't stop his lightning strike.


On the other side, Xiao Ke blocked all the two Rakshasa behind him with one against two, and with the help of the fear effect of [Howl of the Ancestors], he easily harvested their lives.

boom boom boom~

The old cow was still running forward tirelessly, and the gravel, bricks and tiles were all turned into powder under his feet. Occasionally, a few monsters without long eyes stood in front of him, but they would always be knocked to pieces by the old cow. His head was crushed.


Suddenly, Xiao Yao heard a desperate cry for help coming from the front.

Taking a closer look, I saw a man covered in blood running barefoot on the street, behind him were two evil ghost wolves chasing him, the dark green wolf pupils were full of mischief and cruelty.


When he saw a purple cow carrying humans running towards him not far away, the man's eyes suddenly burst into hope, and he shouted excitedly.

However, as soon as the words fell, he was hit **** the back, and his whole body was pinned to the ground.


The man raised his hand with all his strength, and opened his mouth wide, but before he finished speaking, two fangs sank into his neck, making him unable to make any more sound.

On the back of the bull, Xiao Yao sighed inwardly after witnessing this cruel scene.

He knew that this man was just a microcosm of thousands of thousands, and under the third mutation, there would no longer be any survivors in Rongcheng.


Under Xiao Yao's command, Xiao Ke turned into a vengeful assassin, and suddenly accelerated to the side of the evil ghost wolf. With a light swipe of the wolf's claws, three hideous wounds appeared on the evil ghost wolf's neck, and blood spurted out, sprinkled all over the ground .

"It's coming soon~"

The city park in his memory was getting closer and closer, but at this moment, Xiao Yao's heart became extremely heavy.

He found that the number of monsters in Rongcheng was much more than expected.

Moreover, compared to the ghosts, zombies, and ghost wolves before, there are now a large number of Asuras and Rakshasas in the city. These two races are natural fighters, and the danger is by no means comparable to that of zombies and ghost wolves.

At the same time, as the number of living people gradually decreases, the exuberant vitality of him, Lao Niu, and Xiao Ke will definitely attract many groups of ghosts and monsters. At that time, no matter how strong he is, he will not be able to stop hundreds of black iron-level monsters. siege.

Ho Ho Ho ~~~

There were roars one after another in front, and dozens of zombies came from both sides of the street, standing in the middle of the road, like a thick wall, blocking Xiao Yao's only way.

"Rush over." Xiao Yao said coldly.


The old cow let out a low growl, his eyes flashed fiercely, and when he entered the range of more than ten meters from the zombie group, he suddenly accelerated.

【Brutal collision】


The zombies in the front row flew back heavily as if hit by a truck, and the zombies behind them also turned into dominoes, falling down in a series.

bang bang bang~

The old cow stepped on their bodies, smashed their sternum, and smashed their heads, just like an unstoppable general, leaving behind a pile of dead bodies before walking away.


"finally reached!"

Entering the city park, Xiao Yao's heart became a little more stable. He looked at the time, and there were only 20 minutes left until the end.

"20 minutes, it should be fine~" he murmured.

Aw~ Aw~

Behind them, a large group of evil ghost wolves rushed forward roaring. Their sense of smell is very sensitive, and they can smell the breath of living people within a kilometer nearby.

"Go, fight and retreat." Xiao Yao ordered.

Although he could easily kill this group of evil ghost wolves, once he wasted too much time on them, the **** smell would inevitably attract more monsters.

bang bang bang~

The old cow started again, but at a constant speed. On the one hand, it could relieve its physical strength, and on the other hand, it hung the group of evil ghost wolves, and let Xiao Ke next to him deal with them one by one.

The main road of the city park is very wide, stretching for more than ten kilometers, almost running through half of the city. Although many cracks appeared under the devastation of the earthquake, these cracks could not stop the old cow's pace.

"Come on, come on, there are still ten minutes."

Xiao Yao hugged Xixi tightly, his heart was beating wildly, at this moment, how much he wished for a time accelerator, so that the time could reach nine o'clock earlier.


Suddenly, a scalp-numbing strange sound came from a distance, and Xiao Yao suddenly turned his head to look at it. At first, it was just a large black spot, as if a crow was flying, but when they approached, he found that it was A group of Rakshasa, numbering at least hundreds of people.

"Lao Niu, run!" Xiao Yao shrank his pupils and shouted.

He can barely deal with hundreds of zombies, but hundreds of flying Rakshasa are enough to put him to death.


Lao Niu suddenly exploded at an even more astonishing speed and galloped towards the inside of the park. Xiao Yao turned his head and watched dozens of Rakshasa break away from the main force and chase him at an astonishing speed.

Lao Niu's speed is already very fast, but he is not a speed beast after all, and he will be overtaken by the first wave of Rakshasa in a short time.

Looking at Xixi who was tightly curled up in his arms, Xiao Yao gritted his teeth, but there was a hint of worry in his eyes.

If there is no Xixi, he can still try to fight hard and try his best to persevere until the end, but with Xixi around, he can't guarantee that he can take good care of Xixi's safety after the battle.

Once something happened to Xixi, the hard work of so many days would be completely in vain.


The Luo Sha of the first echelon came first, there were more than a dozen of them, they formed a big net covering the sky with tacit understanding, blocking all directions, and the ghost claws ruthlessly grabbed Xiao Yao's head, heart, back and other vital points .


Suddenly, a yellow ripple spread, accompanied by the howling of the lonely wolf, sweeping across Luo Sha's body.

In an instant, the bodies of the Rakshasa froze, and a deep look of fear appeared in their eyes.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xiao Yao quickly swung his heavy ax and hit the Luosha's vitals with extreme precision. In just over a second, he killed the three Luoshas. At the same time, Xiao Ke also turned into a black shadow, flickering in the Luosha.


As soon as the fear effect was over, the Eight-Headed Raksha fell directly to the ground and fell heavily to the ground.

This scene shocked the Rakshasa who had woken up, but as the Rakshasa from the second echelon arrived, they regained their courage and killing intent, and continued to chase Xiao Yao.

Ghostly black claws protruded from all directions, Xiao Yao held Xixi in his arms, and swung the fire ax tightly, resisting most of the attacks.

But after all, he is only a bronze-level summoner now, and he is riding on the back of an old bull, so it is difficult to take care of all directions.

In just a few minutes, Luo Sha's body was lying on the ground on the main road, but Xiao Yao's back was also badly scratched.


There was another bloodstain on the back, Xiao Yao's face turned pale, and he cut off Luo Sha's head with a backhand.

"No, I definitely can't hold on like this."

Xiao Yao thought anxiously.

He was not an iron man, so the pain could be temporarily ignored, but the weakness caused by blood loss was unavoidable no matter what.

Coupled with being blocked by Luo Sha, Lao Niu had to slow down, so that he would soon be overtaken by the rest of Luo Sha.

"How to do how to do!"

Xiao Yao was so anxious that beads of sweat rolled down the corners of his eyes.

Ten minutes, only the **** ten minutes left!

He tilted his head to avoid the sweep of the ghost claws, but the sharp nails lightly grazed his face, leaving a hideous wound from his chin to his nose, and blood flowed out from the wound, making him look embarrassed and scary.


Another ghost claw came from behind, this time, it pierced directly through Xiao Yao's left shoulder, hurting the bones, and Xiao Yao couldn't help but let out a muffled groan.

"Brother!" Xixi huddled in Xiao Yao's arms, crying: "Are you okay, I'm scared~"

"Don't be afraid of Xixi!"

Xiao Yao gritted his teeth, hacked Luo Sha who was attacking him to death with a backhand swing, and said in a calm tone as much as possible: "With my brother here, you will be fine."


More and more Rakshasa rushed to the scene, and the sharp and sinister laughter made Xiao Yao feel deeply desperate.

"what should I do?"

"How should I protect Xixi!"

The **** back and the pierced left shoulder continued to send pains, Xiao Yao felt that his head began to feel a little dizzy, and the hand holding the weapon became sore and weak.

At this time, Lao Niu and Xiao Ke were also covered with scars. Fortunately, Lao Niu's defense was very strong, and most of the wounds were just skin trauma, while Xiao Ke had the skill of [Light Self-Healing], and the wound recovery speed was extremely fast. Compared with Xiao Yao, the two of them are undoubtedly in much better condition.

However, there are too many Rakshasa, even though Lao Niu and Xiao Ke have tried their best, they still can't protect Xiao Yao's Zhouquan.

"How long is it, why hasn't the time come yet?"

Xiao Yao roared in his heart, and used half of his body to block the ghost claws stabbing at Xixi, but the price was that three blood holes appeared on his left back.


The Rakshasa looked at Xiao Yao who was covered in blood jokingly. As the last living people in Rongcheng, they didn't intend to kill these two humans directly, but if they wanted to leave wounds again and again, they would enjoy the pleasure of killing their prey. pleasure.


The fire ax fell to the ground weakly, Xiao Yao shook his head vigorously, but still couldn't resist the dizziness of wanting to fall headlong.

"How long is it, how long is it!!"

Just when Xiao Yao was on the verge of despair, suddenly, the sky darkened.

Jie Jie Jie~~~

Countless ghosts condensed into black clouds covering the sky, screaming, crowded, and flew towards Rakshasa madly.

Above the black clouds, a majestic and domineering figure looked down. When his eyes focused on Xiao Yao's **** body, there was a deep sense of gratitude in his eyes, followed by overwhelming anger.


The cold voice resounded like a death sentence, resounding through the sky.

The ghosts turned into death squads, and one by one they got into the bodies of the Rakshasas, attacking their souls.


Raksha's eyes were red, and he was tearing his hair screaming in pain, and engaged in the most dangerous soul fight with the ghost in his body.

Rakshasa's soul power is not weak, and even after they are promoted to gold and platinum, they can master the two spiritual skills of [Chain of Enchantment] and [Strike of Enchantment].

However, there are too many ghosts, if one cannot be killed, the second will follow, endless.

bang bang bang~

Rakshasa with annihilated souls fell to the ground, and after a while, the entire park became a sea of ​​ghosts.

"Uncle Yang, you finally appeared~"

Putting one hand on the old cow's back, the corners of Xiao Yao's mouth twitched, and his body suddenly relaxed.

He knows that there is only one person who can order thousands of ghosts to save him, the king of ghosts—Yan Luo.


Yan Luo landed slowly and stood in front of Xiao Yao, but his whole body was completely covered by the black mist, making it difficult to see his true face.

"You, are you okay~"

There was a touch of concern in the low and hoarse voice.

"I'm fine, Uncle Yang!" Xiao Yao waved his hand, but his pale face showed that he was not in a good condition.

Hearing this address, Yan Luo's body shook, and he turned into this ghostly appearance, and his voice was completely different from before. How did Xiao Yao recognize him?

"Dad, it's Dad!!"

Xixi opened her eyes and shouted excitedly.


Yan Luo removed the black mist from his face, revealing that face that was ten years younger.


Xixi opened her hands excitedly, wanting to rush into her father's arms.

That ghostly appearance couldn't stop Xixi's enthusiasm and longing for her father.


Seeing his daughter's excited look, Yan Luo suddenly felt like crying, but he, who turned into a ghost, had lost the ability to cry.

Ka Ka Ka ~~

Suddenly, the sound of glass shattering came from the sky. In an instant, thunder and lightning, howling winds, and cracks in space quietly released the breath of violent destruction, like the end of the world, making all the ghosts in Rongcheng tremble trembling.

"What's going on?" Yan Luo's face changed drastically.

"It's finally here!" Xiao Yao showed a relieved smile.

"Uncle Yang, listen to me!"

Xiao Yao looked at Yan Luo, and quickly said: "I know what you say next may make you feel ridiculous, but please believe me."

"In fact, I come from 500 years later, and I was entrusted by you to travel back to the beginning of the cataclysm and change the fate of Xixi's death."

"What!!" A flash of shock and horror flashed in Yan Luo's eyes.

Xiao Yao continued: "Wait a while, the owner of this body may become another boy, his name is Xiao Han, please protect him and let him be saved safely."

"In addition, I will bring Xixi's soul back to the future to reunite with you, so Xixi will be in a state similar to a vegetative state."

At this time, Xiao Yao suddenly thought of something, and quickly added: "Also, remember to find the flower of the other shore, and use the power of the flower of the other shore to transform Xixi's body."

"Child of Destiny, make your wish."

In my mind, a grand and majestic voice sounded.

Xiao Yao's eyes lit up, and he said silently: "Bring Yang Yuxi's soul back to 2635."


As soon as the words fell, a huge rainbow light descended from the sky, covering him, Xixi, Lao Niu, and Xiao Ke.

"This!" Yan Luo stepped back a few steps, his eyes full of horror.

After a while, the rainbow dissipated.

A bruised teenager was lying on the ground, holding a cute little girl in his arms.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Yan Luo looked blank and murmured.

"Xiao Yao, Xi Xi, flowers from the other side."


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