Ancient Fiend Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5561 Hong Li's catharsis

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Those who joined the Star Alliance later, Su Han had no hatred for them, because they had nothing to do with the collapse of the Tushen Pavilion.

He was looking for the people who used to be!


! "

His right hand suddenly stretched out, and Su Han gently grabbed the Xingchen shield.


! "

In the eyes of these people, the incomparably solid defensive cover collapsed at this moment!

The last defense also completely disappeared in front of their eyes.

Everyone in the Star Alliance took a few steps back subconsciously at this moment.

Su Han looked cold and stretched out his palm again.

The power of the majestic cultivation base formed the big hand of heaven and earth, and through countless figures, it reached into the deepest part of the Star Alliance.

The entire Sanctuary fell into silence at this moment.

Everyone is watching this scene.


! "

After a while, a harsh scream suddenly came out.

Su Han withdrew his big hand, and among them, was holding a middle-aged man dressed in golden armor.

When seeing him, many people still have demons, and their expressions are all condensed.

The middle-aged man impressed them too deeply.

When Su Han was on the throne in the last life, he swung down under Su Han, cut through thorns for Tushen Pavilion, and swept into all enemies.

Especially those monsters!

Before Su Han reached the dominance state, he also fought against the demon clan for a period of time.

That is, during this period of time, I don't know how many people died at the hands of this middle-aged man.

It is no exaggeration to say that, looking at the entire galaxy, the middle-aged man is also a rare shocking powerhouse.

Especially after so many years, although he has never shown his face, his real strength is probably no weaker than that of the Spirit King and the strong men of the Zodiac.

It is a pity that he failed to obtain the feedback of the spirit of the plane, and he also failed to break through to the **** realm.

"What are you hiding?"

Su Han stared at the middle-aged man in his hand, and said in an indescribable tone: "Jia Hu, have you never thought that this pavilion will return?"

Tushen Pavilion, commander of the Zijin Army, Jiahu!

Su Han's opening finally revealed the identity of the middle-aged man.

As the leader of the three major legions, Jia Hu was once Su Han's most trusted confidant.

But no one thought that after the fall of Su Han, Jia Hu would rebel against Yuan Ling, from a confidant to a serious problem!

"not me…"

Even though Jia Hu has already stepped into the ranks of half-step dominance, at this moment, all of his powers have been banned by Su Han, and he can only struggle piercingly.

"It's not what I want, I'm forced, if I don't do that, I'm going to die, and I don't want to die!

! "

A look of disappointment appeared in Su Han's eyes.

"This is the commander of the Zijin Army that I cultivated with my own hands."

"If you don't make any excuses and don't beg me for mercy, maybe I'll still kill you."

"But at that time, I will respect you as a man. After all, everyone has their own choices."

"And now you...really disappointing me."

"When Yuan Ling forced you to rebel, did you face Yuan Ling with this attitude?"

Jia Hu's actions and words made Su Han no longer as simple as hating.

Instead, there was a strong sense of disgust.

Falling down with the wind may be the right choice, but in Su Han's heart, he hates this kind of person the most.

"Pavilion Master, don't kill me..."

Jia Hu couldn't listen to Su Han's words at all.

Seeing Su Han let him go, he hurriedly knelt on the void and kept kowtowing to Su Han.

"Pavilion Master, I also made great contributions to the Slaughtering God Pavilion back then. Please take these things into consideration and spare my life!"

"I swear, I will definitely change my past, as long as you give me this opportunity, I am willing to give my life and blood, follow you for eternity, and never betray again!

! "

Hearing these words, even Gu Ling and the others frowned.

The Star Alliance is over, and Su Han has now officially become the Holy Master of the Galaxy.

What's the use of his Jiahu following Su Han again?

Trying to survive this way?

Perhaps, he knew too little about Su Han!

"Hongli." Su Handan said.


Immediately, a middle-aged woman appeared beside Su Han.

It is Hong Li who has transformed into a human form!

Next to Hong Li, a young man followed.

is her child.

It is also a monkey that has also transformed into a human form.

In those days, Yuanling used the original stone of Shenxing to make chains and sealed Hongli at the bottom of Qingling Lake.

In order to show his loyalty, Jia Hu had tortured Hongli countless times.

Perhaps Su Han himself came to kill Jia Hu, it is better to let Hong Li and her children take revenge.

"It's you…"

When he saw Hongli, Jia Hu's eyes widened.

Even though Hongli has transformed into a human form, Jia Hu will never forget the word 'Hongli'.

He said almost subconsciously, "You're not dead yet?!"

"Yeah, I'm not dead yet!"

Hong Li was already trembling all over, her eyes were blood red, and even her breath was a little disordered!

Although Su Han has rescued her, she will never forget the pain she suffered back What she will never forget is the hatred for Jiahu, Yuanling, Star Alliance hate!

"Yuan Ling forced me, and I don't want to touch you, but if I don't torture you, then I will die!

! "

Jia Hu said sharply, "At least you're not dead, aren't you? I didn't kill you, did I?"


! "

Hearing this, Hong Li burst out with resentment.

"I'm not dead, so those things you did can be erased?"

"I didn't die because the master saved me!"

"I didn't die, and it was also because the Yuan Ling had kept me in the past, so I wouldn't let you kill me!"

"Jia Hu, you patted your conscience and asked, if you followed what you thought at the time, would you keep me or kill me?"

Hong Li paused slightly.

Then he took a breath and suppressed the anger in his heart.

"You won't keep me, because you are afraid that I can really survive, and you are afraid that I will threaten you!"

"All the people you chased and killed, you didn't want to let them go."

"Because you have betrayed, the betrayal is complete!

! "

Having said that, Hong Li rushed up and slapped Jia Hu on the face.


The two crisp sounds rang in everyone's ears.

Jia Hu's face became red and swollen at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It can be seen that even if Hong Li did not use the power of her cultivation base, she still used her maximum ordinary power.

Su Han did not urge Hong Li to kill him.

He knew that there were too many resentments in Hongli's heart.

"Clap clap clap..."

One by one, Hongli slapped Jiahu in the face continuously.

All Jiahu's power was banned by Su Han, and he had no chance of resisting at all!

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