Ancient Fiend Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5562 grudges settled

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As the slaps went down one by one, Jia Hu's stiff face began to twist.

Blood continued to spurt from his mouth, and his entire face was completely deformed.


The young man the monkey turned into came to Hong Li.

Between his hands, he took out a stick.

It was the stick that Su Han held in his hand when he first met him!

"Do not…"

Jia Hu's ugly face showed fear.

"You also know fear? Hahaha, you Jia Hu actually know fear?"

"When you were chasing those people in Tushen Pavilion, when you tortured me, why did you ever think that you would be afraid too?!"

Hong Li took the stick and hit Jia Hu with a bang.


The sound of bones breaking came from Jia Hu.

He couldn't even kneel and fell to one side.

However, Hongli showed no mercy, and struck Jiahu with stick after stick.

Jia Hu's body was almost beaten into a puddle of flesh!

The pain is unbearable just by looking at it.

If Jia Hu is really just an ordinary person, then he is probably already dead and can't die anymore.

But he is not!

Even if his body was beaten into flesh, he was still alive, and he could still feel the piercing pain!

"Master, give me the God-destroying nail!" Hong Li suddenly looked at Su Han.

Without any hesitation, Su Han grabbed his palm towards the distance.

A large number of items poured out from the Star Alliance, including hundreds of nails with golden light.


Su Handan said: "There will never be a shortage of such items in the Star Alliance."

"No, Pavilion Master, no!

! "

Jia Hu is really scared!

He knows better than anyone what the Goddess Nail is used for, because he has used it no less than ten times!

This thing can trap his Primordial Soul and nail it to a certain area!

When Deshen Nail was refining, it was mixed with something called 'God-devouring ants'.

Once nailed to the opponent, the god-devouring ant will enter the opponent's body through the nail, and bite his body as well as the primordial soul!

For the god-devouring ants, the primordial soul is the most supplementary thing.

They will not devour all the soul of the primordial sacred soul, and when the bite reaches a certain level, they will feed back and let the sacred soul of the primordial soul recover.

Then, bite and devour again!

This is a vicious circle, the kind of unimaginable pain that no one can hold on to!

The purpose of the Star Alliance refining the God-destroying Nail is to torture people.

Some of them were made by Jia Hu himself.

He would never have imagined that the god-destroying nails he had refined would one day be used on him!

If Hong Li just killed him like this, he obviously wouldn't be able to relieve his hatred.

Hongli was chained by the original stone of Shenxing and locked in Qingling Lake for too long, and has been suffering inhuman suffering.

Now, she wants to give Jia Hu a taste of this!

And, forever and ever!

Five God-destroying nails were grabbed by Hong Li.

Then, under the terrified gazes of the Star Alliance, Hong Li nailed Jia Hu's hands and feet.

The last God-destroying nail was nailed on Jia Hu's eyebrows!


! "

Jia Hu's flesh-like body trembled violently, and he let out a heart-piercing scream.

Hong Li felt that this was the best sound at the moment.

It dragged Jia Hu and nailed it to the ground in front of the Star Alliance.

From now on, anyone who passes by here will be able to see Jiahu nailed here!

It is a symbol of the end of an era.

It is also a proof of the success of revenge in an era!

There is no need for Su Han to continue to suppress Jia Hu, those god-devouring ants are enough to make Jia Hu never free!

"Thank you master..."

After doing all this, Hong Li silently walked to Su Han's side, tears gradually pouring out of her red eyes.

After so many years of great revenge, I finally have to avenge it!

If there is any regret, it is that the person nailed here is not Yuanling, but Jiahu!


Su Han rubbed Hongli's head, just like the first time he saw this little monkey.

However, after the changes of the years, the little monkey of that year has also become a mother.

"Comfortable, mine has never been so comfortable." Hongli smiled.

Su Han pondered slightly and pointed to the young man beside Hong Li: "Who is his father?"

"I don't know." Hong Li shook his head.

"I don't know?" Su Han frowned slightly.

There were some things that Hong Li was obviously unwilling to say, or didn't know how to say.

Therefore, Su Han did not ask any further questions.


! "

He waved his hand a second time and reached out to the Star Alliance.


! "

Countless palaces collapsed.

The four characters of 'Star Alliance' floating above the void have been maintained for an unknown time, and at this moment, they were suddenly annihilated.

The existence that was once known as the first force of the human race was completely turned into the dust of history.

When Su Han withdrew his big hand, two more figures were caught by him.

Purple and Silver Army grand scene!

Commander of the Ziyu Army, Luan Wan!

"You two, don't have the courage to face this pavilion?"

Su Han laughed at himself: "I really didn't expect that the three ace corps that Benzong personally cultivated would be so unified and unhesitating when they betrayed!"

"Jia Hu is right, if we don't defect, we will die!"

Luan did not beg for mercy, but looked up at Su Han with hatred in his eyes.

"The collapse of Tushen Pavilion can only be said to be your own fault!"

"If you could keep an eye on it a little bit, this wouldn't happen."

"You only have cultivation in your eyes, and only think about how to reach a higher realm."

"What is the use of Tushen Pavilion to you? What does the survival of Tushen Pavilion mean to you?"

"If you didn't fall, how could we talk about betrayal!"

Su Han laughed in anger: "So, your mutiny was caused by this pavilion?"

"What do you say?"

Luan Wan and Sheng Jing spoke at the same time.

"I don't even know it because of the desire for profit!"

Su Han's smile subsided, and he shot ten God-destroying nails in an instant.

The three commanders who were once famous all over the world were all nailed to the ground in front of the Star Alliance!

Luan Wan and Sheng Jing endured and endured, but in the end they couldn't hold back the pain and let out a shrill scream.

"This pavilion thought you didn't know what pain was!"

Su Han snorted.

This time he didn't extend his hand, but looked towards the Star Alliance.

"Qin Lanyu, are you going to come out by yourself, or are you going to be like them and let this pavilion catch you out?!"

The sound was so loud that it turned into a sound wave, scattering the sanctuary.

Under that terrifying silence—

There was a woman with a beautiful appearance, but her expression was full of hideousness, and walked out slowly.

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