Official evaluation NBA seven scored!The actual work is on the list, James has no deeds, Harden is higher than the library.

As we all know, Jordan is the strongest player in history. Although the total score is not the first history, even more than the later Kobe transcendence, but the career is the 10 lunar of the king. It is now scored a ceiling. In recent recently, the US media seized the seven scores of the NBA history. As a result, James was asked, and the Curry did not have a strong Harden.

According to US media ESPN selection, they believed Jordan, Kobe, Ephsen, Durant, Harden, Curi and McGi were the best in history. Break up. There are only two scorpions, Durant and Iverson, and 3 of Harden, and the only Jordan, which is only one of Jordan. Wang title.

On the highest season, it is ranked, which is Jordan's 37.1 points, 36.1 points of Harden, 35.4 points of Kobe, 33 points of Iverson, Maddy's 32.1 points, 32 points in Durant and Cook. Among them, Jordan, Kobe and Haden's career have a player who scored more than 30 points. Jordan is the only player who scores more than 30 points. McGrady is the only result of less than 20 points. 19.5 points) players, plus the Culul field is 24.2 points, and the other players' careers are divided into more than 25.

The 19th season is about to usher in the 19th season, get a score, and the career has a total of 400,000 James, but he did not play, but this also Very normal, this is a technical rankings, although James has technology, but the 7 players in the list, James's technology is still too bad. The best reflecting the skill of the technology (can only be lucky once), James is the worst, the only one-single video that he has flowing is 16 years and the sun coach Monti, the result is not cast, finally It is the ball twice to enter the ball.

Many fans said to Ephson than Durant, think that Durant's efficiency is much higher than Ephsen, he should be in front of the latter At least the third place, as well as the fans also said that Harden is higher than that in Curry, thinks Harden relies on the porcelain, but refutes that Harden is the rhythm master, and Curry is three points.

Who do you think is it low, or who is it?

Source: nickname basketball

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