Long high 5 cm!Zeng Fanbo plans to participate in the NBA draft next year!Will he be selected?

Zengfuo's broker Liu Jiacheng revealed that Zeng Fanbo has plans to participate in the 2022 NBA draft.

After Zhou Qi, the NBA has no Chinese face, the potential of the new star Zengfuo, have you had the opportunity to be selected?

I think now, this conclusion is still early.

Xiao has been signed with the NBA Development Alliance, and has traveled to the United States in September.

He has chosen the latter between the university and the development alliance. This is a new road. If he went to the University of Gonza, playing NCAA, which will be a completely different game.

The next season, he will represent the development of the Alliance player, that is, Zeng Fano, will become a professional player from a high school player.

The difference between the two is still large, for example, the level of the body is different.

Can he eat? This is my big question.

This year's Shaanxi National Games, he played a 2 game on behalf of the Beijing team, and the field can contribute 11.5 points 5.0 rebound 2.5 assists 2.5 cap.

There are still a lot of highlights, his holding ball offensive ability, running capabilities, very prominent in China. In addition, Zeng Fanbo has been 5 cm long, and he is from 2 meters. If this is high, there is a ball attack ability ...

However, hidden dangers are injured.

At the National Games, he also had a short injury because of the injury.

So, we expect that he can express himself in the Development League under the premise of maintaining physical health. As for the foreground of the draft, you can put it first.

Before he has received the guarantee of key issues such as training guarantee, play time, etc.

So, I hope he is based on this time, it is enough to improve himself.

For example, the level of body confrontation, the stability of projection, and the like.

NBA is the dream of each professional player, but as a fan, of course, I hope that Zengfan can dream.

However, regardless of the success or not, he wants him to be unable to make this line, improve yourself is a matter, even if it returns to CBA, it will also play the rule.

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