I can't hold it!Ou Wen was finally appeared after being completely blocked, and the attitude has 180 degrees.

Beijing time October 14th, after the Nets announced the full blocking of Owen, \"Du Uncle\" finally appeared.Today, Owen has lived on social media IG, more than 100,000 people entered the live broadcast, even Marsley couldn't help but publish the barrage in the live broadcast, Mabri wrote: \"Boxing Ali willIt is proud of you. \"Obviously, after being\" sanctions \"by a new round, Owen's attitude has occurred 180 degrees, this time, his hard gas is completely

Ou Wen said he will train, keep your body and competitive state, will soon return to the team.At the same time, Owen also talked about the decision of the vaccine. He is still the old saying that the violation of the vaccine is not his intention. He is very hoped to enter the new season with the mentality of playing. He watched the live broadcast.The fans revealed that they will not retire, please don't believe that he will give up the game for the event of a vaccine.This matter has nothing to do with the basket, and it has nothing to do with his teammates.

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