NBA, he is coming!Predict the 33rd position!Chinese players officially participate in the draft selection conference

Beijing time on October 14, according to Zeng Fanbu's broker Liu Jiacheng, Zeng Fan decided to participate in the 2022 NBA draft.Previously, on the ESPN's draft prediction, Zeng Fanbo ranked 33nd in the order!Since Zeng Fan is not in the United States near the United States, the latest issue (October 12) ESPN draft TOP100 player ranked, did not have his name.

The same is today, the development of the alliance ignition team officially announced: officially signed Zengfo.This team talented Jiji, including the 2022 selection of Jaden Hardy, as well as Lotto Dyson Daniels.Zeng Fan Bo received an ESPN interview, it revealed that he had a high 5cm in the past year, and it became 2 meters from 2 meters 06!

In September 22, the National Games U22 Beijing team and Shaanxi team's competition, Zeng Fanbo is preparing for a single hand, and the result is slippery, the knee is injured.Although the problem is not big, it is for insurance, Zeng Fan has retired the National Games.On September 30, Zeng Fanfei arrived in the United States and started to prepare the new season's development alliance competition.

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