Extreme 1 change 1!Owen teamed up with Zhan Mei, Wei Shao Joined the Net, Thunder Three Sharg

Lakers and Nets, these two struggles hot teams, all have a big problem in the NBA episode.

The Lakers are the three giants of Wei Shao, James, and the brother, the Nets is the three giants of Ou Wen, Harden, Durant.

Let's talk about the Lakers. In this year's break, the biggest reinforcement of the team is to exchange the power through the transaction.However, through the season, Wei Shao is unable to integrate into the team, and he is also gradually exposed to James's ball allocation.

Let's talk about the basket, in the previous preseason, Harden and Durant have appeared, and as one of the three giants, I have never beenCan return to the team, why he insisted on refusing the vaccination.

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