Basketnet or Russen Wolf and Pelican conduct three-party transactions, send out the potential of European and the new show + starting center

The Net Network is now high, and they are currently 9 wins and 4, the second is second, and the only team in the eastern part has achieved 9 victories. On the last game, they brought the fierce counterattack of the 鹈, won 2 consecutive victories. It can be said that after experiencing the downturn in the season, the Nets have officially found their rhythm, they are moving towards the first position in the eastern part.

However, in the truth, the current lineup of the Nets hit the regular season, really wants to play the season or even the finals, it seems to have some depth. At the position of the defender, Harden injury has not completely good, the side wings of Durant played for a long time. With the in-depth season, I don't know if I can stand, the center position is high and the block is a problem.

Ou Wen can play, then the basket is undoubtedly the biggest popular of this season. After all, Harden + Durant + Aldridge is so powerful. If you add healthy Owen, the offense of the Net is really difficult to have the team can stop. But the problem is that there is no way to play in Owen, a player who can't play, he is too powerful, right.

The management of the basket network is gradually losing patience, and Euro Wen is not impossible. Nets now need to enhance the depth of lineup through trading, otherwise, once Harden and Durant injured, the basket may have to encounter real trouble. Recently, some media revealed that the basketball or La Senlin wolf and the Pelican conducted a 3-party transaction, they can send out the potential to the rookie + first center.

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