good news!Rocket Gogden's latest trading program, 1 change 2 to join the lake, join hands to fight for three giants

With the defeating Grizzlies, the Rockets successfully got a winning position in the first position of the league, which is quite disappointing. As a team of rebuilding, the ball is not terrible, terrible is to play without the case, and you can't see the hope of winning. Such a team, the veteran Gordon is also very bitter, the US media also provides him with a trading program.

This is a transaction plan for 1 to change 2, and the rockets send out Gordon, from the Lakers get small Tak and Naen.

The Lakers are a team of championships, still in line with Gordon, and he can provide the team to provide the offensive firepower on the tension. The key moment is also soft; for the rocket, get it The 20-year-old new star Xiaodu, the lineup became more young; there is a Na En, which can enhance the depth on the back of the back.

How is this transaction? If the Lakers really come up with this chip, they can choose to accept it, after all, staying Gordon, there is no benefit to both sides. As the old will, the Rockets are willing to give a suitable team like the Tuck trading to the Bucks like it last season. If Gordon is interested in joining the Lakers, the Rocket is also happy to make a wedding dress. This season also contributed 13.2 points 2 rebounds 1.6 assists, three-point hit rate 45.7%, as the sixth person's role, Gordon is still very competent.

Together, if Gordon teamed up with the three giants, he will have the opportunity to continue to impact the championship, and even like Tak, the first champion of winning career, wearing the first champion ring.

The Lakers have a little bit a little bit, and there are 2 young players in the team, and they will change a 32-year-old, or not worth it. There is also a possibility, that is, the state is not good after the two people, and the two new season has not played the regular season, which has been in the injury. If the return is not good, the Lakers can also choose to be alone. After all, the rest of the trading is so far, they must have a breakthrough.

Source: Sports Newcomer Xiao

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