Warriors refuse to burst!Curry or rebirth, Vilins does not leave the situation, the wolf rushed 6

Warriors new season, the momentum is like, the current record is 9 wins and 1 loss. Recently, it is also 5 consecutive victories. On November 11th, they will be on the home of the forest wolf. Curre wants to continue the offensive status, Vilins and Pocette stable output, the Warriors 6 consensus! The forest wolf nearest states, a wave of 5 losing, they urgently need to rebound, so Downs, Russell, Edwards must have a better performance, so that they can explore.

The Warriors took a round of the old eagle, they took the opponent to win 5 games. Continue home to play, their state is right, and stronge to win the position of the first place in the west. Before the Curry, the game of the eagle broke out, cut 50 points and 7 rebound 10 assists, and he took out the best performance. This season, Kuri, can get 27.6 points 6.6 rebound 6.6 assists, his performance is critical to the warriors. And the forest wolf's game, Curre only needs to keep your feel, but it will face Beverly defense.

The Warriors' new seasons are excellent, on the one hand, there is a volume of the team, and on the other hand is the support of teammates. We see that Pohtine is significantly improved, although only 16 points from last game, but this also shared a certain pressure to the Current. And the forest wolf's game, Po will have a better attack.

It is worth paying attention to Vilins encountered old House, so he will definitely not continue to health, but there will be impact. Vivens new season are 15.6 points 4.3 rebounds, if he broke out, then the forest wolf is difficult to resist.

Internal Green also has to play, and he is one of the team's core of the team. Warriors also need Anderson, Lee, Igoala, Don't listen to the play, so that the game will be more easily.

The Forest Wolf lost to the Grizzlies, a wave of 5 loses. The game against the ball is more than 10 points above the game, but it is not possible to support it. And the Warriors' game can not be this, otherwise it will be 6 links.

T43 is now the core of the forest wolf. At present, there are 23.6 points 9.7 rebound 3.4 assists, the team needs him to hit the opponent in the inner line, so there is a high-spirited hope. Russell and Edwards are also the main attack points of the forest wolves, including 23.4 points in the new season of Edwards, Russel also has 17 points of performance, and their two must take better performance. The forest wolf also has Bisley, Ridders and others, they also have to take out. In the end, there is Beverly, he wants to make trouble to the reputation.

It is expected that starting players:

Forest Wolf: Russell, Beverly, Edwards, McDaniels, Downs.

Warriors: Curry, Poole, Vikins, Green, Luni.

Source: passerby basketball

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