Anthony's efficiency!Lakers dangerous signals, or will come back

Since James injured, the Lakers weakened their teams, especially if Wei Shao more holding the ball, so that the game became more difficult, but they also have this thigh in Anthony, he has an efficient The hit rate helps the Lakers have traveled many times, but this also gives the Lakers a dangerous signal, which is likely to be altered in the back of the game.

Anthony has always been a player with efficiently, even when it is a core, his hit rate is not high, but he plays the gods this season. The three-pointer intermediate rate of the field exceeds 60%, let the fans call this is the third giant of the Lakers. The reason why Anthony can suddenly be efficient, there are many factors, such as the second lineup, such as the body energy, such as Davis's top internal attraction space, and its own state, etc.

This caused the explosion of Anthony, but this makes the Lakers more dependent on Anthony. In the case of Wei Shao, Woger began to increase his play. Time, it has been upgraded to more than 35 minutes since 25 minutes and even started with the ball. And this is a dangerous signal. Nowadays, Anthony is absolutely no problem, but let him return to the core play of the past, it is a bit strong, and there is still two games, but when a game, Anthony still exposes deficiencies.

In the game lost to the forest wolf, the Lakers let Anthony play a single game, and he lost the efficiency of the past few games, the audience 12 1 Only 3 points 5 rebound 1 assists data. In fact, in the game of defeating the hot fire, the Antoni hits has begun to decline, and that one of his 37.5 minutes, 5, three points 5 in 1, only 12 points 6 rebounds 1 assists.

These two games come up, Anthony's hit rate fell to 46.3%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate fell to 46.6%, much worse than before, and of course this data is still excellent. After all, a base salary player, 16 points average, there is nothing happiest at all. But because of this, the Lakers can't overrecise the use of Anthony, let him replace the replacement, a 25-minute up and down is the best choice, so that he can maximize his ability.

Do you think Anthony this performance can take the best sixth award?

Source: nickname basketball

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