Official!2 major transactions were investigated, Current created 3 records, and the latest news of Nets Owen

NBA regular season continues to start, there are many news in the field, and the official is still investigating 2 big transactions in the offset period, and will announce the punishment notice in the near future; the Warrior defeated the bull, and Cut is crazy, Continuously create a 3 major record; the Net Owen is still waiting at home, there is a new developments, still still \"European philosophers.\"

Heat and the first sick of the Raptors changed the transaction, the object is Lori, after completing the transaction, Loyui and Heat signed a 3-year $ 85 million contract . The role of Lori is also very significant, and the team is also seamlessly connected, and the average contribution will 12.1 points 5.1 rebound 7.3 assists. With Lori, the heat fired lineup becomes more complete and more reasonable.

The other transaction comes from the bull, and then the first sick is changed to Bauer, and then the two sides signed a 4-year $ 80 million contract. After getting Bauer, the strength of the Bull also increased, the team played more rational, Bal himself also had a good performance, and the field received 12.6 points 5.5 rebound 4.5 assists. The 2 transactions have not survived the results, and now the transactions have been reached, and the cancellation is impossible, and the most is the team being fined.

The Warriors face the bull, and the Curi three points in 17 get 40 points, play very well, not only leading the team to win the victory, its performance is also very Perfect. The whole library has been 34 minutes, 24 shots 15, three points and 17 in 9, get 40 points 4 rebounds 5 assists, the positive and negative value +31 team first. And this battle, Curry also sets three records of history:

1st: The top 12 games in the Curi have been in total 64 three points, beyond the 18-19 season ( 62 remember three points), exclusive history first;

2nd: The 36th single field of Curi is in the 36th single, the second place is only 9 times, it is really far away. Not available;

3rd: Curi Constant Tournament + Career three-pointer in the play-in-one, beyond Lei-Allen (3358), rising to NBA history; need to pay attention The Curie is a 585 game than Ray Lee Allen. As for the three-pointer in the regular season, it will soon be superposed.

Nets Owen have not yet vaccinated that the vaccine is still in isolation, and the social media has been updated again. \"God Unbeaten. \"

Owen in the past few days, the interesting picture, it seems that he still enjoys the situation without the ball, I really don't know when he can return.

Source: Sports Newcomer Xiao

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