Heavy weight!The Net has made a big event!Goodbye, European ...

The plane seems to have a new NBA new decisor, and the recent state is eye-catching, from his three days, two hands will be known!

Today, the best battle in the season, shooting 18 in 18, three points, 6, free throw 15 11 cut 39 points 5 board 12 help,Team 120-12 grabbed.

To say that the three sections can end the game, the young people who can't speak will not talk about Wu De, and even when I stopped, I quickly rebounded, and the last day is more anti-ratios. Fortunately, KD (28 points and 7 boards)8 help) and the Dragon's hair is the fruit of the victory.

Season, the Nets have achieved 9 wins and 4 loss records, and the winners are the second, only the 10 wins of the Warriors, and it is a bit largest to fight the crown.That management can also be determined to endure love.

    Trước:4 players + referee, NBA has come to the most bloody game in the past 10 years ...              Kế tiếp:Bank!Not a injury, nor a new rule, Harden's downturn, \"true fierce\" finally found it!