Bank!Not a injury, nor a new rule, Harden's downturn, \"true fierce\" finally found it!

Since the season, the Net Network has always been one of the most focused teams, the reason is very simple, the team's KD + Harden + European three giants is too explosive. Unfortunately, the team did not rush out of the east from the next season because of a variety of problems. The performance of this season is the middle and rules, or the expectation of fans can not be achieved, and the competitiveness is slightly short.

In said, the European Wen This season is frequently lapse. The basket network can't rush. The first is actually understandable. After all, I have no two giant lineup. However, today's Nets have been soft when they face the alliance strong team, which makes people disappointed. So why? Think carefully, perhaps close to Harden today's downturn.

In 18,19, the Harden season scored 30+, and the game took four or fifty points. The basket brigade comes to Harden is also a final puzzle that won the championship, and improve the overall score of the team. With Harden, Durant, Owen, these three score machines, the champion is not a hand?

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