Sudden!The basket announced the lack of injuries, 3 + 3 strikes are absent against Thunder, and Owen makes a statement again.

On November 15, Beijing time, the NBA regular season has been opened for the 28th day, including Edwards said that it is very happy to get the best rookie award for three-ball Bauer, I am working hard to become the general match of this alliance. Valuable players, Leiji said, I hope that I have more time to hug Beverly, he is always a member of the Los Angeles. Just just, the Brooklyn Net announced the latest injuries, Milhap was absent, and Kaili Wen has made a statement again.

Just, according to the latest report, this morning, I will welcome the Brooklyn Basket Network against the Russian Russian Russian, the team. The head coach Nash, General Manager Sean Max, announced the latest injury report, all-star front Milhap, due to personal reasons, will absence this game, no higher than Alexander. It is important to emphasize that in addition to Milhap, the fans are praised by Zhao Si, because of illness, it is equally possible.

From the news that the name revealed, the injury of Brooklyn Nets seems to have a rotation of lineup, there is no much impact. First of all, Milhap is absent because of personal reasons, this is enough to rest assured. Second, in addition to him, Clarkson can't play. He also didn't have the opportunity to help James Harden, Kevin Durant, two team bodies, protect rebound, show your own boxing ability, how much is a bit pity.

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