2 points 6 mistakes!Wei Shao's first show, James affirmed a young, he is very important to the Lakers.

After the Lakers lost 114-121, there was a three-game stream in the preseason, and the Lakers did not show the strength of the winning team. However, the coach Woger is very calm, and he is still confident on the Lakers. Woger deliberately arranged the first show of the Warriors in the game of the Warriors. It is obvious that it is for him to get more attention. However, Wei Shao did not seize the opportunity, and he played 17 minutes. 7 shot 1, the hit rate was less than 15%, only 2 points, even worse, he still had 6 mistakes, if you must find it Some comfort, he grabbed 7 rebounds.

can be sure that the first show of Wei Shao, this is not a super superstar, if the hit rate is low, it is because of the journey There is no fight for a long time, and the hand is not good, but the 6 mistakes is difficult to understand, as a controller defender, this is obviously unacceptable. Nonetheless, James did not blame the weigh, and he was definitely his role in Lakers after the game. He said that Wei Shao's attack is a threat to the opponent, whether it is a breaking basket, or a pass assists, this ability to fearlessly impact internal lines is critical to the Lakers.

If 华 德 performances, the whole game cuts 23 points 12 rebounds, the Lakers will lose more miserable, of course, Howard has always been a player with high cost performance, more than It was in the preseason, and he made a good performance in the regular season and the playoffs, which can be worth 10 million contracts. In addition to Howard, James also particularly affirmed a teenager's performance. He is Naen who is hot last season. This game he got 13 points and 4 rebounds in offense and defensive performance.

In fact, the Na Enji Lakers make people accidentally find a double work, but for the championship, he sacrificed money. James praised Nas, first, he came from the hot fire of defending, and the performance of the defensive end can be smashed; second, he is born in Chicago, there is a natural confidence and pride on basketball, and finally James has concluded, I like to bring things to the Lakers. He is very important to the Lakers, I hope he can play a wonderful season. It can get enough attention in James, you can get enough attention, you can get a famous beginning, just like a new Xiu Tak on the season.

Source: Soil women's volleyball

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