Chinese basketball light!Saler floor prints on Daxie and ALL, official: Can not be less!

Beijing time October 10th, only 10 days left from the new season NBA regular season. Earlier this earlier, two Chinese basketball players got a good news. They are Yi Jianlian and Wang Zhizhen, and their name will be printed on the main venues of the Saler.

According to previous reports, the Supilibia team is redesigning the stadium floor, which will be printed with the name of the player who has played at least once for the Sale, the Sale, a total of 337. Their name will be printed on the bottom line of the stadium and on the side.

Just now, the Saler team officially made a home floor with Wang Zhizhen and Yi Jianlian name, and wrote: \"How can you have a big family? Wang Zhizhen and Yi Jianlian. \"

In 2000-02, Wang Zhiqi was effective for two seasons for the Sale, and the total number of people reached 60. Among them, in the 2001-02 season, Wang Zhili can get 5.6 points 2 rebounds. Later, Wang Zhi continued to transfer the fastess team, the Heat, bid farewell to NBA after 2005.

Yi Jianlian entered NBA in 2007. In the 4 seasons in the past 4 seasons, he successively took advantage of the Bucks, Nets and Wizards. In the 2011-12 season, Yi Jianlian joined the Saler team. In the 30 games played for the Sale, Yi Jianli appeared for 6.8 minutes, it was able to get 2.6 points 1.6 rebounds. After the end of the season, Yi Jianlian ended his own NBA journey.

It is necessary to say that as two major landmarks of China's basketball, can be remembered in this way, it is really a high honor.

Source: Yaxin

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