The Lakers' home refused the Owen game, and the Nets seeking to buy and was rejected, and I wanted to trader and did not pick up.

The current NBA epidemic prevention provisions are more strict. There have been news that the alliance hopes to add punishment for players who do not have a vaccine, it can be seen that it is forced to play the vaccine, but the NT team's Owen is Another category, he said nothing to make vaccines, and the city where the basket is located in New York, if the player does not make a vaccine will not be allowed to play in their own stadium, so he can only go to the scene, but One of the weaknesses is now, but they can also be said to be assumed by their largest opponents.

Today, the city of Lakers has officially promulgated the latest regulations. If someone does not make vaccine, then in any place in Los Angeles, it is not free to enter large business super and watch. Or participate in sports competitions, their provisions are almost exactly the same as New York, and once the Lakers meet in the finals, then Owen can't play, the Lakers can use this rule to reject Owen to carry out Sensum The municipality participates in the game.

The weakness of the Nets today is the inner line of the box and the lack of confrontation, but the most deadly weakness is still the game that Owen can't play away, and the Lakers is Very good use of rules can be targeted in Owen. Nowadays, European is really going to give the basket network to the pit. In this way, the Nets are still trying to use Owen.

However, the key problem is that which team will accept such an Owen? Perhaps only 76 people can sit down and talk to them, and Simmons himself will not reject the javask, after all, this is a very good championship, but Owen's attitude is not good, there is a media to explode Owen If the people around you can trader by the basket team, then you will not go to the new team, but it will choose to retire directly.

From this point of view, Owen is completely taking the basket, and other teams see this situation. If there is no one dare to take over, the basket network is now Send it, then there is only one way to reach a buy-off agreement with him, but the agent in Owen has a few days ago, it means that now he just wants to compete with Durant, so it is impossible to buy it. Therefore, the basket team has been made by Owen to the dead.

Source: Old Hu said the ball

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