Why is Owen so much?Men's basketball team burst rough: I have to eat, how don't be a good thing?

When Owen adheres to the earth, this \"wisdom\" has shocked many people, but let everyone think that it is considered to be the \"peak moment\" of the European \"peak moment\" is just the starting point of Owen dispute career.


playing without a beautiful country, calling for abandoning the fight against the victim, at that moment, Owen regards himself as Mandela. Burning the tail, take the stick as the fans of Qiao Feng, Ramadan, etc., bringing the most direct impact that Durant and Haden overdraft, the Net team lost the opportunity.

The Net Network is a big responsibility in the season. However, Owen is not as good as it is, and the break is fighting with the vaccine. Do not receive the vaccine, Owen cannot go back to the ballhouse and team to work together, do not vaccinate the vaccine, Owen can't be on the game at home, but even if each game may lose 380,000, even if Durant is bitter, what is the boss Good rental or lease, let Owen and the team comfortably, but Owen uses a \"people who will bless me, will bless and we stand together.\" Good guys, this is also moving out, attitude The resolute makes the basket team are also right.

    Trước:The Lakers' home refused the Owen game, and the Nets seeking to buy and was rejected, and I wanted to trader and did not pick up.              Kế tiếp:4 years 99 million!Buck's first place faced from the team player, 10 + 5 defenders missed a helpless brother