4 years 99 million!Buck's first place faced from the team player, 10 + 5 defenders missed a helpless brother

Beijing time on October 11th, the NBA preseason was in progress, of which Indiana walkers were rejected, and Brandon, General Manager of Brandon, Brandon, a first round of draft. not interested. Chris Paul said that the Thunder did not feel that it would not play in the playoffs, as long as I am present, I have the opportunity to win. Just just, 49 million US dollars, Milwaukei Tsiku's first place is officially released, Di Wenzuo will continue to assist the letter from the letter, Middton.

According to the name, John Hollinger revealed in the social media, he said that he said this. Although Divinzo believes that he can be a ball point, the male deer management is not interested in this, and the main salary of the Milwaukki Tshangku is mainly concentrated in the letter brother Ado Kunbo, Middleton, Holleri On the body of the three giants, I can't give him a big contract. It is important to emphasize that the current market value of Divinzo is as high as 49 million US dollars, and the Buck wants to leave him, almost unob.

From the information disclosed by this name, the situation after the Milwauke Keros' deer wins, and it is not very good. First of all, because the team salary is mainly concentrated in the letter brother Ado Kunbo, Middton and Holleidi, the Buck management wants to reinforce, only the bottom salary contract can be new, but they No Lakers are popular. Second, the second is, because Di Wenzuo's value, as high as 49 million US dollars, annual salary of 24.75 million US dollars, for salary and tense Bucks, they really have no space.

It is worth mentioning that the Di Wenzuo of the Milwauki Trision last season is around Midelton, Zhu Holi's side, the regular competition 66 The game, the field can get 10.4 points 5.8 rebound 3.1 assists, the playoffs play three games, and the fields can get 2.7 points 6.3 rebound 2.7 assists. If the head coach Biden Hull can give him a ball, like a letter brother Ado Kunbo, his data is still a chance to play, and how much controversy is for his new contract.

Nowadays, with the first players facing the Paragles of the Milwaukee, he is a champion member Divin, a guy who has made data by himself, interesting He is now in the freedom market, up to $ 99 million in the free market, US $ 24.75 million. For his new contract, there are many fans, management controversies, but Di Wenzuo's excellent defense, how much still attracts the favor of other teams, so he will not be able to continue assistant letter brother Ado Kunbo, just like Like the Milwaukki, Brogen

Source: Meng Lord Sports

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