Goodbye Simmons + Harris!76 people 9 for 2 trading exposure, Enshid welcomes Lillad and Bill

Beijing time October 10, the NBA preseason was in progress.Among them, 76 people players in the interview show that it is still good now, I want to strive to become a better passage, this season will make more shot.

Recently, US media Bleacher Report reporter Andy Bailey gave 76 people, it is recommended that 76 people participate in the 5 team of large transactions, the final trading result is: 76 people send outSimmons, Harris, Curry, Maxi, 2022 first round sign, 2023 first round exchange rights, 2023 times, 2024 first round signed and 2026 first round sign, transaction got Lillad andBill.

It is worth mentioning that Lilla de has been 28.8 points 4.2 rebound 7.5 assists last season, with a population of 45.1%, and the new season annual salary is $ 39.34 million..Bill's last season has been 31.3 points 4.7 rebound 4.4 assists, the shooting rate is 48.5%, and the new season annual salary is $ 34.5 million.

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