The rocket is on a big game?16 + 5 will be directly sled, 1 change 2 transactions and then get chips!

The rocket is on a big game? 16 + 5 will be directly sled, 1 change 2 transactions and then get chips! Recently, the NBA preseason has begun, which means that the regular season is not far away. Wait until the preseason game is finished, and then rest more than a week, that is, the regular season begins.

The Rockets recently appeared two operations, one operation is a layoffs Kylomas, which is quite surprising. Because after all, he gave him a formal contract before the end of the regular season last season. I didn't expect to lay off the staff now, so many fans were accidentally surprised.

Because I want to know that Tomas last season is very good at the Rockets, average 16 points 5 Assistance 1.7 steals. Although only 5 games, the sample is too small, but the code is good, it is much better than what Lanmu is? This 16 + 5 will be directly sick, so that many fans feel losses!

In addition, the Rockets also conducted 1 change 2 transaction with the Net, with 110,000 US dollars in cash, in exchange for a time-to-edemark and pier, and then Pier cloth layoffs, equivalent to buying a second round, which is quite cost-effective, can be used as a transaction chip.

In this regard, some analysts believe that the rocket is on a big game? It is also a layoff, and it is the transaction. Is this a chip for the Subsection of Wall's trading? After all, I will send Wall away, and I must have some choice of choice.

Overall, Wal transaction will be the next heavy head of the Rocket, from now on to the new season transaction deadline, Wal should take people of. The most likely transaction should be the transaction of Wal and Simmons, because the two are currently the state of iron to go to the team, and the probability of trading is the largest.

Source: Green Sports

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