Back to 1990 - Chapter 1173 Zhang Fengxia gave birth to a daughter, Feng Zhiyao was in trouble

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"This matter is no longer a matter of money. I have also responded to the problems in the futures. Don't worry, I believe they will work hard."

John just let go of his heart when he heard this. What he didn't know was that this matter had risen to an extremely high level. Britain was working hard to prevent the sun from setting. Whether it was Xiangjiang or its influence on Africa, it was all important. It shows that the sun never sets may be about to set.

Lu Feng communicated with Ma Wanjun every day, and rushed to the airport as soon as he got the approval. As the plane took off, Lu Feng secretly hoped that the trip would go smoothly.

As the plane landed in Cape Town, the embassy's car was already waiting at the airport. When he got on the car, Lu Feng had a brief look at the situation. The embassy staff told him not to go to the company, but to stay at the residence of the embassy first. The current situation is relatively Danger.

In the evening, Lu Feng met the domestic envoy stationed there, and after a few words of politeness, Lu Feng asked, "Can't we guarantee our local business?"

"The United States protested, saying that our acquisition is illegal and is putting pressure on it. You also know our current relationship with the United States. I can only tell you that the situation is very complicated now. This may be the most complicated situation in history. If the local If we think our acquisition is illegal, we have no choice but to file a lawsuit." The ambassador said helplessly.

"What is the basis for their judgment?"

"We are dealing with a monopoly, and there is no state consent in the acquisition process, the procedure is not legal."

Seeing the food in front of him, Lu Feng had no appetite at all. After inquiring about the international situation, he went back to rest and called Ma Wanjun as soon as he got to the room.

It was past nine o'clock in the evening, and Lu Feng received several calls from the embassy one after another. They tried their best to communicate, presented various evidences, and told the other party that people and property in our country were being violated, but the other party ignored them at all. .

The phone went on until after one o'clock in the middle of the night. The powerlessness deep in Lu Feng's heart made him very decadent. For the first time, he felt what it means to be a weak country without diplomacy. No matter how reasonable you are, people don't pay much attention to you. useless.

At two o'clock in the middle of the night, Lu Feng barely fell asleep when the phone rang suddenly. Lu Feng woke up like a stress response, grabbed the phone and asked, "What's the latest situation? Can I meet with them? "

"Lu Feng, Fengxia gave birth. I am Fengxia's mother." The voice on the other end of the phone was very cold.

"Really? Great, Fengxia has worked hard." Lu Feng sat up and said, "Mother and daughter are safe."

"It's all good. I called you because I thought it was necessary for you, as the father of the child, to inform you. Also, as Fengxia's mother, you should also put marriage on the agenda. In general Give me a name?" Fengxia's mother asked.

Lu Feng sat there stunned, and said for a while: "I will definitely handle this matter properly, don't worry."

"When will it be properly handled?" The other party asked.

"After I've dealt with these bad things at hand, Fengxia also needs to cultivate with peace of mind, what do you think? Besides, I can't run away, so I'm not in a hurry." Lu Feng explained.

The other party didn't press, and hung up the phone after saying a few words.

Lu Feng leaned against the head of the bed, unable to fall asleep, he lit a cigarette and smoked silently.

Xiangjiang, during the day, after Lu Feng left, the affairs of the Feng family disappeared from the media. Feng Zhicheng and his elder brother Feng Zhixiong reached a private settlement. Now everything has stabilized, but Feng Zhicheng didn't know about Mr. Feng's situation. From the doctor's mouth, I learned that time is running out.

If Mr. Feng is not dead, Feng Zhicheng can only work in the company under the name of Feng Zhiyao. This is not what he wants, not to mention that there is no transition of rights. He cannot let Sun Hung Kai invest in his own financial company, let alone expand his real estate. Plus financial model.

In the office, Feng Zhicheng had just finished a meeting, and sat there looking a bit worried. Opposite him stood Zhenkun, who treated his father's old friend quite favorably.

"My house is twenty years old, right?" Feng Zhicheng asked casually.

"I bought the land in 1971 and moved in in 1973. It's been 23 years. The row of the backyard and the study room was built in 1978. At that time, your father had no money and built it in batches." Zhenkun replied.

"It's time for repairs and repairs. Let's take a sum of money and let Zhiyao stay in a hotel first. You can inform him and find a construction team." Feng Zhicheng ordered.

The next day Feng Zhiyao received a call, asking him to pack up his things and move out, saying that he wanted to repair the house. Feng Zhiyao was quite happy, so he took two suitcases and drove away from Feng's villa.

In less than two days, the construction scaffolding was set up here, and the entire yard was surrounded by water.

Apart from going to the hospital every day to wait for the house to be repaired, Feng Zhiyao called Feng Zhicheng several times but no one answered. Feng Zhiyao also thought that his second brother was too busy, so he didn't take it to heart.

A week later, several lawyers and people from the court found him and wanted to drive the car away.

"This is my car!" Feng Zhiyao looked at the seven or eight people in front of him in a daze, and asked, "Are you here to grab it?"

"I'm sorry, but this car belongs to Sun Hung Kai. It was used by Mr. Feng, the chairman of the company. It belongs to the company's property and needs to be taken back now." The lawyer replied.

"Mr. Feng is my father, and Sun Hung Kai belongs to my family." Feng Zhiyao already felt that something was wrong.

"I was entrusted by Mr. Feng Zhicheng. Now the ownership of Sun Hung Kai belongs to him, including part of the property under Mr. Feng's name. According to the distribution of property, this car will be taken back."

After the lawyer finished speaking, he handed him the relevant information. Feng Zhiyao was dumbfounded after reading it. He even said it was impossible. He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called Feng Zhicheng, but he couldn't get through at all.

As soon as the lawyer and the people from the court drove away, the front desk staff of the hotel came over and asked, "Are you Mr. Feng who lives in the 888 Supreme Suite?"

"It's me, what's wrong?"

"Sorry, the room fee is due today, do you want to renew it?" The front desk asked with a smile.

"Didn't you renew it for half a year?" Feng Zhiyao said eagerly, "It's not that my brother opened the house for me. He said he would let me live here for half a year."

"Sorry, the renewal was only for one week, and it expires today."

Feng Zhiyao panicked, he came out too hastily, he just brought some clothes and his own wallet from home, luckily he had his bank card with him, he took out the card and handed it to the other party.

The service staff swiped the card and said in embarrassment, "This card shows that it has been frozen."

Feng Zhiyao handed over two more cards, all of which were frozen. Fortunately, he still had 10,000 yuan in cash in his bag, which he lost at some point.

Continuing with the room fee, Feng Zhiyao couldn't get through to his second brother, so he had to call Zhenkun. Zhenkun couldn't get through, so he could only go to the company to see what was going on.

Compared with the last time he went to the company, no matter who he faced, he was always smiling. This time, he was greeted with indifference, and he went upstairs. Feng Zhicheng was not in the office, so he blocked Zhenkun and asked what happened.

Zhenkun looked at Feng Zhiyao with a little pity in front of him, took a deep breath and said: "He just collects his own property. Your car belongs to the company, so it will naturally be taken back. The company must strictly manage it. As for freezing the card, That's because these cards are all your father's money."

"I spent my dad's money, what's wrong?" Feng Zhiyao's eyes widened, his face full of disbelief.

"The handling of these funds in your father's inheritance belongs to your eldest brother. What you got is the company's equity, and you also gave it to your second brother unconditionally. Do you understand?" Zhenkun said in a deep voice.

"But my second brother said that he is in charge of managing the company, I don't need to worry about anything, I have the right to spend money!"

"It was a private agreement between you two, and there is no written agreement, so you can leave it at any time." Zhenkun looked at him and comforted him: "You live a good life, find a place to work, there are thousands of yuan a month, enough for you lived."

"Thousands of dollars???" Feng Zhiyao couldn't believe this, and said to Zhenkun, "Uncle Kun, where is my second brother? How could he do this? My dad hasn't left yet, he told me that at the beginning ….”

Zhenkun obviously didn't want to hear such nonsense from him, so he groped in his pocket for a while, took out several thousand dollars and put them in Feng Zhiyao's hand, and said, "For the sake of calling me Uncle Kun, you can take the money Come on, I still have something to do, so I'll go first."

Feng Zhiyao looked at the money in his hand and was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe that this was Uncle Kun who thought of everything for him. The momentary trance made him feel that the world was so cold.

Feng Zhiyao's first thought was to find a lawyer to sue, but then he thought again, the contract he signed was in the old villa, and he didn't have anything in his hands.

For a moment he didn't know what to do.

Standing there in a daze for a long He suddenly remembered that he and Lu Feng had gone to the inland municipal government to do errands, and the other party refused to allow the two of them to get under the car.

Thinking of this, Feng Zhiyao pushed away Feng Zhicheng's office and sat there waiting, he wanted to see what his second brother looked like to him now.

After waiting for a long time without seeing anyone, Feng Zhiyao stood beside his car and waited again in the evening.

The driver told Feng Zhicheng about the situation. Feng Zhicheng was very annoyed, and complained to the people around him: "Where did he learn this rogue method? Another car waits for me at the back door. He likes to be blocked, so let him be blocked." , I'll see how long he can last."

Feng Zhiyao couldn't find anyone in the traffic jam for several days. Loitering in the company had already aroused discussions among many people in the company. In the end, he was driven out by the security guard. When he came home late at night, he found someone watching at home. He was almost beaten up. The money in his hand was running out, and Feng Zhiyao felt hopeless.

He ran to the hospital and stood in front of Mr. Feng's ward and cried a lot. He was determined to turn his back on Feng Zhicheng, and found the media to expose the matter. After the interview, the newspaper didn't publish it. He went to the newspaper to ask why it didn't publish it. , people ignored him at all, and he was kicked out directly.

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