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It was the first time that Feng Zhiyao felt that there were such unreasonable people in the world. The most rascal person he met when he grew up should be Lu Feng. In the past, this kind of little guy always smiled in front of him.

Feng Zhiyao ran out of money, so he sat in the hotel and contacted his former friends, hoping that someone would help him in this matter. When he called, some people hung up the phone immediately when they heard it, while others called him. He hesitated and evaded.

"I don't want to borrow much money from you, only 200,000, as for?" Feng Zhiyao was very upset on the phone, when will 200,000 be considered money for him?

"Brother Feng, you are not short of two hundred thousand." On the day of the phone call, he smiled and said, "Stop making trouble."

"I've encountered something now." Feng Zhiyao was also straight-tempered, and said everything like beans poured out of a bamboo tube.

Hearing this, the other end of the phone said, "Don't worry, if others don't help you, I will definitely help you. I still have something to do here, so hang up first."

Before Feng Zhiyao could speak, the phone was hung up, and no one answered the call again.

The room fee was due, Feng Zhiyao couldn't borrow any money and had to go downstairs with his own things. Standing in the hall, he watched people coming and going, everyone had a smile on their face, so calm, But he didn't know where to go next.

He has been to five-star hotels too many times, but he has never felt so cold and confused in the luxurious reception hall.

"Oh, isn't this Mr. Feng?" A playful voice came.

Following the voice, Feng Zhiyao saw that he was a young man in his twenties, with two aggressively dressed girls by his side. Feng Zhiyao had a little impression of him. He had played sports cars together before, but he couldn't afford any extravagant ones. Car, I don't like playing with him very much.

"Li Ziwen?" Feng Zhiyao called out his name with a little surprise.

"It's rare, you still remember me." Li Ziwen glanced at Feng Zhiyao's suitcase, and teased, "Mr. Feng, what are you doing here? I heard that you are down and out? Someone called me and said, you are borrowing money everywhere." what?"

Feng Zhiyao showed a bit of embarrassment, forced a smile, and said, "The news spread quickly. I didn't expect you to hear about it. We are also friends. Do you have any cash on hand?"

"What? Borrow money from me? Hahahaha!" Li Zixuan smiled presumptuously, staring at Feng Zhiyao and said, "Mr. Feng also has this day? Didn't you think I was poor before, I can't afford a Lamborghini, How dare you hang out with a rich kid like you?"

Feng Zhiyao was also taken aback when he heard this, and hurriedly said: "I never thought you were poor, the main reason is that your car can't keep up with us, and you are playing on the track behind, it's you. Busy, no time."

"Am I busy? Why do you think I'm so busy?" Li Ziwen moved his face forward and said, "I'm **** not busy now, you drive your sports car out!"

"What about me..." Feng Zhiyao explained his current situation very seriously.

"Okay, okay, I don't have time to listen to your nonsense. Do you want money?" Li Ziwen took out his wallet, took out a thousand Hong Kong dollars from it, threw it on the ground, and said, "I'll give it to you!"

Feng Zhiyao looked at the banknotes falling at his feet with an extremely ugly face, feeling extremely ashamed and indignant in his heart, and said to Li Ziwen, "I didn't expect you to be this kind of person. You have no tutor, no quality, so I don't want it."

"Oh, beggars still think the food is bad? You have quality, and you drove a sports car a few years ago to show off." Li Ziwen sneered.

"When did I show off my power?" Feng Zhiyao felt extremely wronged, and he kept a low profile and modesty when interacting with his friends.

"Are you still showing off your power? Those people are all around you, and they are all smiling when they look at you. That **** luxury team is a bunch of sycophants. You have such a good car, and you drive a piece of shit. I really don't know you How dare they think they are talented and want to be a race car driver? Damn!" Li Ziwen fired all his firepower and sarcastically said, "You don't even look at what you look like. Without your father, what are you?"

"You! How can you talk like that? Do you want to borrow your love?" Feng Zhiyao turned around and walked away with an ugly face.

Feng Zhiyao couldn't believe that his friend who used to be kind to him now had this face. He dragged his suitcase and walked on the road, feeling sad in his heart. He hadn't changed his clothes for a day and walked for an hour. , the feet began to ache.

The physical torture and what happened at this moment made him sit on the side of the road with tears in his eyes. Looking back on the past, it seemed that those experiences, those smiling faces, and those concerns were all dreams.

A red sports car turned around from the intersection, Su Yourong casually took a look outside, saw Feng Zhiyao thought he was delusional, parked the car on the side of the road, got out and found that it was really him.

"What are you doing sitting on the side of the road?" Su Yourong walked over and asked.

Feng Zhiyao saw Su Yourong stand up hastily and explained the matter, and said anxiously, "Can you call Brother Feng for me, I don't even have a mobile phone now."

Seeing his state, Su Yourong secretly thought, it's fine to call Lu Feng, this is just an abandoned child.

"I can't get in touch with him either. Take care of yourself. I still have some change for you to take." Su Yourong handed him the few thousand dollars in his hand, and ordered, "Find a job as soon as possible." .”

Looking at the money in his hand, Feng Zhiyao felt for the first time that thousands of dollars were so thick. It was already late, and the lights were on, and here was still the bustling Xiangjiang. Unfortunately, Feng Zhiyao's feeling about all this at this moment changed from heaven to hell.

He didn't dare to go to a luxurious restaurant, and for the first time in his life, he went into a fly restaurant and ordered a piece of fried rice, devouring it.

Feng Zhiyao went to the company many times within a few days, but still found nothing. People here seemed to have not known him overnight, and avoided him one after another. His former friends were either strangers or made sarcastic remarks. In a few days, he saw this The original appearance of the world.

As night fell, there were still clouds of sports cars on the streets of the bustling area, but it was a pity that he was missing. But who cares?

It's like those dinner parties with singing and singing every night, no matter who goes and who stays, they are still held enthusiastically.

Feng Zhiyao wanted to seek justice, but the money in his hand could no longer support him to continue. After a few days, he had to find a job as a waiter in a restaurant, including food and housing, 1,800 Hong Kong dollars a month, and he also wanted to Have applied for clerical or other decent jobs in the past.

But these jobs do not include room and board, and he only has a diploma, no work experience, and no one wants him after several interviews.

In the restaurant, he got acquainted with the people here, because everyone had seen him in the newspaper before, and he was ridiculed and joked for a long time, so he got a nickname, Brother Gongzi.

In South Africa, Lu Feng is still waiting for news. He has been in contact with some high-level people in the past two days. The other party revealed that this time the United States is willing to take this opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries. What the other party can give is definitely not a company. can give.

Lu Feng told them many times not to trust the Americans. What those people said was not commonplace. He could increase investment in South Africa in the future, and at the same time, he would work hard to bring China and South Africa closer commercially.

But these words are so light in the eyes of the other party, after all Lu Feng is just an ordinary businessman.

In Europe, the futures exchange, everyone looked at the price of tungsten ore in surprise. For several days, tungsten ore continued to rise, all the way to the $80,000 mark, which is comparable to the price of gold.

In the meeting room of the Schroeder Group, John looked at the figures displayed on the computer in front of him and couldn't believe it. Several experienced people stood aside and stared blankly. The price of 80,000 US dollars per ton was beyond their imagination.

"It was all brought up by the Quantum Fund. What do they want to do?"

"This time we have 5 billion yuan alone? The price is so high, they want to run away?"

All the faces present were solemn, and John felt that it was impossible. The tungsten mines in South Africa had not yet resumed work, and it was impossible for them to deliver the products when they were due.

After thinking about it, there is only one possibility left by John, which is that the South African tungsten mine will resume work in the near future, and they have already confirmed it. Thinking of this, John looked at the board in front of him and said, "Call Feng Lu."

At the same time on Wall Street, Soros flipped through the documents in his hand, whispered a few words to the manager next to him, closed the folder, and ordered, "Try some of it away."

The next moment, the tungsten ore futures that had not been traded in the London futures market for a long time were sold out for a large amount of contracts, and the price immediately began to drop. All of a sudden, everyone watched with wide-eyed eyes. Maybe the tungsten demon king will end today.

"Throw it away! Throw it away!" Someone in the trading room of the Schroeder Group shouted nervously.

John's face was not very and asked the person next to him: "Has Lu Feng got through the phone?"

"Not connected yet."

The price displayed on the tungsten ore has dropped from 80,000 US dollars to 76,000 US dollars, and it is still falling. The selling orders above are so heavy that most people can't stand it.

Seeing Soros sell off, Robertson immediately joined in. Instantly, the pressure on the market increased greatly. Seeing this, retail investors who held futures ran away one after another, afraid to participate in this battle. They were afraid that the market would squat. The family was ruined.

South Africa, at eleven o'clock in the evening, Lu Feng had already fallen asleep. The meeting these few days made him feel extremely tired and helpless. It took me a long time to get the phone, and I answered the phone and asked, "Who is there?"

"Mr. Lu, Mr. John wants to talk to you." The other end of the phone seemed very anxious, and the phone was handed over to John after a few seconds, and then John eagerly asked about the situation of the tungsten mine in South Africa.

Lu Feng turned on the bedside lamp and leaned on the bedside to recount the recent events, and said, "I can only tell you that I will do my best, and the rest will depend on God's blessing."

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