Battle of the Two Cities: Begins with the Mage - Chapter 622 Changes in the Freljord

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On the ice sheet, Ashe shouted hoarsely.

There are not many Avarosa warriors left around her, and there are only a few elite iceborn left in other tribes, and several war mothers have already died in battle.

And even those who survived have purple lines on their bodies, and only their eyes are as firm as before.

But no matter who understands, they may have problems at any time.

Beside him, Tryndamere was wiping the broadsword, slumped on the ground, panting heavily.

They fought for only a few days, but this kind of sleepless and seemingly endless battle would make anyone feel tired.

If it weren't for the lack of follow-up supplements from the Void Spirits, and the number is getting smaller and smaller, Ashe really doesn't think he can hold on.


Ashe's **** fingers pulled the bowstring again, and the last arrow of ice shot out, piercing the head of the last ethereal on the ice field, nailing it to the ice field.

She looked up, her eyes filled with sadness.

Everything in front of me is no longer the scene of the ice field.

Purple blood and broken legs covered the ground, and some bright red blood belonging to Avarosa warriors was scattered during the period.

In this battle, no creature can leave a complete body.

The ethereals will devour the corpses of their own kind, stepping forward on the blood of their own kind.

And they would rather activate the self-destruction program of the sword sent by Noxus than die in the mouth of the void, even until the moment of death.

But fortunately, they won the last battle.

winter! winter! winter!

In the distance, disturbed footsteps sounded.

Although the warriors of Avarosa were extremely tired, they still picked up their weapons and looked vigilantly in the direction of the sound.

"It's the sound of human actions, and the voice of Void Spirit is not so noisy and dull." Ashe judged.

"It's not a good person to come to us at this time." Tryndamere grinned.

They didn't make them wait for too long, and a group of extremely tall humanoid creatures appeared in the farthest distance of their field of vision. They were galloping towards this side with all kinds of huge weapons.

Looking at the blue-skinned monster holding a huge purple stick in front of the team, Ashe's eyes narrowed:


A troll is a humanoid creature in Runeterra, with a size and strength far superior to that of a human, but less intelligent.

"The leader should be the recently rumored king of trolls. I've long wanted to touch him." Tryndamere's words were provocative.

"Come on, in your current state, he can twist your head off."

Ashe's eyes kept falling on the opponent, his whole body was tense, and he was abnormally vigilant.


The troll team stopped in front of Ashe, looking at Ashe's distressed appearance, Trundle, the king of trolls, had contempt in his eyes.

"King of Trolls, Trundle?"

Ashe reported the opponent's name, holding the ice bow in his hand, ready to go at any time.

If the visitor is not kind, she will keep him even if she tries her best.

"Leave your lives today, Bangzi. I will not owe that woman any more after I repay the previous kindness this time."

Trundle just said something indifferently, and then started stroking the ice-like giant stick in his hand.

Ashe narrowed her eyes slightly, staring at the giant ice stick in Trundle's hand.

If she remembers correctly, the name of this rod is the Bonebreaker Rod. There has always been a story in the Freljord. It is said that Trundle strayed into the Frostguard Fortress by mistake, and finally got the rod and returned as a troll. s King.

That woman... is Lissandra...

Trundle didn't stop, and quickly left with the troll towards the east.

Ashe watched them leave silently, not knowing what she was thinking.

"You want to go too?" Tryndamere's voice sounded from the side.

"I want to go, but I shouldn't." Ashe shook her head.

She is the leader of Avarosa, and it is their duty to defend their homeland, but they should not let their family members die.

"Follow my order and go back to Rakstark."

After the order was issued, the Avarosa tribe, who took a short rest, took a step forward and headed towards Lax Stark behind.

In this war, they did what they were supposed to do.

But at the same time, they were unable to continue their march eastward.

On the way, Ai Xi's eyes suddenly became more sentimental and relieved.

After she had free time, she was free to go to the magic net to see the current situation of the Freljord.

The entire Freljord was almost caught in the flames of war in the void.

Among them, many outstanding figures sacrificed their lives in this defense battle.

And Winter's Claw Warmother Sejuani, Olaf under her command, and the Iceborne Legion were all buried near Lakstark.

Also because of the aggressive advance of Winter's Claw, the elite in the tribe were transferred and killed by the Void Spirit into the tribe, and the entire tribal alliance was swallowed up by the Void Spirit.

The Demacia troops who had been prepared for a long time came and drove the remaining Void Spirits to extinction.

Winter's Claw has been confronting Avarosa both openly and secretly, but Ashe still makes his mind a little complicated because of such direct destruction.

Especially Sejuani, who is also a sister and an enemy, she really did not expect that the other party would die first in this cruel war.

However, the Demacian army occupied the place where Winter's Claw was after destroying the Void Spirits. Ashe was not surprised.

The hatred between Demacia and Winter's Claw has been around for a long time. It's already very good that they didn't make trouble when the ethereals attacked at that time.

"After the battle of the Freljord, there will be greater changes..."

Ashe knew in her heart that the emergence of all the hermit demigods and the radicalization of Demacia and Noxus would change the current pattern of the Freljord.

And as the weakest of all forces, it was time for her to make a choice.

"Demacia... Noxus... I don't know how these inland human civilizations will interact with us who serve our ancestors in the future..."

"What are you talking about?"

Tryndamere heard Ashe whispering along the way, and frowned in boredom.

"It's nothing, let's move when we get back to Rakstark." Ashe shook her head.

"Migrating again? Where shall we go this time?" Asked Tryndamere.

Since the establishment of the Avarosa tribe, countless migrations have taken place.

It's just that every time, they wandered around the Freljord.

This is the homeland, the place left to them by their ancestors, the homeland they will not abandon.

"Go west to Frost Harbor, I heard that the snow there is beautiful." Ashe laughed.

"Snow is beautiful, but it's also barren." Tryndamere tickled.

Frostport is one of the few ports in the Freljord, and it is the westernmost part of the area controlled by Avarosa.

"What's the matter with the barrenness? We will make it more beautiful." Ashe said freely.

It was her and Avarosa's choice to retreat to the westernmost point.

They were unable to compete with Demacia and Noxus for the Freljord, and she didn't want to resist when the other party helped them guard the land left by their ancestors.

It's better to retreat to the edge and start all over again.

Based on her understanding of Demacia and Noxus, she wouldn't be able to kill them all.

What will happen in the future depends on the communication with that country.

As for this war... Although she has no chance to participate in the final battle, Ashe does not think that Runeterra will be defeated, and also believes that the gods of Freljord and the army of Noxus will defeat the enemy.

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