Battle of the Two Cities: Begins with the Mage - Chapter 623 The One Chosen by the Void, the Spirit Conceived by the Void

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Walk across the Dalmor Plains into the frigid lands of the Freljord.

Ryan's pace seemed slow, but there was a long interval between each step.

Wherever he passed, all void creatures were reduced to ashes.

The Noxus warriors behind them swarmed up, picking up the wreckage on the ground.


When Ryan just stepped into the extreme north where the Frostguard Fortress was located, there was the sound of a hammer striking.

Immediately afterwards, the ground magma surged up, the ice and fire played the polar song, and the world of ice and fire extended from the ground to the sky.

"Does the oldest **** have the reality of a true **** now?"

Looking up at the battlefield not far away, Ryan sighed leisurely.

Thanks to the countless demigod wars in recent days, coupled with the concentrated outbreak of wars on countless planes.

Runeterra can be regarded as a breakthrough, and the limit of the energy contained is getting higher and higher.

And in this world, the upper limit that they, the native creatures, can achieve has also become higher.

Just like Aoun, the **** of casting, as one of the oldest spirits of nature in Runeterra, when the upper limit of Runeterra was raised, he finally took that step.

Compared with these spirits of nature, human beings are the race with the most potential. Although it is difficult to reach the limit of demigods, it is not too difficult to take that step.

Using the energy of Runeterra is one of the methods, and going to other planes to absorb energy is also a good method.

Even the creation of Noxus, the Heart of Noxus, can now display the true god-level strength.

For human beings, when an individual exceeds the limit, the follow-up path has already been opened up, and more individuals will also cross that limit.

Ryan withdrew his gaze to the front, and looked back to the distance to the southwest. There was Pomia Island, where Syndra was stationed.

In his field of vision, he could see a sky-reaching seven-color light beam rising from there, and the environment there that was originally polluted by the gate of the underworld seemed to be washed and restored to its former beauty.

"You succeeded too."

There was a smile on the corner of Ryan's mouth, and there was a blessing in his voice.

The person who grew up with him finally followed in his footsteps and passed that hurdle.

And after Syndra completed the advancement, he was completely relieved about Seraphine's being in the underworld.

It won't be long before the fusion of the Underworld and Runeterra will be more thorough, the two worlds will be completely connected, and the projection of the Underworld will also fall on the boundary of the Shadow Isles.

Withdrawing his gaze, some sounds from his ears attracted Ryan's attention.

"Are you here to find me?"

Ryan said casually, his eyes did not fall on the position where he thought someone was there, but he was still admiring the collision of the three gods in front of him.

"Your Majesty, it is an honor to meet you."

Behind Ryan, came a hoarse voice with a low voice.

A humanoid creature in purple clothes appeared behind him. As for why it was humanoid, it was because the aura of void on his body was so strong that he himself had already abandoned his human identity.

Void Prophet - Malzahar.

This is the identity of the person behind him, even if he didn't look back, Ryan knew it very well.

"I have a question. Is the existence of Bilves within your expectation, or is it beyond your expectation?"

Hearing Ryan's interesting question, Malzahar seemed a little surprised, but he still replied seriously:

"The world will eventually return to nothingness. This is the future I firmly believe in."

"But the existence of Bilves makes it possible for reality and nothingness to coexist." Ryan's mouth curled up.

Runeterra is always full of talented people, like Seraphine who can hear the voice of the soul.

But at the same time, there will never be a lack of people who are influenced or selected by other planes, like Fyego, Mordekaiser, or Malzaha behind him.

These people, like gifted people, always have some talents that ordinary people don't have.

And the talent Malzaha displayed is called a prophet. In layman's terms, he can predict the future.

At Ryan's level, he no longer believes in fate or foreknowledge.

As far as he is concerned, he can accurately predict all the stories that will happen to an ordinary person in the next few years or more than ten years with only simple magic and brain computing power.

Of course, this calculation is limited to some environments that are less likely to be affected by external shocks.

In predicting, these unpredictable external factors are often called variables.

And relying on the Void's gaze on Malzahar, and a certain Void Watcher's betting on him, he was able to use the prophet's talent to make a name for himself in the former Shurima.

But it is precisely because the ability of foresight comes from the void, in the farthest future, Malzaha must see the past as nothingness.

This is the furthest distance that Malzahar himself is destined to see, and it is also the furthest distance that Void wants him to see.

In the first half of his life, Malzaha followed the path predicted by the Void Watcher until now.

Ryan raised his head lightly, looking at the scene of the battle of the true gods in the sky.

Belvis' hidden and empty real world, under the cooperation of Swain and Aoun, was also forced to reveal its real appearance.

It was a sea of ​​ in which there were countless huge void creatures, their existence was far more perfect than the real void creatures, and they were more rational.

Not only that, but in the vast lavender sea, there seemed to be countless phantoms of ancient cities, from villages in ancient times to a huge port city thousands of years ago.

Surrounded by the Lilac Sea, these cities formed Belvis' self-world.

"According to legend, in the oldest ancient times, there was a collision between the void and Runeterra. It was a meeting of matter and spirit, and a collision of nothingness and entity."

Ryan's voice sounded long and leisurely, as if he was sighing to himself, but every word came into Malzaha's ears clearly.

"During that collision, the peace of the void was torn apart, and the matter reflected by reality had a huge impact on the void. Creatures began to be born there, and these creatures also underwent indescribable changes because of Runeterra."

"They desire to devour all matter and turn everything into nothing. This is also the origin of 'void'."

"But it's a pity that devouring is just devouring, not completely disintegrating. Those void things that swallowed matter have turned into monsters, most of them have lost their minds, and only a few have given birth to self-awareness."

"No, there might be a problem with that."

Ryan looked at Belvis standing proudly in the sky, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up and said:

"There was only one Void Spirit that gave birth to self-awareness from the beginning to the end. It was born in an accident that swallowed the harbor. It is also the only one in the Void, and it is also the object of fear of those Void Watchers."

"His name is."


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