Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 10502

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  Chapter 10502

   It's not that the combined strength of the two of them has really reached an invincible level, but that they will carefully select targets before each action.

   Persimmons are always soft.

   This is naturally not a good word for ordinary practitioners, but for killers who lick blood and do dirty work with the tip of their knives, this is definitely the most scientific work creed, bar none.

  In this respect, the two are definitely the industry benchmarks.

  Since they chose Lin Yi, it means that they have done sufficient research on Lin Yi and the people around Lin Yi, and agreed that they would not exceed their capabilities.

   In other words, since they make a move this time, they are already doomed.

  The queen is naturally also in their calculations.

   It's just that the two of them obviously didn't expect that the Queen's ability is much more aggressive than what they learned from the previous intelligence!

  As soon as the endless abyss appeared, a huge suction force enveloped their bodies.

  Black and White Impermanence subconsciously wanted to retreat, but it was too late. The moment the endless abyss appeared under their feet, it was doomed that they could no longer escape.

  The two of them were completely swallowed by the endless abyss in a blink of an eye.

  Theoretically, no matter how powerful a master is, once he falls into the endless abyss, he will be completely lost.

  The endless abyss cannot be cracked by brute force alone.

  However, before the queen could breathe a sigh of relief, a road to **** had already appeared in front of her, and then the black and white Wuchang joined forces and broke out.

  The whole process takes less than two seconds.

  Although the queen didn't think that the two of them would die in the endless abyss directly, the cracking was so fast, which was far beyond her expectations.

   "Huangquan Road is also equivalent to a space marker. As long as Huangquan Road has been paved, they can arrive at any time."

  Shen Xiaoniao's voice came at the right time.

  The queen suddenly woke up. From this point of view, the ability of the black and white impermanence duo can be said to be overwhelming for her.

  Although her endless abyss is not only used as a maze, once people can't get lost in it, the effect will naturally be greatly reduced.

  At this time, because the two opponents appeared too quickly, the queen was somewhat caught off guard.

  Although he had reacted immediately, his neck, hands and feet were still locked by two invisible chains.

   Erotic rope.

  But before the opponent's next move arrived, the queen decisively wrapped her body in the endless abyss.

   In this way, even though the restriction of the hook cannot be completely broken in a short period of time, it is not so easy for the two opponents to take this opportunity to kill her.

  All damage will be absorbed by the endless abyss.

   "Leave her alone."

  Hei Wuchang wanted to try again, but Bai Wuchang decisively stopped him.

  Their target this time is Lin Yi. As a professional killer model recognized by the Land God Kingdom, they will never waste their energy on irrelevant things.

  Although the existence of the queen has posed a certain threat to them, since they have been trapped by the hook, this is an excellent opportunity for them to assassinate Lin Yi.

   After all, they have carefully studied the information about Lin Yi.

  If it wasn't for deliberately choosing this delicate timing, once Lin Yi completely vacated his hand, even with the strength of the two of them, it would be extremely difficult to succeed, especially since this is still Lin Yi's territory.

   Seeing the two pass her, the Queen's heart tightened.

  It's a pity that no matter how hard she struggles, the seductive rope will only get tighter and tighter. The key is not only her body is locked, but also her soul.

  Even if she can rely on the power of the endless abyss to avoid damage, it is impossible to escape in a short time.

  At this moment, no one is guarding Lin Yi's side.

  Although Mrs. Qing, Chen Guanqi and the others were at the Hero Academy, all this happened so suddenly that even if they sensed it, they would not be able to rush over to block Lin Yi so quickly.

  As for Lin Yi himself, he was still immersed in the construction of the super formation at this time, and seemed unaware of the murderous intent behind him.

  The queen subconsciously looked at Shen Xiaoniao aside.

   Right now, the only thing that can stop Impermanence in Black and White is the perverted side.

  However, Shen Xiaoniao just stood by and watched, without any intention of intervening.

  He is different from Chen Guanqi. Although he said that he helped Lin Yi a lot before, he didn't say that he would join Lin Yi's command because of this.

  At a time like this, it's his duty to help, and it's his duty not to.

   After all, the opposite is the existence of the top ten killers. It is no small matter. Anyone who faces them must weigh them carefully, otherwise it will be too worthless if they accidentally include themselves.

  Although the queen has always been too lazy to pay attention to the world, she is very clear about this kind of thing.

  Even if the opponent doesn't make a move, she will never blame the opponent.

  Because, there is no such reason.

  But after taking a look at Shen Xiaoniao's expression at the moment, the queen's hanging heart has settled down a bit.

  She saw playfulness on Shen Xiaoniao's face.

  This shows that the situation is not as bad as she thought, let alone directly falling to one side.

   Sure enough, at the moment when the black and white Huangquan Road was about to reach Lin Yi's feet, Lin Yi suddenly stopped the formation.

   It wasn't forced to stop, but he stopped on his own initiative.

   Formation frame, take shape!

  Lin Yi turned around and looked at Impermanence in Black and White, and smiled faintly: "I represent the newly-released formation of the Third Academy, and I welcome you both."

   Black and white impermanence Qiqi's heart skipped a beat.

  At this moment, the two of them suddenly had an extremely ominous premonition, and even couldn't help but have the urge to turn around and run away.

   But it was too late.

  The majestic formation spanning the three colleges has already begun to operate, and the extremely huge formation power immediately locked and enveloped the two of them, and then they disappeared in place.

   "Void strangle, very good idea."

  Shen Xiaoniao made a sincere comment.

  Although he can't get used to Lin Yi's reckless behavior, even he has to admit that many of Lin Yi's seemingly wild designs are actually different ways, and often have unexpected magical effects.

   Just like the void strangler in front of you.

  The protection methods chosen between different formations are very different. Any qualified formation master will find the optimal solution according to the specific use.

  The formation of the three courtyards that Lin Yi is currently designing covers a wide range and has a large comprehensive strength. Even if you look at the kingdom of God on land, it can be ranked first.

  But precisely because the power of the formation is too great, there are great restrictions on the way to cast power.

  If you defend on the spot like a conventional formation, if there is a slight accident in the process, it is very likely to destroy the foundation of your own formation.

  The Void Strangling chosen by Lin Yi can perfectly avoid this point.

  (end of this chapter)

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