Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 10503

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  Chapter 10503

   Conventional formations cannot reach such a level of power, but his three-academy formation can, and it happens to have a space teleportation formation as its foundation, so it is not difficult to realize it.

  The whole process cannot be to forcibly teleport the target to another academy, and then use the power of the formation to penetrate the teleportation channel in the process, throw it into the void, and then carry out an all-round attack and strangle it.

  Of course, this idea is simple to say, but if you really want to implement it, the difficulty of operation is not ordinary.

  Relying on the roughest formation methods, Lin Yi was able to finally realize such a high-end function. On this point alone, even Shen Xiaoniao had to say a word of admiration.

However, Shen Xiaoniao immediately said noncommittally: "I also know this duo of black and white impermanence. Both of them debuted in formations in the early years, and they are both genuine formation masters. Except for black and white impermanence, they There is another title that you may not have heard of."

   "What name?"

   It was the queen who answered the call. In just a moment, she had already broken free from the seductive rope.

  Just this scene, if it spreads out, it will probably shock the attention of many people.

  Shen Xiaoniao replied: "Formation killer."

  Lin Yi nodded: "Since he is the master of the formation, it is easier to grasp the weakness of the formation. I am afraid that the ability of the two of them to break the formation is also top-notch."

   "That's right, so your Void Strangling won't be very effective for the two of them."

  Shen Xiaoniao made a judgment, which is also a reminder.

  Based on the huge foundation of the Great Formation of the Three Courts, all the power of the formation can be unscrupulously released in the void. If no countermeasures can be found, even a half-step mysterious rank venerable will most likely die in it.

  But only against the formation killer of black and white impermanence, ordinary formations are naturally immune to them.

  Even the so-called super formation, the effect will be greatly reduced on them.

  The possibility of the formation of the Third Academy successfully strangling them both in the void is almost zero.

  However, Lin Yi himself smiled indifferently: "Let's see and talk."


  Shen Xiaoniao frowned slightly, but lowered her evaluation of Lin Yi in her heart.

  Any formation master will always have a more or less protective mentality towards his own works, and will always subconsciously reject those negative comments. This is human nature.

   But if this blinds one's own cognition, resulting in a serious misjudgment of the actual effect of one's formation, then it shouldn't be.

  Of course, with the relationship between the two of them, he wouldn't say anything because of this, but just continued to watch with a cold eye.

  But a full quarter of an hour has passed, and the expected scene of black and white impermanence bursting out of the sky has never appeared.

  Shen Xiaoniao couldn't help showing a bit of surprise.

  Based on his level, he is very clear about the weakness of Lin Yi's large array of void stranglers, and the two array killers are also clear.

  The Great Formation of the Three Courts is certainly powerful, but right now, after all, it has only laid out the most basic outline of the framework, and it is far from the level of special reinforcement for weaknesses.

  The black, white and impermanent duo are famous for their ability to break the formation, let alone break it with a single stab, it will definitely not hold them back for a long time.

  Two quarters of an hour is Shen Xiaoniao's estimated limit.

   But nothing happened.

   After another quarter of an hour, there was still no movement.

   The sinking bird really couldn't hold back anymore, not because he was holding back to see Lin Yi's joke, but because everything that happened right now subverted his existing cognition.

  As one of the few grand masters of formations in the Divine Kingdom on land, how could it be possible for him to miss such a thing?

   Could it be that he also overestimated the killer of black and white impermanence?

  Shen Xiaoniao finally couldn't bear it anymore, stretched out his hand and drew two strokes lightly in the void, his consciousness passed through the formation skillfully, and observed a certain void where the power of the formation was projected.

  Lin Yi didn't stop it.

  However, through the opponent's hand, he basically verified his conjecture about his identity.

  Even if he observed the whole process of his formation formation, being able to penetrate the formation so easily is still not something that any formation master can do.

  The identity of the opponent's grand master of the formation is ready to be revealed.

  But any grand master of the formation is definitely a big man who should not be underestimated.

   Among other things, just the professional title of Grand Master of Formation is already comparable to the execution of the alliance at the headquarters, and it is not an ordinary alliance execution.

   Even the forces behind the Nine Giants will respectfully treat such a person as a guest of honor.

  The value of a formation master is not comparable to other high-level combat powers. In some cases, it is even enough to exert the power comparable to the Nine Giants!

  However, such a grand master of the formation actually appeared in the Hero Academy with a hidden identity, and even offered to help. His real identity and purpose are really intriguing.

   At this time, Shen Xiaoniao had already seen the situation in the void.

   Then, he was dumbfounded.

  Hei Wuchang was not as calm and composed as he had expected before, but was extremely embarrassed. Both of them were scarred, and Hei Wuchang, who was seriously injured, was even on the verge of death!

"what's the situation?"

  Shen Xiaoniao carefully observed the countermeasures of the two of them, and there was no problem, and it completely targeted the weakness of this formation.

   But the situation is still terrible.

   As for the power of the formation of the Third Academy, although it is indeed far superior to the general formation of the academy, it has not exceeded Shen Xiaoniao's previous prediction.

  With the power of black and white impermanence, since the right medicine has been prescribed, it is not impossible to handle it?

  But the development of the situation subverts cognition in this way.

  But Shen Xiaoniao is not a stubborn old man after all, he is the youngest among all the grand masters of the formation.

  Faced with such a situation that is completely beyond cognition, he will not shout that it is unscientific like others, and then retreat into his comfort zone, refusing to accept subversive facts.

  After realizing that he had committed a preconceived taboo, Shen Xiaoniao quickly adjusted his mentality and re-examined Lin Yi's three-house formation.

  The overall thinking is clear, and there is nothing beyond his existing cognition.

   What I have to say is Lin Yi's hundreds of millions of terror formation accuracy, and his rough and extremely cumbersome formation technique of elementary school students.

and many more!

  Looking at the black and white impermanence in the void that was still struggling to break through, Shen Xiaoniao finally realized that he knew where the crux of the problem was!

  The essence of breaking the formation is actually the reverse of the formation.

   If you really want to break the formation fundamentally, you must master the overall formation thinking.

   There has always been a saying in the world of formations that only those who can form formations will break formations.

  (end of this chapter)

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