Bleach: Stir Up the Situation - v2 Chapter 642 find a reason to fight

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Through Juhabach, the Knights of the Star Cross identified several of their biggest enemies in the future.

At the same time, Seireitei, which entered the night, seemed to be a beast that finally got its breath and could lick its own wounds, ushering in relative peace.

Under the leadership of Ye Yi, Hong Jiang had already slept in the captain's room of the Fifth Division. In fact, he passed out due to exhaustion on the way. He really needed to rest.

Ichigo and the others followed Hongjiang and Yeichi back to the Fifth Division, and the co-working bureau was the best place for them, the guests of Seireitei, to stay.

But before returning to the office, Ichigo went to the Fourth Division to visit Rukia, Renji and Byakuya.

Rukia was seriously injured, but fortunately the rescue was timely and her life was not endangered. When Ichigo went to visit her, she had already come to her senses. Seeing the sad face of the other party, she even joked with him a few words.

Byakuya and Renji were not so lucky, they had immediate support, and the injuries they had suffered before were too serious.

The Fourth Division managed to control their injuries in time, but it is still unknown when the two will wake up. To be precise, both of them were not out of danger when Ichigo left.

This also made Ichigo, who had returned to the fifth team, still look preoccupied, Cha Du also bluntly asked, "What's the matter, Ichigo?"

Inoue Orihime also looked at him worriedly. With everyone's concern, Ichigo no longer hid his thoughts, "It's nothing, I just think I'm really incompetent."

"Rukia, Renji, and everyone are fighting so hard, but I can't do anything. This feeling is really annoying!"

As he said that, he punched the floor under him hard. Now he can finally understand what Hongjiang said about war.

Right and wrong are completely unimportant. When one party has such despair, the front is destined to be a mountain of corpses and a sea of ​​blood.

This is also an inescapable vortex, stronger than Yamamoto, Hong Jiang, including him Kurosaki Ichigo, and all his familiar friends, if one is not careful, they may be smashed to pieces in the gnawing vortex.

Ichigo doesn't have much ambition and revenge, he just wants to protect the friends around him and all the good things he sees.

Now it is obvious that the Quincy divisions, or the invisible empire, are destroying all the beautiful existences in his heart, but he failed to stand up to these enemies who were killing wildly in Seiringting.

In other words, he tried to work hard. He also faced a member of the Star Cross Knights, but he couldn't help him. According to Hong Jiang, there are more than 20 opponents like this.

Once again, he felt a sense of powerlessness, he felt guilty, he wanted to become stronger, he wanted to end this sad nightmare quickly, but he didn't know what to do.

Chadu and Inoue could guess what Ichigo was thinking, but they didn't know how to persuade each other, because the feeling of powerlessness also enveloped them, even more so than Ichigo.

"Rest first, Ichigo." Cha Du broke the silence, "At least wait until Mr. Chozuka wakes up."

"This has nothing to do with Mr. Chotsuka, it's me... Chadu..."

"I understand how you feel now, but putting everything on your own shoulders will only increase your troubles. You and us, even if we don't know what to do next, trust Mr. Diezuka."

Cha Du said, turning his head to look at the captain's room where Hong Jiang was resting, "He will show us the direction, just like he did before, won't he?"

Mr. Chozuka... must be in pain at the moment, Ichigo thought silently, and his eyes drifted to the captain's room with the lights out on the other side of the lake.

Ichigo has also heard about the relationship between Hong Jiang and the captain, and even saw with his own eyes how the other party persisted in order to save Yamamoto.

Yes, Mr. Diezuka hasn't fallen down yet, and when he wakes up, he will be able to get through the crisis with everyone as before.

They haven't fallen yet, there is still a chance to become stronger, and the possibility to protect everything, this is the greatest hope, isn't it?

On the other side, in the attic where Ichigo and the others live, you can also see the captain's room opposite through the window, where Ichimaru Gin and Pomen gather.

"This is the second time I've seen Lord Butterfly Mound collapsed." Helibel leaned against the window and muttered to himself.

In the room, Stark lay blindfolded on the ground, and lazily replied: "Really? I thought a guy like him would never fall down. It's amazing."

"That time was the first time I saw him. It was also weak as if a gust of wind could blow him down, but at that time he seemed to see through me and said a word to me."

"What words?"

"You won't kill me, just like I have no intention of killing here, you and I are the same kind of people, people who hate sacrifice."

Stark yawned, he knew this partner quite well, "He's right, you really hate sacrifice."

Grimmjow seemed to be interested all of a sudden, "But Butterfly...he's an unpredictable guy, at least he doesn't seem like a sincere guy."

"You are not allowed to say that, Mr. Diezhong!" Luo Ka, who was on the side, suddenly became unhappy when she heard this. Recalling the experience of her narrow escape in the virtual circle, she couldn't help crying, "If it wasn't for us that time , Master Diezuka will not be in danger at all."

"Maybe it's because you are important?" Saar Apollo looked like he didn't think it was a big deal to watch the excitement. "In fact, you are indeed important. After all, you were my important experimental material."

"Are you trying to sow discord now!" Lisen's eyes were fierce. You must know that he was still weak at the time, and he almost died at the hands of Saar Apollo.

"I really beg you, are you quarreling at this time?" Stark sat up helplessly, "No matter what the reason is, he really didn't sacrifice Lorca and the others because of himself, isn't this rare in the virtual circle? Immediately afterwards, he asked Helibel again: "It is also because of this that you believe in a plain masked **** of death, right?"

Helibel shook his head, "No, it's because he believed in me first, he seemed to understand me in an instant, and believed in a truth as a **** of death, which made me believe that he was really the same as me existence of the same kind."

"I didn't expect Captain Diezhong to have such a past. It sounds like a lunatic, but what he did doesn't seem so surprising."

Ichimaru Gin was also sitting by the window, "So, are you starting to doubt what he said at the beginning? After all, this support seems to make you sacrifice for Seireitei."

Hribel turned his head, and replied solemnly: "No, I have never doubted him, and even through this time, I am even more convinced that what he said is true."

"Ah?" Grimmjow was surprised: "He took us to protect those gods of death, to fight against those guys, don't tell me he is sure that we have the certainty of victory."

"But this is war, and it is also an existence that makes me feel confused. What can such a sacrifice be exchanged for?"

"But it's not enough to convince yourself, because what he did seems to be sacrificing you in exchange for the safety of this place, isn't it?" Ichimaru Silver asked with interest.

"I can feel them, the Quincy's hatred for us, this hatred is even more unreasonable and firm than Death God."

Hribel looked at Ichimaru Gin and asked: "If the **** of death falls here, then it will be our turn next, and even the entire virtual circle will be wiped out, right?"

"Are your lips dead and your teeth cold?" Ichimaru Gin smiled, "You are much smarter than I imagined."

"Don't try to sow discord between us and Lord Diezuka." Lieson said in a deep voice, with a hint of warning in his tone, "We have all entrusted our lives to each other, and the same is true for Master Diezuka. Your fragile relationship!"

"I'm sorry, but I didn't mean that." Gin Ichimaru raised his hands flat to express his apology, and then said: "I just want to make sure that you really don't have any grudges about this rescue, it's just a whim."

"That's really energetic, Ichimaru." Stark's lazy voice sounded again, "No matter what, we are now on the opposite side of the group of Quincy, and we have no choice anymore , I think everyone still has this awareness.”

"Right, Saar Apollo, you don't think you have a choice now, do you?"

"Even if I think about it, Lord Diezuka might not give me this chance, right?" Sal Apollo said without any hesitation: "He treats you and me completely differently."

"Both sides are terrible. It's better to choose the more familiar side. As long as I'm still useful, at least you don't have to worry about Master Diezuka suddenly sacrificing me. From this aspect, he is indeed a reliable person."

Seth, who was always in the corner, couldn't help but said: "Master Diezuka gave you too many opportunities. I could have killed you last time, you traitor!"

"So I said that I am still useful, and I know that this time he will never give me another chance." Sal Apollo said, his eyes drifted to the window, "The enemy he will face this time, I'm afraid he won't be as calm as he used to be."

Seeing that Lieson's eyes became fierce again, Sal Apollo also turned to him helplessly and said, "Okay, alright, even if he is not so calm, I think he will still find the way to victory, okay?"

Hearing this, Lieson finally suppressed the thought of wanting to teach Sal Apollo a lesson.

Hribel still looked out the window quietly, he knew that the man in the opposite house would stand up again just like the first time she saw him.

But she was a little unsure if the other party would fall down for the third If so, I'm afraid the other party would have no chance to stand up again.

Hribel thought of that kind of future, and thought of the day when the person who talked and tried to bring peace to the virtual circle might fall down one day, and he couldn't help feeling a sense of sadness in his heart.

He is the one who can carry her dream, which Harribel is extremely sure of, but in exchange for each other, can she carry the other's dream?

It seemed that during the time they were together, all they talked about was her dream, and Harribel didn't even know what that man's dream was.

She is a person who hates sacrifice, whether she sacrifices for others or sacrifices others because of herself, she is extremely disgusted.

But at this moment, for the first time, the thought of sacrificing for someone came into her mind.

Because he dared to entrust his precious things to her, correspondingly, she was also willing to entrust her belief in diagnosis to the other party.

Maybe this is not a kind of sacrifice, but maybe it is a kind of sustenance.

It’s just that Harribel really can’t tell the difference between the two. All she can do is to strengthen her belief so that she won’t be afraid of this life-or-death war.

And what happened to her was just a microcosm. This night was a night of respite for many people, but at the same time, it was also a night for themselves to find reasons to persevere in future wars.

It was also on this night that an order and a piece of calligraphy were sent to Jingle Chunshui.

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