Bleach: Stir Up the Situation - v2 Chapter 643 The new head of the 13th team of Gotei

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Appointment of the former captain of the eighth squad, Jingle Shunsui, as the general captain of the Gotei 13th squad and the captain of the first squad, this appointment will take effect immediately!

Although such a quick appointment seems a little unreasonable when Yamamoto's future prospects are worrying, for the Gotei 13 team that has just experienced a disastrous defeat, a new leader is also essential.

However, as for Jingle Chunshui becoming the new captain, it was beyond many people's expectations.

There is no way, the captain's impression is too low-key on weekdays.

He is the oldest one among the remaining captains, but he is not the oldest one. He may be strong, but he is not enough to be called the top. He has extraordinary wisdom, but he does not seem to be the smartest. that one.

Not to mention the existence of Hong Jiang, an excellent captain who had defeated Lan Ran, no matter how he thought about it, the chief captain would not be in Chunshui's turn.

But for many captains, this appointment is almost no surprise.

With Yamamoto's life still in danger, it is almost impossible to find a candidate who can stabilize the Gotei 13 team just by virtue of personal charm or strength.

In this case, having the wisdom to lead the thirteenth team of the court to face the next war, or being able to better cooperate with the forty-sixth room became an important condition for selecting the commander-in-chief.

There are actually only four satisfied candidates, Kyoraku Shusui, Chozuka Honge, Kuchiki Byakuya, and Nirvana Mayuri.

Bai Zai is also in a state of uncertainty at the moment, and Hong Jiang has been excluded from the moment he created the Collaboration Bureau and showed that he would accept external forces into the Seiling Court. After all, the captain is not just to deal with the immediate crisis. , but also the ability to stabilize the 13th Guarding Team after the war, Hongjiang is not a stable person no matter what.

Although the last Nirvana Yuri has extraordinary wisdom, but for the sake of researching him, he can do enough outrageous things, and letting such a person take charge of the entire Goutei Thirteen Team is definitely as dangerous as Hongjiang.

Well, in fact, Chunshui is the only person who can be selected in the end. As mentioned earlier, he may not be able to surpass a specific person in everything, but this is enough to show his comprehensiveness.

What's more important is his easy-going temperament. Maybe he is not a firm guardian of the rules like Yamamoto, but he will never be a radical changer like Hongjiang.

He will certainly not be respected like Yamamoto when he becomes the chief captain, but he will be the best lubricant among the captains of the Gotei Thirteenth Team, including Hong Jiang.

Therefore, from the perspective of the Central Forty-six Office where the captain was appointed, Jingle Chunshui is definitely the best candidate for the new captain.

However, Chun Shui, who is the best candidate, has a headache because of this. He knows that the captain may fall on him, but it is not impossible for his junior brother Hong Jiang to be the captain.

Because the appointment of the captain this time is not only the meaning of the 46th Office of the Central Committee, but also a handwritten letter from Yamamoto. I am afraid that from the moment he saw the image of the invisible empire, Yamamoto thought of various possibilities, including Die by yourself.

This handwritten letter, which can be called a suicide note, clearly stated that he would be the captain of the team, but it also expressed the meaning that he could discuss with Hongjiang more in case of trouble.

For Chunshui, this in itself already represented that Yamamoto had hesitated over who would take over as the captain, and finally chose him after comprehensive consideration.

Of course, there are also Hongjiang's own reasons for this. There are too many conflicts between the other party and the Forty-six Room, or in other words, there are many conflicts between Hongjiang and Sei Lingting.

As the captain, it is absolutely impossible to just manage the three-acre land of the Gotei 13th team. The 13th Gotei team itself is an important part of Seireitei, and it must have its own attitude towards the captain of Seireitei.

If Yamamoto's attitude is a firm rule-follower, Hongjiang hopes to bring about changes.

Putting it here in Chunshui, it is to pursue a kind of balance, whether it is rules or changes, he can allow it, but what he does not want to see is meaningless internal friction in the Lingling Court.

To put it more simply, he is a captain who is afraid of trouble. If everyone can live according to their own wishes without affecting others, it is the most ideal state for him.

But such a thing is impossible to happen. It is foreseeable that, as the captain, he will have to deal with various forces in the future, acting as a lubricant, so that Sei Lingting can at least maintain superficial calm and peace .

And this is precisely the most troublesome thing. If possible, Chunshui really doesn't want to take on this important task, but sometimes things are like this, which is a bit of a twist of fate, but also a bit of helplessness of fate.

Right now, our rookie captain is sitting on the main seat in the captain's meeting room of the first team, holding his first captain's meeting.

"Although Captain Kuchiki is still seriously injured, I decided to hold a captain meeting first."

Chun Shui on the main seat looked very kind, "Just two days ago we were attacked by the Quincy Division called the Star Cross Knights. The various teams suffered heavy casualties, and according to the intelligence, the Quincy Force came from In the place called the Invisible Empire, there is the remnant party of the Quincy who fought the death **** a thousand years ago."

"Team 5 leader Chotsuka Hiroe fought against the Intangible Empire before us, plus everyone present I think some information can be shared first, and we can also discuss what to do next. "

As Chunshui said, looking at the captains standing in two rows below, he couldn't help but put his hand on his forehead, "But the first problem we need to solve now is, where did Captain Diezuka go? Vice Captain Shiba, you Can you tell us?"

Haiyan stood below, and couldn't help twitching the corners of her eyes when she heard this, "Just after receiving the order from the captain to gather, Captain Diezuka immediately received a summons from the 46th Room of the Central Committee..."

"Is it because of Ichimaru Gin and the group of bad men?"

Haiyan nodded helplessly, and Chunshui pressed his temples with his hands. Room 46 really knows how to find time. Maybe it's too early for him to hold the first captain's meeting as the chief captain, so he should go to appease Forty-six first. Room six?

"Then it's up to you to briefly explain the situation first. I think Captain Diezuka will be back in a short time."

At the same time, in the hall of Room 46 in the center, Hong Jiang once again stood in the center, accepting questions and inquiries from all directions.

"As for your relationship with Ichimaru Gin and those broken faces, you can start your explanation, captain of the 5th division, Choezuka Honge!"

Hong Jiang raised his head and looked coldly at the judge who spoke, "Ichimaru Gin is my man, and I have reached a consensus with him just now that he will lead his subordinates into the Collaboration Bureau."

"This is a family matter of my colleagues bureau, you have no right to intervene!"

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