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Zhao Hai stood quietly on Hei Dian's back, looking at the situation ahead, the shadow clan's army in front was still spread out, and it seemed that they were preparing to attack with the Jingan line of defense, and the place they were going to attack today was still there. It was the location of Huofeng Island. It seemed that everything was the same as yesterday, but with Zhao Hai, it was very clear that today is not the same as yesterday.

He is still far away from the Shadow Clan army, but even so, he also avoided a few shadow beasts, and this is the way to get here, that is to say, the Shadow Clan people have arranged a lot of scouts outside, and those scouts are for against him.

In addition to those Shadow Beasts, the Shadow Clan people have some new changes. This change is in the Shadow Clan Great Array. He has seen the situation in the Shadow Clan Great Array, and he found that in the Shadow Clan Great Array In the formation, there is a team of rough people. The strength of this elite team is much stronger than that of other Shadow Clan people. The leader is a titled master. Such a person actually pretends to be an ordinary Shadow Clan people. This makes Zhao Hai How can he not be suspicious, Zhao Hai can be sure that those people must have come to deal with him.

Obviously, the Shadow Clan people have found a way to deal with him, that is to send an elite team to attack them. Attack them, and even if they can run, they will be surrounded by the elite team, and they will be in danger.

Of course, if Zhao Hai really used his own strength to deal with that team of Shadow Clan people, then they would be dead, but the problem is that Zhao Hai and the others are now outside the Jin Qian defense line, he can't show his true strength, otherwise he will Really troublesome.

Of course, Zhao Hai is not worried now, how to deal with the shadow clan, he is thinking, what method to use to deal with these shadow clan, is to attack these shadow clan directly, then escape, use black electricity Speed ​​can be achieved. Even if the opponent's strength reaches the title level, he can't catch up with the black electricity, so Zhao Hai is not worried at all, but if it is just like this, isn't it a bit too easy? Thinking of this, Zhao Hai flashed a decisive look in his eyes, and then he slowly stepped back. When he came to reconnaissance this time, he used the animal bone array, so the shadow beasts did not find it. he.

Zhao Hai retreated to a place far away from the Shadow Clan's army. When he was sure that the shadow beasts couldn't see him, he stopped for a while. Then he took out a jade slip and entered it directly into the jade slip. After reading some content, he directly passed the jade slip to Yi Jin, and then he stood there quietly and waited, he wanted to see, after receiving this news, what would happen to the Jingan line of defense Such a reaction, if the people on the Jingan line of defense do not follow his method, what should he do next?

On the other hand, Yi Jin had already picked up Zhao Hai's jade slip and looked at it. After he read Zhao Hai's jade slip, his expression changed slightly, and then he gave the jade slip to Lie Gang and said: " Uncle Seventeen, look at this jade slip that Junior Brother Lin sent."

Lie just took over the jade slip, and he looked into the jade slip with his mental strength. He also saw the situation in the jade slip. After reading the contents of the jade slip, he could not help frowning and said, "This method can Is it okay? Isn't it a bit too risky?" He also glanced at the army of Shadow Clan people outside the defense line, his face was a little suspicious, he felt that Zhao Hai was still a bit too risky, so he was also a little unsure.

Yi Jin thought for a while, and then said solemnly: "Let's report this matter to the senior brother. This matter is too big for us to decide. We must report it to the senior brother, and then let the senior brother decide." Yi Jin took out a jade slip directly, entered some content into the jade slip, and then sent it directly to Gale Feng, then Yi Jin took out another jade slip, entered some content into it, and sent it to Zhao Hai After teleporting it, he opened his mouth and said: "I also told Junior Brother Lin to let him wait for a while before attacking the Shadow Clan people, and wait for my news, don't mess around, if the Shadow Clan people really After making arrangements in their army, then they are attacking, it is too dangerous, we must wait for the notice of the senior brother to decide how to attack the Shadow Clan."

Lie Gang nodded and said, "That's a good idea. Lin Ze's plan this time was too bold. He actually wanted to lead out the expert of the Shadow Clan, and then let us ambush in advance and give the expert of the Shadow Clan to him. Surrounded and killed, this method is good, but to be honest, it is really a bit too risky, especially them, it is more dangerous, so this matter is still up to Xiaofeng to decide, if he agrees with Zhao Hai's this If he plans, then he can contact the masters of other sects. It is absolutely impossible to rely on us alone, but if his plan is really successful, it will be a huge blow to the Shadow Clan people. For many years, no master like Shadow Clan has died in battle. If we can really kill a Shadow Clan person this time as a master, it will be a huge blow to Shadow Clan. Of course, this matter itself is also very important. Risky, we have to be careful."

Yi Jin nodded and said: "Yeah, this thing is really too risky, but I'm really a little moved. If you can really kill the title master of the Shadow Clan, even the risk is worth it, that is, I wonder if Big Brother will agree to his plan?"

And this time, Gale Feng was also looking at Yi Jin's jade slip. After reading the contents of Yi Jin's jade slip, he also fell into deep thought, and then he took the jade slip and went to see Liu Yi, Liu Yi Unexpectedly, Lie Feng came to see him early when he woke up, and after calling Li Feng into the study, he asked curiously, "Xiao Feng, you came to see me so early, but what's the matter?"

Gale gave Yi Jin's jade slip to Liu Yi and said, "Master, take a look at it. This is the plan of Junior Brother Lin Ze, and it was passed on to me by Yi Jin. I am a little undecided." He handed the jade slip to him. In front of Liu Yi, Liu Yi took the jade slip, and his spiritual power directly probed into it.

After he saw the contents of the jade slip, he couldn't help but take a deep breath. Then he turned to look at Lie Feng and said, "Is your heart moved?" Liu Yi is very clear that if Lie Feng is not moved, he will not. He will bring the jade slip in front of him, that's why he said that, but to be honest, after seeing this plan, he was also very moved.

Gale nodded and said, "Yes, Master, I'm really moved, but we can't just rely on us for this plan, and this time I want to go in person." This is Gale's real goal, he is true I want to go by myself. If he can master the title of Blade Shadow Clan, then his name will start in the entire Divine Tree Realm. At that time, all the people in the sect will know his name, so He later became the Sect Master of the Fire Phoenix Sect, and when he greeted people from other Sects, he would be more confident.

Liu Yi was stunned. He really didn't expect that Lie Feng wanted to go there in person. This was really beyond his expectations. Then he thought about it, and he almost understood what Li Feng meant. Lie Feng glanced at him, then said: "Okay, I agree, you go, I will contact people from other sects and tell them about this plan, if people from other sects do not agree with your plan, I will We will directly invite a few elders to take action, and we have to complete this plan ourselves. If we really rely on our own strength to kill a master with the title of Shadow Clan, then I will see other people in front of us. How can we raise our heads? At that time, the reputation of our Fire Phoenix Sect will probably overwhelm the Shenzong. However, this situation will almost never happen. People from other sects should not let this go. Opportunity, but after you go there, you must be careful, and also tell Lin Ze that he must be careful too, and must not make any mistakes, to ensure that they can live, I don't want to be at this time, Lin Ze and the others If something happens, it will be a huge loss for us, do you understand?" Liu Yi also agreed with Gale's plan, but he was not worried.

However, Lie Feng was very excited. He responded immediately, and then said to Liu Yi: "Yes, please rest assured, Master, I will be careful, then Master, I will go to prepare." Liu Yi nodded, and then put it away He waved his hand and let Lie Feng leave, and Lie Feng left Liu Yi's study directly. After returning to his own room, he immediately called Wu Feng and Liu Xiaoguo over. After the two arrived, Lie Feng said to them: "I'm going to the front line, how about you two staying to watch the house? No problem, right?"

Wu Feng and Liu Xiaoguo couldn't help being stunned when they heard Lie Feng say this. Wu Feng quickly said, "Elder Brother, why did you suddenly go to Jingan's defense line? But what happened? If something happens, Bring us with you, we can help too."

Liu Xiaoguo also nodded again and again, and he was still very nervous. He had to know that if something really went wrong at the front line, it might affect Zhao Hai. Liu Xiaoguo was still very worried about Zhao Hai, but he didn't want to. Something happened to Zhao Hai, that's why he behaved like this, but Lie Feng shook his head, then smiled and said, "It's alright, don't worry, this time, Junior Brother Lin has a plan to teach the Shadow Clan a lesson. This plan requires some experts. Of course, I want to support Junior Brother Lin, so I plan to go there in person, so you don't have to worry. If our plan is successful this time, then we will be in the world of the gods and trees. You can walk sideways, and everyone in the Divine Tree Realm will know my name." Having said this, his face was full of smiles.

When Wu Feng and Liu Xiaoguo heard what he said, they were all stunned for a moment. Then they looked at each other and Wu Feng said, "I really don't need to go with you with my junior brother Xiaoguo? If it's true. If there is such a plan, then we can also help the leader when we go."

Lie Feng shook his head and said: "No, this time, people from other sects may also be involved. In addition, there are also people from us on Huofeng Island. I have nothing to worry about, don't worry, it will be fine. Son, don't forget that this time, Junior Brother Lin came up with the plan. This time, I want to fight with Junior Brother Lin. Although Junior Brother Lin's combat effectiveness is still a little bit worse, his plan has never been let down. We were disappointed, weren't we?"

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