Celestial Immortal - Chapter 717 It's over, brush your clothes and go! 【Feng Xin Ling Yin Sheng Feng Bao】

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  The talisman successfully escaped into the void, and was not stopped by the calamity of the heaven and earth. This means that with the concerted efforts of all will, a glimmer of life was intercepted.

  The disappearing [Amulet of Overturning the Sea and Bringing Rain] will fly to play the Jade Emperor God of the upper realm, pray for the edict, point to the vast ocean, the river source pool, and call the Dragon King Fengbo Yushi to travel the clouds to spread the rain.

  This is also "God's will".

  Holding this 【Falling the Sea and Bringing Rain Talisman】, according to the order to divert water and rain, there are no taboos, and disasters will not be added to the body.


  The blue sea stretches to the sky, and the waves are rolling.

  Donghai Dragon Palace, a coral resting side hall.

  The Dragon King of the East China Sea sat cross-legged, his mouth moved slightly, and he talked eloquently, with the light of the primordial spirit shining slightly.

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, sat cross-legged across from him, nodding from time to time, as if he was listening.

   Needless to say, this is the old dragon of the East China Sea teaching his son to practice.

   These days, apart from the daily drought in the southwestern eight states, the Dragon King of the East China Sea is still focusing on his careless old thirteen.

  Di Yuanlong Lord made him a move, and he was quite annoyed.

  The most important thing is that it is not easy for him to speak out, saying that the god-roaring "Shou Yi Ming Jing" was not beheaded by his own dragon cub.

   Don't say this, others will believe it or not, anyway, the face of the East China Sea Dragon Palace is considered to be humiliated.

  My fellow clansmen all over the world will probably ridicule their Donghai Dragon Palace for being cowardly and shameless.

   Now the deal is done, it is a foregone conclusion, and he has no choice but to bite the bullet and let his son recognize this great achievement.

  Because of this, the old dragon king of the East China Sea is very concerned about Ao Dong's cultivation these days.

   As a "bait", there will definitely be guards secretly protecting it.

  However, there are unpredictable things in the sky. Don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case. Occasionally unexpected situations are normal.

  "Old Shisan, do you understand the true meaning of this supernatural power?"

  「Father, I have realized most of it!」

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, took a deep breath, and communicated with his father's spiritual consciousness. It was extremely exhausting for him to comprehend the magical powers of the Dragon Palace.

  After the past few days, he was exhausted, depressed, and suffered a lot, so he couldn't help complaining:

  "Father, why have you been so strict recently? I have made great progress. With my supernatural powers, I have stepped into the so-called fifth-grade super-grade level of the Taoist Taoism of the human race, half a foot into the threshold of the realm of great supernatural powers."

  The Dragon King of the East China Sea glanced at his son, quite harshly:

"If you really become a great supernatural power, my father won't bother to care about you. Even if the Hou tribe targets you, you still have the power to protect yourself. But right now, you have a good reputation, and you don't do much hard work on weekdays. When you are called Tian Tian Some of you cry when the land and the earth fail.”

  The thirteenth prince Ao Dong pursed his mouth: "Father, I went out to be a bait, and I was not protected by someone. Could it be that I am a dragon strong, a waste, watching me in danger?"

  The Dragon King of the East China Sea was impatient, and was about to teach his son a lesson, but just as he raised his hand, he sensed something. He raised his hand in mid-air, looked up slightly, and a pair of dragon eyes showed surprise.

   Covering his head with his hands, the thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, saw that his father's slap did not come over, and his expression was surprised, a little curious:

  「Father, what happened?」

  The Dragon King of the East China Sea ignored his son, saw a ray of golden light shooting from above the Dragon Palace, got up, saluted, and sang and shouted:  …

   "My lord, Ao Li, the Dragon King of the East China Sea under the rule of the Dachang Heavenly Dynasty, accepts the order!"

   After bowing and saluting, the golden light turned into a talisman and landed in the hands of the Dragon King of the East China Sea.

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dongfangcai, bowed to his father and saluted. After the worship, he was surprised to see a golden talisman in his father's hand:

   "Father, is this the decree of the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm?"

  Dragon King of the East China Sea nodded slightly: "That's right, it's the decree of the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm, and I was sent by the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea to go to Wanquan, Yunzhou to travel with clouds and rain."

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, is interested.

  As the Dragon Prince of the East China Sea, he has a good vision, so he naturally understands the difference between the decree of the Dachang Immortal Court and the decree of the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm.

  The decree of the Immortal Court was only issued by the Dachang Immortal Court.

  Drought is in full swing in various parts of the south, and the major dragon palaces intend to lead the rain, but they are stopped by thunder one after another halfway, and the success falls short.

  However, the decree of the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm is different.

  If the "Mandate of Heaven" decree from the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm can come down, it means that you will escape from calamity.

   After receiving this [Dropping the Sea to Rain] talisman, and diverting water to spread rain, there will be no more obstacles from heaven, and the rain will fall smoothly.

   "Father, the Dachang Heavenly Dynasty really succeeded in praying for rain, and I don't know which expert in Xianting did it. It's really amazing!"

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, felt sincerely, and couldn't help feeling envious in his heart.

  Dragon people are born noble, but they are still not as advanced as the Taoist sect. There are a group of "ancestors" at the top of the family.

  Donghai Dragon King Ao Li said lightly:

   "Praying for rain can be successful, not by one or two monks with great supernatural powers. It must be the unity of will and concerted efforts to cut off a sliver of life under the catastrophe."

   "However, what you said is not wrong. This [Turning the Sea and Rain Talisman] is a genuine Tianxin Yimai Leifa fairy art. This person must be a high-level cultivator of the Great School of Immortals."

   After a few chats, the Dragon King of the East China Sea did not delay, and immediately focused on preparing for the rain.

  The Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm ordered him to spread the rain immediately, and he dared not delay the time, lest he violate the rules of heaven and cause a catastrophe.

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, understands the seriousness of the matter and dare not bother his father anymore.

  However, before the Dragon King of the East China Sea set off, he thought of something, and his eyes lit up:

"Father, the fairy court prayed for rain successfully. After the first time, it will be easier to pray for rain later. I must be able to find a lot of servants. All of them are fat people who have accumulated meritorious deeds. I also want to go to Yunzhou to make meritorious service. In addition, I heard that Princess Ying is also practicing in Wanquan, Yunzhou, I... hehehe."

   Knowing a son is like a father.

  Dragon King of the East China Sea glanced at his son, and said disdainfully: "You are going to practice meritorious deeds, even my father is embarrassed to expose you."

   After finishing speaking, the Dragon King of the East China Sea didn't bother to pay attention to Ao Dong, the thirteenth prince. He looked hurriedly, and disappeared in place.

   "If you want to go, you can go, but my father, I have a fairy body, so I won't wait for you."

  「Thank you, Father!」

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, was overjoyed.

  A few days ago, he deliberately contacted Lord Diyuanlong to inquire about Shenkong Wanggu. He not only learned the whole process of "him" beheading Shenxuan with a sword, but also heard a news that surprised him.

  Princess Ying did not participate in "Sword Killing the Fox Wanggu", so I don't know the details.

what does that mean?

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, was a little excited when he thought about it. Since ancient times, beauties love heroes. He has done such a great thing, so naturally he has to show his holiness in front of others. …

  Thinking of this, Ao Dong, the thirteenth prince, felt more and more that Lord Di Yuanlong valued him and intended to recruit him as his son-in-law.

  「Hahaha, Yunzhou Wanquan, here I come.」


   About two hours later.

  Guangling Mountain, Lingxiaoju Garden.

  Chu Chen and Qingying are the hosts, hosting a banquet for old friends Wang Ping, Lin Miaoyin, and little monk Yuantong.

  In fact, after the [Amulet of Overturning the Sea and Bringing Rain] escaped into the void, Chu Chen did not stay at the Prayer for Rain, but returned to Guangling Mountain.

  There is no other reason, the apprentice Xiao Bailong has a weak soul, and his true spiritual light is not strong enough. Although he did not do anything while praying for rain, he was exhausted and depressed.

   The talisman has escaped doom, which means that the prayer for rain is successful.

With the care and consent of Mr. Mingjing and Master Yulou, Chu Chen immediately took his apprentice Xiaobailong away and went back to the Bitan God Realm of Guangling Mountain to cultivate. catch the wind.

  Qingying was originally following Lord Long to search for the whereabouts of Shenkong Wanggu's avatar. When she heard that her former close friend Lin Miaoyin had come, she immediately abandoned her father and returned to Guangling Mountain without stopping to reunite with her friends.

   As a result, Lingxiaoju Garden became quite lively.

  Chu Chen talked with Wang Ping and the little monk Yuantong.

  Lin Miaoyin whispered to each other, it was very lively.

  Neighboring Lingxiaoju and Yinggong naturally fell into everyone's field of vision, making the three of them daydream.

  Wang Ping quietly transmitted his spiritual sense, and said, "Brother Chu, I admire you!" Even the dull monk Yuantong in the past seemed to understand something, and congratulated Chu Chen in private, which made Chu Chen very embarrassed.

  Among the three, Lin Miaoyin was the most surprised.

  However, she has a gentle temperament and a temperament of not fighting or fighting. Seeing Chu Chen and Qing Yingluo greet their three guests together, they are tacit and natural. She didn't show anything, but everything was shown.

  The two of them sat together, like the legendary fairy couple,

  While she was envious in her heart, she was quietly relieved.

   "Yinger, congratulations."

  Lin Miaoyin secretly transmitted voice with her spiritual sense, and she raised her glass to Qingying who seldom drank alcohol on weekdays.

  Knowing what her friend knew, Qingying smiled knowingly, raised her wine glass generously, and clinked:

  " It's not time for congratulations, hey, my old man is strict. "

  Lin Miaoyin smiled slightly: "Mr. Long is also for your own good. Humans can't become great monks with supernatural powers. Their lifespan is only a few sixty years, and their future is uncertain. There are still requirements for this."

   Qingying nodded: "That's true! But Erlang is very talented, so I don't have to worry about it. I'm afraid of falling behind."

  Lin Miaoyin shook her head: "Yinger, don't worry, you have high talent, and you have the guidance of the Dragon King, and the Taoist companion talks about the Tao, and you will definitely have a great journey in the future."

   Everyone talked and laughed.

  Suddenly, thunder suddenly sounded from the sky.

  Chu Chen, Qingying, Lin Miaoyin and others all raised their heads, and vaguely, they saw a huge dragon traveling through the sea of ​​clouds.

  Dragon King of the East China Sea transferred thousands of hectares of water from the eastern sky and underground to Wanquan in Yunzhou.


  The Dragon King of the East China Sea criss-crosses the sea of ​​clouds, uttering a heaven-shaking dragon chant, with one mouth opening, spewing out tens of thousands of hectares of water, forming clouds and rain in an instant. …

  Under the sound of thunder, heavy rain poured down.


"Da da da!"

  Endless water and Qi Lanze dried up and dried up the land, and the suddenly drought-stricken Wanquan County rained heavily and poured down.

  At this moment, all living beings in Wanquan County raised their heads together and let out cries of joy, celebrating "Drought meets nectar".

  In Guangling Mountain, the doctoral professors of the Taoist Academy, the disciples of the Taoist Academy, and the people in the mountains also cheered and cheered, running to tell each other, running wildly in the heavy rain, enjoying the nourishment of the rain.


   Heavy rain poured down.

  Different from other places, the sky above Lingxiaoju in Guangling Mountain not only poured down with heavy rain, but also cracks in the sky above the cave appeared out of thin air, and a golden talisman flew out like a fallen leaf.

  Finally, it fell into Chu Chen's hands and disappeared.

   It is exactly the [Falling Sea Rain Talisman] practiced by Chu Chen.

   This talisman is not a one-off magic talisman, but a treasure talisman that he spent a lot of heaven and earth to create, and spent a lot of hard work to cultivate.

  After the rain was successfully ordered, the [Turning the Sea and Rain Talisman] returned to the owner by itself.

   "Erlang, is this your handwriting? Even the Dragon King of the East China Sea has been summoned."

  Qingying was quite surprised.

  During the chat just now, she heard about it. At the last critical moment, Erlang stepped onto the altar, and the rain praying talisman escaped from doom, successfully praying for rain.

  She originally thought that the rain talisman summoned a dragon from a river or lake somewhere.

   Never expected that it was the mighty Dragon King of the East China Sea who appeared.

  Chu Chen smiled: "Ying'er, I don't have the supernatural power to drive the Dragon King of the East China Sea. This is the work of the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm."

   "Brother Chu, don't be modest, your [Amulet of Overturning the Sea and Rain] is probably a precious talisman made from the superior lightning and fairy art. Generally, only monks with great supernatural powers have such ability!"

  Wang Ping, Lin Miaoyin, and the little monk Yuantong are all Taoists with good vision.

   is praying for rain

  On the field, they thought that Chu Chen just met at the right time, just caught up with the opportunity of praying for rain, and had good magical powers, so he made a great contribution.

  Seeing the Dragon King of the East China Sea coming in person, and seeing the talisman appear, they suddenly realized.

   That was Chu Chen's good grasp of the opportunity. It was clearly supernatural powers, relying on real skills.

  Wang Ping slapped his thigh, quite excited, and said:

"Brother Chu, Gou Fugui, don't forget, someday you will become a monk with great supernatural powers, no, someday you will prove the Tao and become an immortal, drink and chat with Lord Yama, remember to ask Lord Yama to give me a few more years of life, and give me a few more years. Ten years of time to impact the realm of great supernatural powers"

   Before Chu Chen could speak, Lin Miaoyin smiled and said:

   "Wang Ping, don't dream, just think about good things."


  Everyone laughed.

  Chu Chen also smiled, and couldn't help thinking that when he first met Wang Pingping a few years ago, he relied on "my county guard father" to break into Guangping Taoist Temple and made a good fortune.

  The rain is dripping, crisp and melodious.

  Chu Chen's mood also became better.

  Praying for rain is successful, clouds spread rain, Lanze billions of living beings, although they can't follow this world, it's still a great deed.

  After the golden talisman [Turning the Sea to Rain Talisman] came back, Chu Chen's spirit was shaken, and his mind sank into the sea of ​​consciousness for the first time, calling out the inner temple.

   Not beyond his expectations, merit suddenly increased by 50, from 1,420 to 1,470.

   Moreover, he also showed a supernatural power that he had dreamed of.

  【Great deeds: one thousand four hundred and seventy】

  【Supernatural Ability: Fengxin Lingyin Shengfengbao】

  【Source: "Guiguzi Tiansui Lingwen"】

  【Dharma Seal: Fengxin Lingyin】

  【This seal can generate majesty from thousands of miles away, marching across the boat, setting up a stronghold to meet the enemy, blowing sand and rocks, responding randomly, in the dark, when planning to print, go back to the wind seal. Then, if you encounter an enemy, use the three characters of fast-growing wind in the cinnabar book, throw it in the empty space in the direction, and use it to print it, and the wind will be so fast that it will destroy mountains and trees. If crossing water and boats, use the wind force as before. If you want to dim the sky and the earth, use your seal to illuminate the gate of ghosts, and a black wind will rise, making it impossible to distinguish day and night. 】

  【Requirements for practice: two hundred meritorious deeds】


   "I am indeed the direct descendant of Guigu, and there is another Fengxin Lingyin."

  Chu Chen is in a good mood. With [Fengxin Lingyin] in hand, [Twelve Seals of Tiansui Lingwen], he has assembled the five elements, wind, cloud, dragon, tiger, and ten gods. He is only two seals away from the inheritance.

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