Celestial Immortal - Chapter 718 Father Chu Chen

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  Speaking of which, Chu Chen has been looking forward to this seal [Feng Xin Ling Yin Sheng Feng Bao] for a long time.

  After practicing [Fengxin Lingyin], he can master the supernatural power of [Yufeng].

   In the battle of wits, the only way to win is to be quick.

Compared with [Fire Controlling], [Water Controlling] and other spells and techniques, [Yufeng] magical power is faster. In one thought, the wind turns into a knife, and suddenly launches a surprise attack on the enemy. It is very practical and extremely powerful. easy to use.

   Not to mention, with a photo of Fayin, you can fly sand and walk stones, the wind is rolling, and the majesty will rise from thousands of miles. Suddenly, you will have a powerful killing supernatural power, and it will become more comprehensive.

  In addition to the means of killing, the biggest supernatural power of this [Fengxin Lingyin] is [Wind Escape].

   [Wind Dungeon] is divided into two types.

  One is to cooperate with [Yunxin Lingyin]'s supernatural power of flying clouds and driving fog. When the wind and clouds gather, the speed of the five-color auspicious clouds will reach an extremely astonishing level.

  Although Chu Chen doesn't know the specific magical effect, but based on the current escaping speed of the [Colorful Auspicious Clouds], with the blessing of the [Fengxin Lingyin], the conventional evasion technique may be close to that of a great supernatural monk, which is extremely powerful.

   The second type is the marching boat.

   In other words, this is a group wind escape supernatural power, which can help soldiers and horses escape from the clouds, or bless the flying boat and treasure ship to increase the speed of escape to a higher level.

   This [Marching Sailing Boat] is the supernatural power that Chu Chen is looking forward to and most urgently needs.

Right now, with Chu Chen's late-stage magical powers of the fifth rank, the conventional magical powers have initially reached the super-grade level, and after using the trump card military power [Heisha Grand Marshal], he can compete with the descendants of dragons of the level of Qingying and Master Tongda, Shimen The Buddha fights.

  The only embarrassing thing is that [Heisha Generalissimo]'s supernatural mobility is too poor.

  If there is no formation to trap the opponent, and the enemy flees and does not fight with you, the 800 soldiers and horses under your command will not be able to catch up with them, and they will not be able to use their strength.

  Soldiers are expensive, and with the blessing of [Fengxin Lingyin] group wind escape supernatural powers, the overall combat effectiveness of soldiers and horse supernatural powers will step up to a higher level.

   This is what Chu Chen values ​​most about 【Feng Xin Ling Yin Sheng Feng Bao】.

  Of course, [Fengxin Lingyin] also has other supernatural powers, such as the magic seal shining on the ghost gate, which can generate black wind and make the sky dark. It can not only cover the figure, but also confuse the opponent.

  Speaking of it, Patriarch Guigu's 【Twelve Seals of Heavenly Marrow Spiritual Art】is an extremely comprehensive inheritance.

   Refined into twelve seals, you can control the five elements, call the wind and rain, soar through the clouds and ride the fog, subdue the dragon and subdue the tiger, and have all three talents.

  After learning these, the mastery of spells and supernatural powers is quite comprehensive, and there is basically no problem in the world of cultivating immortals.


  Wang Ping, Lin Miaoyin, and little monk Yuantong did not stay in Lingxiao of Guangling Mountain for a long time.

   After all, the three of them had just arrived in Wanquan, Yunzhou, and each of them seemed a bit restrained. Even Wang Ping was conscientious in his work, very diligent and pragmatic.

  The reception banquet was over, and after some pleasantries, the three of them hurried back to Wanquan County, and got busy with their own work.

  Qingying and Chu Chen saw each other off, and then returned to Lingxiaoju.

   "Erlang, your good friend Wang Ping is interesting. I heard that you are doing well in Wanquan County, so I came to Wanquan County to join you. You are outspoken and not taboo at all."

   "Wang Ping has such a temperament."

  Chu Chen smiled, Wang Ping has always been like this, he didn't find it strange at all. …

  Honestly speaking, Wang Ping's outspokenness is not annoying, but a few words have brought the relationship between friends closer.

  Wang Ping, who was born in a family, is much better than the children of ordinary people in this respect.

  Chu Chen didn’t say much about his friends, but thought of something and asked:

  「Yinger, how is the Longjun searching for Shenkong Wanggu's avatar? You can find clues..」


  Qingying shook her head.

  ”Drought is a catastrophe in heaven and earth. The disaster broke out too fast, and it was like a drought everywhere. My father and I searched hundreds of red lands in the past few days, and most of them were misjudged. "

   "In two of them, the Shenkong Wanggu underground palace was discovered, but the Shenxu avatar in the underground palace had already escaped from the trap, destroyed the traces, and could not be traced."

  Chu Chen was very regretful when he heard the words, and couldn't help but sigh:

  " As expected of a thousand-year-old monster, not to mention his supernatural powers, he is also so cunning and careful. It is really not easy to kill him. "

  Qingying stroked the broken hair next to her ear, and smiled sweetly

"Erlang, no matter how cunning Shen Kongwanggu is, he didn't fall into your hands, hahaha~ You actually cut off his [Shou Yi Ming Jing] with a sword. He has lived for tens of thousands of years, and it is probably the first time he has eaten such a Big loss."

  Chu Chen was a little surprised: "Yinger, you know everything?"

  Long Jun ordered him not to tell Qingying, in other words, Long Jun didn't plan to tell Qingying either.

   "You and your father secretly acted without telling me, it's too much."

   Qingying, who is always dignified and quiet, now has a pretty face puffed up, pretending to be angry, and looks very cute.

   "Fortunately, the little ghost told me, otherwise I might have kept it in the dark. I was wondering when the thirteenth crown prince Ao Dong became so capable..."


   Sure enough, it was the kid who leaked the secret.

  Chu Chen was a little embarrassed when he thought of the Thirteenth Prince Ao Dong.

  He pitted a peerless powerhouse who was almost a fairy at his peak, pierced the sky, and forged an incomprehensible hatred of life and death.

  In the end, Ao Dong, the thirteenth prince, memorized everything for him, and he felt a little embarrassed just thinking about it.

  Shen Kong Wanggu is in trouble at the moment. Will he find trouble with the thirteenth prince Ao Dong for a while?

  In the future, when the thirteenth prince Ao Dong goes out, he might be chased by a group of strong Hou tribesmen. Those days are really exciting.

  " Hey, I didn't want to be the thirteenth prince Ao Dong, but Long Junfei asked me to change, what did you say to force the East China Sea Dragon Palace or something. "

   "Donghai Dragon Palace is the leader of the world's dragon palaces, they should act, Erlang, you don't have to feel guilty, this is our Dragon Clan's business, you just follow my father's orders."

  Qingying understood Chu Chen's temperament very well, so she gave a word of relief, and then a pair of watery eyes fell on Chu Chen:

   "Erlang, don't think too much. We haven't cultivated in both occasional scenes for a few days. We are good at work and playful. Let's go to practice. I can gather dragon **** as soon as possible and step into the realm of great supernatural powers."

"it is good!"


  Take the dragon and the phoenix to the palace of the sun and the moon, practice the double cultivation of the occasional scene, and collect the flying essence of the sun and the moon.

   There has been no dual practice of Occasion and Scenery for a few days, and the two of them have benefited a lot after practicing overnight.

  Qingying's [Jiulong Zhenhong] in her body has condensed a little bit, and she is getting closer to condensing the dragon **** and stepping into the realm of great supernatural powers. …

  Chu Chen's harvest was also good, and his mana and true energy increased a little, and the last fifth-rank Yuanjun [Jin Yuanjun] became more spiritual.

   Enlightening Yuanjun is hard work.

   Every day he practiced diligently and made some progress. In less than a year, he would be able to enlighten [Jin Yuanjun], perfecting the fifth-grade practice kung fu, and reaching the first step of hitting the realm of great supernatural powers.

  It was three poles high in the sun, and the sun was rising high. After Qingying took a bath, she left Guangling Mountain and rushed to the Diyuan Chamber of Commerce to deal with the affairs of the Chamber of Commerce.

   These days, Qingying is busy searching for the whereabouts of Shenhou Wanggu's avatar, and the chamber of commerce squeezes a lot of things, all of which need to be handled by her personally, so she is quite busy.

  Chu Chen did not leave the customs.

  The Wanquan Supervision Department has no urgent errands recently, and the Wanquan Daoist Academy is also on the right track. There are Taoist Priest Qingdu and Fairy Rouyun in charge of the daily affairs of the Daoist Academy, and there are also doctors who teach preaching and teaching. He doesn't need to worry about it all the time.

  Speaking of which, the recent days of praying for rain in the eight states in the southwest is a good opportunity to practice meritorious deeds.

  After successfully praying for rain for the first time, changing the fate of the catastrophe, it is much easier to pray for rain for the second time. Going to other places to pray for rain must be a fat job in practice.

  If you succeed in praying for rain, you will increase dozens of meritorious deeds, which is wonderful when you think about it.

  However, it can only be thought about.

   There are quite a few high-level cultivators who are proficient in praying for rain. This fat job is not in Chu Chen's turn. He can only pray for rain for Wanquan County, and he can't extend his hands to other places.

  So, Chu Chen simply practiced the supernatural powers that appeared in the heart temple in the clean room of the cave mansion.

  In the heart temple, there are two supernatural powers that have not yet been cultivated.

  [Laojun Sun Moon Sixiang Bagua Mirror] It takes two thousand merits to comprehend enlightenment. His current merits have skyrocketed, and he only has 1,470, which is still a lot short of merits.

  However, [Fengxin Lingyinshengfengbao] does not require much practice, only two hundred exercises are required, and he can read the secret scriptures and comprehend the Dharma right now.

  There is a huge gap in the performance of the two supernatural powers.

  However, this does not mean that [Twelve Seals of Heavenly Marrow Lingwen] is inferior to [Laojun's Four Rules of Mirror Method].

In fact, [Twelve seals of Tiansui Lingwen] has been cultivated to a high level, and the twelve method seals have been refined into magic weapons. If you practice and cultivate them well, the potential of each method seal is not as good as [Laojun Sun Moon Four Elephants Bagua Mirror] Difference.

  The reason why [Twelve Seals of Heavenly Marrow Lingwen] requires low skills for cultivation is because Chu Chen is the direct descendant of Guigu, who is the son of the eight classics, and the Dharma lineage is in him.

  For example, when Chu Chen comprehended the "Dijin Collection" of the Lingshan School from the Xin Temple, most of the magical powers required only one skill, and there were basically no conditions for comprehension.

   Fasting, bathing in fragrant soup.

  Prepare Imperata pavement, preserved deer, fragrant tea, wine fruit, candles for 12 points each, Tianlin Calamus...

  Chu Chen took the lightning-struck jujube wood from the Bracelet Immortal Mansion again, and started to practice it, using the [Hunting Heaven and Earth Moving Method], offering sacrifices to the Dharma seal...


  Qingying sat in a gorgeous Jiaolong chasing car and went straight from Guangling Mountain to the Diyuan Chamber of Commerce not far away.

  As soon as he arrived in Diyuanfang City, the patrolling ghost generals of the chamber of commerce who were waiting at the gate hurried to find him.

  「Your Royal Highness, a guest came to visit you and said that he is your good friend with profound morals...」

  As soon as Qingying heard this, she immediately became interested. Just as she was about to ask, she heard the familiar sound transmission from her spiritual consciousness. …

   "Princess Ying, it's me, Ao Dong!"

  At the entrance of Diyuanfang City, Ao Dong's figure flickered, and he came to Qingying from a distance, with a smile on his face, very happy and excited.

  「Oh~ So it was you.」

  Qingying smiled reservedly, but felt a little disappointed in her heart. She thought it was the same as yesterday, it was a close friend like Lin Miaoyin who was looking for her to play with, but it turned out to be Ao Dong, the thirteenth prince of the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea.

  Of course, Qingying is a very well-bred person, and Aodong is a family friend. If someone comes to see her, she can't be left out, so she immediately reaches out to invite her.

   "The thirteenth prince, don't stand outside, please come inside."

   "Okay, okay."

  Ao Dong nodded repeatedly.

   During the conversation.

  Qingying brought Ao Dong to the Fangshi reception hall, and ordered someone to prepare a banquet, and the hospitality was quite thoughtful.

   I don't know if it's an illusion, but the thirteenth prince Ao Dong actually felt that Princess Ying treated him a little differently, and had a lot of enthusiasm for him.

  Is the name of killing the **** with one sword so easy to use?

  Ao Dong was overjoyed, and felt more and more that "prestige" is a good thing, and it has the power to turn decay into magic.

  After sitting down, Ao Dong’s thoughts came alive, and he took the initiative to say:

   "Princess Ying, I heard that you have practiced in Yunzhou for several years, how have you gained?"

  Qingying smiled: "Not bad."

   "Oh~ Congratulations, I have improved my Taoism in the past two years, and I hope to enter the realm of great supernatural powers. I also wanted to come out and experience it, but it is difficult now."

  Speaking of this, Ao Dong settled down and gave a wry smile:

"There is a severe drought in the southwest, and the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm ordered the Dragon King of the Four Seas to rain. My father personally came to Yunzhou to spread the clouds and rain. No, I also wanted to come to the eight states in the southwest to rain and practice meritorious deeds. But who could imagine it? I just left the Dragon Palace yesterday. , and was attacked by the strong Kong clan not long after..."

  Ao Dong didn't deliberately play the tragic hero in order to win the sympathy and care of the beautiful woman.

  In fact, he was really attacked by a strong Hou clan yesterday.

   It's not a roar, but a group of mandarins.

  The team led by a strong Xun tribe with great supernatural powers rushed over with all their teeth and claws, very ferocious.

  If it weren’t for Longgong Qiang

   is protected, he is afraid that he will be eaten by a group of Kong Sheng...

  Ao Dong vividly described the danger that he encountered last night, the thrill of the attack, the brutality of Qun Kong, etc. described in a thrilling way.

  He didn't say a word about the feat of "slaying the gods with one sword", but he seemed to be inseparable from "slaying the gods with one sword".

  With every word and sentence, he portrayed the "hero" image of the thirteen princes of the East China Sea Dragon Palace, plump...

  If it was an ordinary girl of the dragon clan, and heard that the thirteenth crown prince, Ao Zhu, first killed the **** Kong Wanggu with a sword, and now he was retaliated by the entire Kong clan, he would definitely regard her as a great hero of the dragon clan and feel admiration in his heart.


  Qingying is really clear in her heart, even the ins and outs of Erlang and the little ghost [Fu Ji Jiang pen], calculating "Mr.

  Hearing Ao Dong cover up and brag about how he is, she was speechless in her heart.

  In her eyes, the eloquent and eloquent Ao Dong didn't see much heroism at all, but three words popped up in her mind - the kind of injustice.

   "The Thirteenth Prince is really amazing."

   "Hehe~ Where is it, Princess Ying..."

   While the two were talking, a tiger roar suddenly came from outside the hall, interrupting their conversation.

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, was just about to ask what happened. Outside the hall, a three-foot-tall, pink and jade-carved little boy ran in. When he saw Qingying, he was overjoyed:

   "Mother, you are finally home, I haven't seen you for several days."

  Qingying's face was full of doting smiles, ""Bai Qing, how did you sleep last night?"


  Seeing this scene, Ao Dong, the thirteenth prince who was sitting upright beside him, seemed to have been immobilized by a powerful supernatural power. He froze in place, as if the air had frozen.

"This this…"

  The thirteenth prince, Ao Dong, seemed to have encountered great terror, his face was frightened, his body trembled slightly, and he pointed at Chu Baiqing:

   "Princess Ying, when did you have a child, and who is the child's father?"

  Chu Baiqing was born with earth, to a certain extent, he has no father and no mother, so he is very sensitive about it. Hearing the tone of the thirteenth prince Ao Dong, he felt a little uncomfortable, and said without thinking too much:

   "Father Chu Chen, who are you!?"


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