Crossover in the Anime World - v2 Chapter 3065 catch ghost

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The nine classes all wore black suits, and they acted like a black team. But compared to cos Conan's dress, the black suit is very pleasing to the eye.

The leaders of the Metropolitan Police Department also don't want a group of adult police detectives to show their faces in suits and shorts.

However, Conan is definitely not happy when he sees it. He has post-traumatic stress disorder. After all, he has too many connections with the black organization. He only became smaller after taking their medicine, so when he saw someone wearing black, he would Doubt, it will be uncomfortable.

Haiyuan, the black-clothed organization's radar, didn't feel anything unusual in Section Nine, and she didn't notice the organization's unique killing intent.

After Section 9 was established, the case must be solved to prove that the Metropolitan Police Department's decision was right, and to prove that they did not waste the people's tax revenue. So the first case is Ark's jigsaw game, and you have to catch Ark.

The problem is that the Ark was arranged by Duran. It was originally designed to support bandits, so how could they be caught? But what can you do if you don't catch the ark? There aren't too many powerful criminals these days.

Duran said, isn't it a crime? Not only artificial intelligence can commit crimes, but future humans, superhumans, aliens, and people from other worlds can commit crimes, even ghosts.

There are supernatural phenomena in this world, and ghosts exist. Of course, there is not much evidence, but they did appear.

As for aliens, superpowers, future people, and people from other worlds, these were originally not available, but when Duran came, people from other worlds came. Things like aliens can also appear, and people in the future can also appear...

But if they all appeared as criminals, wouldn't it be too much blow to Conan?

After all, the criminal is too strong and the detective is too weak. Isn't it difficult for Conan to solve the case? That would be boring.

Conan must also be strengthened. In order not to make him suspicious, he must pass the doctor.

"It is necessary to use artificial intelligence to fight artificial intelligence. Not long ago, I found an encyclopedia of Sansui Yoshiemon, and discovered the technology of how to create super puppets." The doctor is very excited, because as long as it is created, it can help Conan to deal with artificial intelligence smart.

"Sansui Yoshiemon? Isn't that the master of the Edo period?" Conan and the juvenile detective team had been to the master's hometown before. His organs are indeed powerful, but they are definitely not as good as artificial intelligence, right? "It's two hundred years later, he can artificial intelligence?"

"Hahaha, Xinyi, you don't understand this. By studying the encyclopedia, I learned that the most important thing for inventors is the heart. As long as there is a heart, nothing can't be done." The doctor said: "After three days you Then, I will definitely introduce you to a powerful assistant."

Conan said that three days are three days.

In three days, Hai Yuanai witnessed a miracle. The doctor actually built an artificial intelligence, using the materials in his basement, all by hand.

"This is?" Conan arrived at the doctor's house three days later as agreed, and found a big blue cat.

"This is Doraemon, you can also call it Jingle Cat." The doctor said solemnly: "It is a good helper for you to solve cases, and can provide you with various props to solve major and important cases for you. Times With progress and technology, I have a feeling that the criminals you will face in the future will become more and more unreasonable, so using the wisdom of Sansui Jiemon will definitely help you."

"??" Conan's face was full of question marks.

Doraemon said: "I'm Doraemon, please give me more advice. If you need any help, you can come to me. I store all the organ catalogs of Sansui Jiemon in my pocket, and you can use props to help. ."

Conan was speechless, saying that the props from two hundred years ago can help? Besides, can this pocket really hold props?

"Doraemon, take out a prop and take a look," the doctor said.

Doraemon immediately took out a rocket launcher and said, "The gangster's quiet cannon, any gangster only needs one shot to make them quiet forever."

Conan was stunned, not because of the rocket launcher, but because it could actually hold such a thick and long thing in its small pocket, which was incredible.

"Haha, it's amazing. This is the master of the mechanism who created a genre. Even after two hundred years, we have to obey." Seeing Conan's shocked expression, the doctor was very happy, because this is the strength of the inventor.

Conan was very helpless. He could only hope that Big Cat could help. He also had a feeling that he might have to face an even more incomprehensible murderer in the future.

Indeed, because the ghost appeared soon, and the place where the ghost appeared was naturally at the school. And it was twice in a row, the first time was at Didan High School and the second time was at Didan Elementary School.

There are supernatural times in both high school and elementary school. What is the moving desk in high school, the strange traces, the stagnant water in the corridor, it seems that the ghost is playing a ghost.

In the elementary school, there are moving statues, footsteps in the middle of the night, and weird ghost fires.

Will ghosts appear? Will it kill people? Conan must not care about this, after all, detectives can't really predict cases, and he doesn't believe in ghosts.

It's a pity that Xiaolan believes that, and she is most afraid of things like gods and ghosts. Although her fighting ability is amazing, she can't do anything about ghosts and gods, because ghosts and gods cannot be defeated with fists and feet. Can't beat it, but don't be afraid.

Conan said that he was too superstitious, so let him, a famous detective, decipher the superstition.

"Sister Xiaolan, if there really is a ghost, then Brother Xinyi doesn't have to solve the case, just let the victim's ghost tell him the murderer." Conan said that ghosts don't exist at all. It is not the detective, but the witch.

The shrine maiden directly channeled and let the victim's ghost point out the real murderer, and everything would be fine.

But Xiaolan is definitely afraid. For something like ghosts, which cannot be proved to exist, but also cannot be proved to exist, she is inclined to exist, and would rather believe it if it exists or not.

Conan had to break the superstition, so he came to high school, and with the cooperation of the new doctor, he solved it, hoping to find the truth of the supernatural event.

Of course, the new doctor was disguised by Belmod, and she didn't believe in ghosts. If there were ghosts, then she, the murderer who had killed countless people, would have been punished long ago. But she is still alive, which means there are no ghosts.

Besides, if you get revenge by a ghost, then you will also become a ghost. What is there to be afraid of when everyone is a ghost? Belmod said that when everyone is human, she is not afraid of anyone, and when everyone is ghost, she is not afraid of any ghost. She is such a cruel character.

But her disguise is really good, even the family of the new doctor didn't notice that he was replaced.

At school, she is also gentle and elegant, and is very popular among high school girls. Many girls go to the infirmary at every turn.

After class, Xiaolan and Sonoko, a new doctor, and Conan are looking for strange events. It was raining outside, and it was dark inside the UU Reading teaching building.

At this time, Sonoko asked to go to the toilet, and the others continued to look for ghosts.

"Appeared—" Sonoko's screams came from the direction of the toilet, as if he had encountered a ghost.

Everyone rushed over, but they didn't see a ghost, but a black guy.

"Uncle Duran?" Xiaolan didn't expect to see Duran at school.

When Conan saw what he was wearing, he knew that he was a detective in Section 9, and he didn't know what he was doing at the school.

"Sonoko, are you alright?" Xiaolan went to help her friend.

"It scared me to death. As soon as I came out, I saw a dark guy standing in the corridor. I thought it was a ghost." Sonoko really stopped his heartbeat, and said angrily to Duran: "You This guy, I don't know how scary people can be, but I'm so scared that I'm going to have a heart attack."

Duran just smiled and said, "You haven't seen a real ghost yet, so I'm afraid you won't even have the chance to be afraid."

"Real ghosts?" Xiaolan and Sonoko began to be afraid again.

Conan said Duran, please be serious, don't scare the little girl.

But Duran said solemnly, "There are ghosts in Didan High School, and our nine classes are here to catch ghosts."

The new doctor, disguised by Belmod, looked out the corridor window and found that the school was surrounded by a group of guys in black suits, who blocked the school with strange rifle-shaped instruments.

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