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The school was blocked because there were ghosts in Didan High School, and the nine classes wanted to catch the ghosts.

In order to prove that taxpayers' money was not wasted, nine lessons must be graded. But artificial intelligence definitely can't catch it. Duran has to take care of himself, so he can catch some other criminals, such as ghosts.

"Catch ghosts?" Xiaolan and Sonoko shivered instantly. Although they are heroic heroines, they still have little resistance to ghosts. After all, ghosts are not afraid of physical attacks.

Conan couldn't help but say, "Are you just wasting taxpayers' money like this? There is an artificial intelligence criminal who doesn't go to catch, but comes to high school to catch ghosts?" Really powerless to complain.

"Artificial intelligence can't determine the location for a while, but ghosts do exist." Duran said solemnly: "Our nine lessons are not only dealing with artificial intelligence, but also dealing with aliens, superpowers, ghosts, future people, and different worlds. people wait."

"??" The more you say it, the more exaggerated, how can there be those things in this world? Conan didn't say anything, the three views were different, and they couldn't communicate at all.

This is reality, not a TV show.

However, Xiaolan and Sonoko believed it, and Belmod, who was under the appearance of a new doctor, was silent. She was not sure whether Duran was joking or serious. Knowing that Duran's skills are strong, but the ghost or something is still amazing.

"Don't worry, our Nine Lessons is to protect everyone from mysterious phenomena, so leave it to us." Duran said that the Nine Lessons' responsibility is to catch ghosts.

Others were curious about how Duran would catch ghosts.

Conan felt that Duran would definitely put on a pretense, compete with the air, and finally pretend to catch the ghost.

However, it is not. Duran uses professional ghost-catching and ghost-exposing devices. He is very professional in finding and catching ghosts.

"Start developing."

Following the order, the black-clothed police detectives outside operated the equipment, and the atmosphere of the school suddenly changed. The originally white walls began to peel off into gray dust, everything became gray, and the air was full of dust.

Conan's expression changed, because he asked about the smell of ashes. He couldn't help reaching out to catch the dust everywhere. After smelling it, he could be sure that everything around was ashes. His face was very ugly, and he had no idea what was going on.

Xiaolan and Yuanzi turned pale with fright. This change was too strange.

"Welcome to the inner world, which is the world of the dead." Duran said that this was the world of ghosts, and they wanted to catch ghosts in the inner world.

"Are we dead?" Sonoko said tremblingly while holding Xiao Lan.

"I didn't die, just entered the inner world. The world we usually live in is called the outer world, which is the world of the living, but now we are in the inner world, the world of the dead. Don't worry, we won't stay too long, as long as Just catch the ghost that's going to make trouble in the world."

Conan was stunned and muttered to himself, "If everything is true, then what's the value of a detective? Wouldn't it be okay to just let the victim name the murderer?"

"This is not acceptable. You should have watched TV series. Even if the victim still has a breath, he cannot tell the detective the name of the murderer. This is the rule of the world. Ghosts are also bound by the rules of the world, no matter how big they are. If you have a grievance, you can't tell the name of the detective, and of course he can take revenge himself." Duran said that there are various rules in the detective world, such as the name of the murderer can't be said before death, and the ghost can't ask the detective for ventilation. report.

"What kind of ghost setting is this? This is reality, not a TV show." Conan said that there is no such strange setting.

"Then you say that you have been with Mr. Maori for so long, have you ever encountered a case where the victim still has one breath left to tell you the truth? Does the victim prefer to waste her last breath rather than tell the name of the murderer? ?" Duran said to speak with facts, Conan has solved a lot of cases, is there any case where the victim tells the murderer's name in the last breath, without reasoning?

Well, Conan is speechless, because there really isn't one. Sometimes the victims still breathe, but they have never directly said the name of the murderer, and the case still needs reasoning. With his last breath, he would rather leave a puzzle of death information than say the name of the murderer directly.

"Obviously not, that's the rules of the world. So ghosts won't be spoilers, and detective reasoning is still needed." Duran said solemnly.

The rules of the world are higher than logic, and in this world, science is higher than science. Anything that hinders Conan's reasoning will be banned, the victim will not directly name the murderer, and the ghost will not directly tip off the information. These are not allowed. Everything is to give Conan a chance to reason.

Entering the inner world, there are all kinds of monsters and ghosts. The group seems to have entered a haunted house. Xiaolan and Yuanzi are screaming all the way.

And Belmod was apprehensive and amazed all the way, this is definitely not an illusion, but a real world change. Tulane's technology surpasses organizational awareness.

In the inner world, he soon encountered a ghost, that is, the ghost that lingers in Didan High School.

This ghost is a good person, because he went to rescue a classmate who stumbled from the stairs and made a meat pad, but unfortunately he fell on the back of his head and died with a snap.

It was really unfortunate. Although he saved his classmates, he himself died.

Xiaolan and Yuanzi knew about this and said, "Then he's a good ghost, really pitiful."

"It is indeed a good ghost, but his ghost is still there and affects the world, which is illegal and criminal. As a legal person, I am naturally intolerant of the law, non-my race will have different hearts, people and ghosts have different paths, I Our mission is to eliminate any ghosts that enter the world illegally." Duran said righteously.

Hey, when did this guy become a sectarian? Conan knows that Duran has always been an illegal guy, how can he become a legal guy when he faces ghosts? Too shameless.

Duran said that he loves all human beings, so he is illegal to all human beings. But for ghosts, it is the Fa School, because ghosts are not people.

Of course, Duran is all performance, UU reading is to make the protagonist reflect. For a good ghost with excusable circumstances, can the law be nothing but human? Is it possible to let go of ghosts?

Conan was very helpless. In the past, he must have been intolerant of criminals, but after learning about the good deeds of ghosts, he felt that he didn't need to be so strict. He is now also swaying between the legal faction and the illegal faction, constantly reflecting.

"But he's a good man, and he didn't hurt anyone. He just didn't have to be so strict when he went to the world." Sonoko said.

Xiao Lan also nodded and said, "He is really a good man, and everyone has a good opinion of him. He died because he saved people, shouldn't he be rewarded?"

Duran said, "What you said makes sense. Well, then I'll just arrest him and move him to another place, so that he won't make trouble in the school again."

The two little girls were also naive. Anyway, Duran said it, and they believed it.

But Belmod had to ask, "Where?"

"Dusk Mansion, the inner world there has been transformed into an undead resort." Duran said.

Belmod wondered if it would be possible to send ghosts to the enemy's headquarters and use ghosts as weapons? If there are a few ghosts in the headquarters of the black-clothed organization, then their lives will be very difficult and peaceful. She shudders. If the enemy is a ghost, the black-clothed organization can do nothing.

Catch up the ghost and send it to the Metropolitan Police Department to prove that Section Nine is working, and then send the ghost to the mansion, and Duran's work is done.

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