Dark Savages Come To the United States - Chapter 1144 bring about a surprise

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When all three places were in a stalemate, the first to break the stalemate were the barbarians on the holy mountain of Harrogas!

The ancestors of the first generation were unwilling to be too resolute at this time, but that was only limited to the category of barbarians!

Li Min is here, and the power she can display is overwhelmingly powerful right now!

"I thought you'd be a little more determined, but I seem to have important things to do."

Li Min's tone was very strange, even apologetic.

Ordinarily, as long as she is here, the first ancestors need to think more about it even if they want to put all their eggs in one basket.

It is also very difficult to defeat Li Min.

"Li Min, I can only advise you not to leave casually."

Auriel said slowly.

She is very sure that when the pressure of Li Min leaves Harrogas, the first ancestors will definitely take action.

"If I don't leave, this world will face the crisis of destruction first.

How can you persuade me to give up my determination to protect a world? Even if it's just a somewhat strange world. "

Li Min turned his head and glanced at Auriel, with a look of disappointment in his eyes.

Disappointed with the choices made by the archangels of hope!

Auriel has always been the one with the best image in Nephalem's eyes. After all, I hope that the archangel has never hurt any existence.

Sometimes doing nothing is better than trying to do everything.

"It seems that the situation has changed. Should I be a little more aggressive?"

The first ancestor curled his lips.

He was dissatisfied with Li Min's existence, although that wasn't what he thought of mages.

In fact, the first generation of ancestors is probably the one with the highest initial friendliness to mages.

After all, he hadn't suffered much damage from spells.

"Whatever you want, I am getting more and more irritated by the situation at this time."

Calgar said in a blunt tone.

Barbarians are mostly not the patient type.

The guy who was most willing to wait among them also chose to fight for it desperately when faced with an opportunity.

Instead of waiting for a time when success can be determined.

"I hate this meaningless standoff, too, but your Immortal King is watching over there.

Although he may not be able to draw his hand temporarily, are you willing to bet that he can't do anything? "

The first ancestor said.

When he spoke, the hands holding the two knives were bruised, and it was obvious that his emotions were not as calm as his tone.

"If I were in your place I would have gone to bed."

Cassius sneered, they all knew it was impossible for them to do so.

But it doesn't matter if you talk about it, it's just talking, Cassius is good at this.

"I just hope it doesn't take too long, even if it goes the way Bulkelso wants.

I actually quite like the same thing. "

The first ancestor laughed and smashed Cassius' head again.

Anyway, these three guys can't be killed without using some troublesome methods, so it's very convenient to use them as punching bags.

"I'm already getting bored, fighting with you makes me sleepy all the time.

Did you do something to our anger? "

Hailab said in a self-deprecating manner.

Of course he knew that the first generation of ancestors was actually just completing this confrontation honestly.

But they are already tired of this kind of battle that can't be won at a glance.

The existence of the three ancestors made it impossible for the first ancestors to leave, and could these ancestor spirits just sit down and chat with the first ancestors like this.

What happened before is not something that can be forgotten after a night of sleep.

The boredom began to slowly grow.

"Maybe you can somewhat understand what my parents thought at the time. They were already tired of all this."

The first ancestor said lightly.

"So their ultimate goal in giving birth to the Nephalem is to end the Eternal War?"

Hailab asked suddenly.

This kind of question is not easy to answer, although Inaris and Lilith are the parents of the first ancestors.

But there are not a few children who don't understand their parents' thinking.

Especially the stubborn look of the first generation ancestor doesn't seem like the type who would communicate deeply with his parents.

"You guys take the time to learn more from me.

At least the three of you in Hailab can continue to grow stronger. "

The ancestors of the first generation were a little distracted and said.

Fighting can't be boring, and the anger that he raised before is also being calmed down by boredom a little bit.

A group of opponents he couldn't kill made the first generation ancestor's interest in fighting rapidly decay.

"It's funny, or not as much fun as you think it is. But who cares?"

Cassius, who had just recovered his head, continued.

Now he's more troublesome, but not because of his combat prowess.

It's because there's really no good way to shut him up now.

"Interesting things seem to be happening on High Heaven, and I'm curious if that side will be the most important factor in breaking the balance."

Auriel revealed a little information as if chatting.

Aidan and Leoric had freed Johanna, but the three of them seemed to have no intention of leaving High Heaven.

If there is anyone in the high-level heaven that can affect the situation at this time, Inaris is the only one.

Angel of Destiny, who retains the noble quality of the soul, although the strength that can be displayed has declined a lot.

But this guy is still impossible to ignore.

What did fate tell Inaris? Only Inaris knew from the beginning to the end.

This is certainly not a good thing, or even terrible.

The reason for Inarius' actions is unknown, nor the purpose of his actions.

Even when the results are in, there may still be many people who don't understand what happened.

If Diablo and Auriel are special, it is because of their authority that they know almost everything.

So in the eyes of Diablo and Auriel, the only special guy is Inaris.

The shroud of fate seems to provide some sort of protection in addition to limiting Inarius' actions.

Auriel's eyes were a little erratic, and Death not far away walked a few steps in Auriel's direction.

It seemed that the two of them had reached some unspeakable cooperation.

"Just wait, time is passing after all, and the ending will inevitably be revealed."

Auriel said as if admiring, and then the radiance of hope on him became a little stronger.

No one present knew what she was going to do.

But no one asked what Auriel had done at this time.

The savages waited for Burkasso to come out of the Colosseum, and so did the Archangel of the Burning Hell.

Except for Johanna and the others who seem to have some plans in the high heaven, Bulkelso's thoughts and actions are the most likely to change the current stalemate.

"You mean that you were trying to intercept Tyrell and Malthael from leaving the high heaven, and then you were beaten by three archangels?"

Leoric's voice was a little naive at this moment, as if he didn't believe Johanna's story.

This is also normal, it is a bit outrageous to be the target of three archangels.

Normally, this kind of situation where there are more beatings and less beatings is usually a group of demons beating angels...

It is indeed too rare for angels to fight Nephalem.

Johanna is strong, but it only takes an archangel to take her down.

How urgent is it to choose a direct three-on-one?

"That's what I mean. Although I can't figure it out myself, I will get it back."

Johanna said while leading the way.

She is going to find Inaris now, although Inaris has a high probability of not being able to change the outcome of the battle.

But at least Inarius can provide some intel help.

Johanna was not just a gatekeeper during the time in the high-level paradise, she knew a lot of things.

For example, Inarius, the Angel of Destiny, was able to speak normally after being weakened.

It is indeed good news that his words do not make certain things doomed.

While Inarius couldn't be sure that something was going to happen, he at least knew what was most likely to happen at some point.

As long as they can maintain a certain degree of suspicion and independent thinking in the conversation with Inaris, the probability of becoming a marionette is still very low.

"I brought my father to the high heaven not to find Inaris, let alone to save you.

I feel that there seems to be something in the high heaven that can help me.

I've been called to something. "

Aidan's face squeezed together.

What he did before was not the most important thing, he just did it by the way.

Aidan felt like he had been called by something special for him, so he came to explore it.

The reason why Leoric was called was only to provide more guarantees.

The ghost knows if what he is looking for is something that the high-level heaven will never give to him.

But Aidan has already shown his determination to win this thing.

"You just said calling?"

Johanna stopped in her tracks and asked.

"Yes, some kind of calling, even calling with some urgency."

Aidan said.

"I think I may know what you are looking for, Rorschach just returned the authority of justice.

But justice, the authority that accompanies a certain will from the very beginning, does not seem to like to exist simply as authority.

We seek the authority of justice first, and then meet Inarius. "

said Johanna.

If Inarius was going to stop them, now was the time to show up.

Johanna would not think that Inarius, as a being with the power of destiny, would be ignorant of what happened at this time.

That's a bit unreasonable.

The power of fate is only slightly troublesome to see some of the future.

It is because of the difference in vision that most nephalem are completely unable to understand Inarius' choice.

Are all the actions of this guy already doomed?

Or that Inarius actually fought many times, but ended up going to the one he saw?

This kind of question is only known to Inarius himself, and Inarius has not been a very talkative type in the past.


Aidan was puzzled.

He certainly didn't think of himself as an evil guy, but it would be too much to say he thought of himself as the embodiment of justice.

Aidan, the dark wanderer, is simply fighting the devil, and it doesn't even have anything to do with whether all this is justice or not.

Aidan has never considered justice-related issues.

The pursuit of justice is still a bit distant for the nephalem living in Sanctuary.

How much energy and strength can we have to pursue justice that represents more danger when the precarious situation is at stake?

Justice is more suitable for the strong to pursue.

Because the strong will not be starved to death on the side of the road easily because of the pursuit of justice.

"I can't imagine Aidan holding the power of justice.

And you mean that guy Rorschach took the initiative to return the authority of justice to the high-level heaven? "

Leoric asked with some amusement.

No one knew why he was amused.

It's like confirming that the authority of justice was not returned by Rorschach himself.

"Leoric, it's not that the Archangel is untouchable.

It's just that the power you can use is weak compared to the Archangel. "

said Johanna.

Leoric seemed to have little interest in the subject.

"If the authority of justice exists in a high-level heaven, then the most likely place is the palace of justice.

Then there is the conference room of the Angris Council?

Let's go to the former place first, that's where the Hammer of Judgment was placed back then. "

Johanna walked in another direction.

Until this time Inarius was out of sight.

It seems that Inaris, the embodiment of fate, acquiesced in these things.

The existence of Inaris is actually very easy to hit Nephalem's persistence.

It's like when they were just about to fight to the death, someone jumped out and told them that the result was their death.

The existence of Inaris itself is easily reminiscent of this aspect.

"I feel like we haven't seen many angels in the high-level heaven?

If I remember correctly, the angels here should be in groups. "

Aidan said suddenly.

Even if the number of angels is not as numerous as that of demons, they are definitely not in the minority!

Most angels rarely fight alone, and it is normal to appear in small groups.

When Aidan and Leoric first arrived in the high heaven, they had to carefully avoid the sight of the angels.

But after they rescued Johanna, they never saw any angel again.

This kind of thing is too bizarre!

Even when the Great Demon God rushed to the high-level heaven, angels were not so rare!

"Perhaps there is a reason why the angels have to disappear from our sight?"

Leoric put the scepter in his hand on the ground and said.

He is ready for battle!

In Leoric's experience, abnormality means more battles and traps.

Although he doesn't think that the combat power of the three of them requires the high-level heaven to use traps to face them.

But I'm afraid that their opponent is not an angel, but some other existence. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

Like fate?

"Aidan, you said that you have received a certain calling, so now you follow the guidance of the calling and lead the way?"

Johanna stood the tower shield in front of her while talking!

This is a very effective way to distinguish the situation at this time!

If fate starts to interfere with them, then there will be many changes!

Although Johanna and the others knew nothing about how to fight against fate, there was no problem in preparing for battle.

They have never been weak, they just seem a little small in front of the unknown fate!

"Fortunately, I can still hear the call, and the situation is not at its worst."

Aidan smiled weakly.

(end of this chapter)

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