Dark Savages Come To the United States - Chapter 1145 Aidan has made a choice!

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Dark barbarians come to the United States manga 1145 Aidan made a choice!

Of course, Aidan's actions were not without trace, and Inaris already knew of their arrival.

As for the changes that took place in the archangel, Inarius already knew about it.

Even though he doesn't have the personality of an archangel, his particularity allows him to know what happened at this time.

Aidan and the others did not meet other angels along the way, but Inaris was actually helping in his own way.

Any angel who sees three people walking on the upper heavens will not pass it by.

Leoric hates angels, and angels hate Leoric.

"I don't have the slightest doubt that Aidan can hold the authority of justice.

But I still can't think of why the authority of justice chose to call Aidan instead of letting those noble souls choose. "

Johanna asked as if chatting.

"I don't know, but I think Aidan is definitely qualified to hold the authority of justice.

Maybe there is something in the power of justice that we don't know? "

Leoric said casually.

He didn't know what was hidden in the authority. After all, Leoric himself could only say that he had touched the edge of authority.

"I feel that it is ahead, but now I can be sure that this is the authority of justice."

Aidan looked at the closed palace gate in front of him and said.

"I don't know how to open the angel's door."

Leoric glanced at the huge door, in front of which even the tall Leoric looked like a bug.

"Go straight over there, probably the authority of justice is in the hall of justice.

It may be the best choice for us to stay outside, at least to prevent any accident from disturbing Aidan. "

said Johanna.

It was impossible for her to pretend that she didn't know about the strange situation along the way.

Haven't met a single angel in a place like High Heaven? This is as outrageous as entering a secret realm and not seeing any demons.

Although angels are not unkillable, killing angels is not an easy task.

After defeating the angels, the demons killed only a few directly, and most of them bound the angels and then wiped them out.

The bodies of the angels more or less possess the essence of some high-level heavens, which makes their existence extraordinarily powerful!

"Then I'll go in, and hopefully it won't take us too long."

Aidan smiled softly.

He reached out and touched the door in front of him, as if touching the water.

Aidan walked over without hesitation, and a light flashed on the door of the Hall of Justice at this time.

"Johanna, do you really think it is right for Aidan to have access to the authority of justice?"

Leoric sat on the ground looking forward to his legs and asked.

"I don't know, but in my opinion, you should be on the evil side.

Although I don't like watching dramas where fathers and sons fight each other, I think you may not be able to enjoy family happiness. "

said Johanna.

"Yeah, I think so too.

Unborn and undead monsters go against nature, and I even wonder why Bulkelso didn't directly obliterate my existence back then. "

Leoric said with a smile.

He was a little puzzled, but his voice was filled with relief.

"It's not easy to deal with demons, and you even have to be prepared to deal with angels together."

said Johanna.

The similarity between angels and demons is actually very high, except for the difference in appearance, it is difficult for nephalem to distinguish between them.

"If what you defeated back then was the Great Demon God who devoured all the archangels, perhaps everything would have ended."

Leoric said with a smile.

Colleagues have solved all the **** devils and archangels, perhaps the only way to end angels and demons.

"We thought about whether we should wait until the great demon **** has completely crushed everything in the high-level heaven before intervening.

But we have no way to be sure that we will win.

There is no guarantee that Sanctuary will still exist after the high heavens and the burning **** are finished. "

Johanna also sat cross-legged and said slowly.

A gentle radiance flashed on the battle armor damaged by the three archangels before, and she was recovering little by little.

Although not all the original legendary equipment is indestructible, they can slowly repair themselves after being damaged.

Sanctuary is not small, and it is not always possible to find a good blacksmith.

If the legendary equipment didn't have this characteristic, they wouldn't be able to fight well.

"Yes, angels and demons can try and fail countless times.

But as long as we take one wrong step, we will completely lose the chance to stand up. "

Leoric's skeletal head also sighed.

The pressure on the nephalem has never been greater.

Comeback? That was just a nice wish.

In fact, most of the time they can only be devastated after one failure, and there is no possibility of turning over!

Whether it is an archangel or a **** devil, there will be no chance for a nephalem who has already caused a huge threat to them.

As a nephalem wants to change something, the only way to go is to keep winning.

"People in this world seem to have realized the cruelty of demons, but when will they realize that angels are not worth trusting?"

Johanna said with a sigh.

Johanna herself is the one who has the best relationship with the angels among the mighty nephalem.

But she also knows that the harmony between the nephalem and the angels is more based on the nephalem's inability to shake the angel's position.

It is hard to say that this is a kind of equality when the attachment of the weak is exchanged for the amiability of the strong.

"I don't know, but probably not in a short time.

The angels need those humans to exist, and at worst can threaten the nephalem with their lives. "

Leoric sneered.

"The human beings in this world are not helpless, don't you feel Li Min's aura?"

Johanna said with a smile.

Li Min's aura is already very strong, that's not Li Min's normal situation!

Li Min's aura becoming stronger can only show that Li Min is facing some difficult things.

"I really want to be by Li Min's side and look at her expression at this moment. I wonder if she still has a proud smile."

Johanna sighed.

Then stood up from the ground.

The tower shield in her hand was already in front of her, and the flail was also held in her hand!

"Let's solve the current trouble first, this feeling seems to be Inarius?"

Leoric's figure pulled out a string of phantoms, and after the phantoms disappeared, he was ready to fight with his scepter on his shoulders!

Behind him is Aidan who is accepting authority, and it is impossible for him to make any concessions for his son Leoric.

"Why did you show hostility the first time you noticed my arrival?"

Inarius asked with some doubts.

"As the father of the nephalem, it seems we should hold you in the highest esteem.

But Inarius, we have never understood what you do.

You tried to stop Uldyssian, but failed and left.

There are so many things you seem to want to do, but just as many times you give up.

Always give in in the face of setbacks, is this fate? "

Johanna asked coldly.

"You can't understand fate, so beware of fate?

I have to say it's a great option. "

Inarius stood where he was, showing no hostility.

"You seem to be different from the old you, at least you talk more."

Leoric looked at Inarius in front of him.

"Shouldn't that be a good thing? I can tell you stories without worrying about my own words."

There was a gentle smile on Inarius's face, with a kindness.

"What fate said, do you think we can just chat?

You'd better keep your mouth shut, and if you're going to fight, do it. "

Johanna said with a long breath.

Regardless of whether Inarius showed hostility or not, Johanna would not relax.

At least until Inarius left, Johanna would not release her fighting stance.

"The two of us just face one Inarius and it should be okay.

Even if you are the most special angel, you are not as powerful as an archangel in terms of strength. "

There was fire in Leoric's eye sockets.

"The source of the destruction of this world has appeared, and that thing's role is no less than that of the World Stone that was blown up by Tyrell back then."

Inarius said directly.

"So you mean that thing can end the world?

And you wish to take our powers to prevent this from happening? "

Johanna asked contemptuously.

"The high-level heaven and the burning **** have just taken root in this world. As the extra part of this world, you have the ability to stop all this from happening."

Leoric asked a little more seriously.

"Of course they don't want to, and the guys who can do it are busy right now."

Johanna ran on.

This is also true!

Preventing such a thing as the end of a world, the High Heavens and the Burning Hells have a high price to pay.

Although they don't want to see this ending, they are not philanthropists either!

The icing on the cake can of course be done, but sending charcoal in the nick of time is another matter.

The archangels are all busy, and the demon **** is only Baal who can act.

It is not their style to act lightly at this time.

"I'm just telling you guys about this, and Li Min is dealing with it.

I don't need you to make more sacrifices, but it shouldn't be too much to help Li Min stop some boring guys. "

Inarius said quietly.

"It's not impossible, but you first get out of our sight.

When Aidan has the authority of justice, we will go.

Li Min will not need help in such a short period of time, you should also understand her strength. "

Johanna remained wary.

There was nothing wrong with her words.

"As you wish, but I hope you can seize the time, all this does not seem to be simple.

No angels will come near here until Aidan comes out, I hope you soon. "

Inarius said with a heavy tone, as if reminding something.

The next moment, it disappeared here directly.

It seems that fate should be born with this ability to appear and disappear. After all, most people can't describe what fate looks like.

"Should we sit down again?"

Leoric asked.

"Just stand like this, who knows what fate has decided?"

Johanna said with some anger.

Things are always on and on, and the nephalem are always restless.

On the holy mountain of Harrogath, the three ancestors withdrew from the battlefield.

The three of them are not like Hailab and the others who can't be completely killed.

Especially after the battle becomes more and more boring, they prefer to build snowmen on the side...

"After Li Min left, I always felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere here."

Kahn looked at Auriel and said.

He was stalking Auriel, and out of distrust of the archangel, Kahn took it very seriously.

It was as if in his eyes, Auriel might wreak havoc on the holy mountain of Harrogas at any time.

"I'm even more curious about what the death over there is doing, that guy completely delayed Hailab and the others.

Even Cassius lost an arm trying to get out of her way. "

Tariq looked at the death under the cloak and said.

He always felt that death seemed to have some secrets.

"It's enough, we still have nothing to do as before, but why do I feel so bored."

While talking, Korik watched the first generation of ancestors perfunctorily deal with Hylab and the others as if they were dealing with errands.

The frequency of Olongus throwing stones has weakened a lot.

It can be seen that they are also bored in this level of fighting.

"Because there's been so much going on lately, but we don't seem to be doing anything."

Kahn gritted his teeth, and the hands holding the two swords made the sound of bone rubbing.

"No, we did a lot of things.

For example, leaving the holy mountain caused Volusk to choose the path of demise, so that the first ancestors seized an unknown opportunity to plan to do something.

Both of them have to say a big thank you to you, Gym Kahn! "

Klick complained.

"I admit that this is my mistake, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com, but it is not meaningless."

Kahn was a little speechless.

"Kan just hasn't adapted to the life of the third ancestor. To be honest, the two of us have not adapted to it except for Maddock."

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Tariq smoothed things over, but the token of shame in his hand was still glowing red.

His heart is not peaceful at all.

"Maybe it wouldn't be so troublesome if we were thrown into a chaotic battlefield."

Kahn said with a sigh.

"You better shut up, I feel like you've always had a crow's mouth."

Klick said.

"If you need a battlefield, I know a place.

There seems to be a change over there, just to meet your needs. "

Death, who hadn't spoken for a long time, said suddenly.

Her opening changed the atmosphere on the holy mountain.

"Tell me, I always feel that this is not as simple as you said."

Tariq asked.

"An ancient **** has awakened, and its combat power can only be said to be about the same as one of you.

But he can bring you the chaotic battlefield you want, and he seems to have the possibility of becoming stronger. "

said death.

"His name, and his threats."

Kahn asked.

Although his tone is really not a question.

"Gnar, a guy who will never deal with you.

Maybe he's a good fit for Burning Hell? "

Death said expressionlessly.

"That's an asshole, but it doesn't sound like there's any rush to deal with that guy?"

Kerrick asked.

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