Death… And Me - Chapter 1974 We Can See That

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Chapter 1974 We Can See That

"Beelzebub, huh?" The more Rean and Roan heard about top-level experts' names, the more impressed they became. Once again, another name from the myths back on Earth appeared in the cultivation universe. The thing that really made things weird was that even Roan had only heard of those names there. In the other planets he worked, no such names existed.

'Just what does Earth have that a ton of coincidences like these happen?' Rean couldn't help but ask through their Soul Connection. 'I mean, the Soul Gem System also went there to take my soul, right? That's too precise. You've never talked about it before, but surely there were more souls in other parts of that half of the universe. They didn't even need to be humanoids. All living beings had souls. It could have been anything else.'

Surprisingly, Roan didn't know. 'No point asking me. I've been to other planets with living beings. But you're right. Earth was really the only place where I had heard those names before. Perhaps we'll get our answer one day.'

Rean nodded and focused on Fagund again. "Well, if no insanely strong Soul Devil tries to attack us, then that's good enough. Considering that we help you with the Underworld Soul Reincarnation Contest, what's in it for us?"

Fagund was happy to hear that. He was in doubt if he could even get the two brothers to consider the idea. But now, they seemed to be interested as long as there was a good enough reward. "Great! As for payment... hmm... it would be better to hear it from you guys."

Rean didn't expect that it would be that simple. "We can choose? Really? Now that I think about it, is that contest really that important? We asked what's in it for us. However, I would also like to know what's in it for you guys."

Fleus decided to explain it himself, or so he intended to. However, it was also at that moment that he spotted a Devil City in the distance. "Oh! There it is. We've arrived at Xioklo City."

"So, does the Underworld also use teleport formations?" Roan asked back.

Orklia nodded in response. "Of course! Devils have their own versions of teleport formations. After all, they have to be resistant to Dark Element. Nevertheless, they are the main modes of transport in the devil races' territories."

"Come on, guys." Fleus didn't waste time as he brought everyone down to the gate entrance. "Before anyone tries to find trouble with us again, we have to find Elder Tapir."

"Who's Elder Tapir?" Rean and Roan obviously heard that for the first time.

Fagund quickly explained, though. "Elder Tapir is one of the Light Devil Clan's High Devils. He was the one who made sure no one saw when I left for the Realm of Gods. He's supposed to be waiting for us in this city. Once we find him at the meeting point, he'll be able to bring us back to the Light Devil Clan."

"There's no need to look for me anymore." Coincidentally, a voice suddenly fell into their ears. Soon after, an old 'human' appeared at the City Gate entrance before they could even get inside. He did have the devil races' horns. Yet, Rean and Roan couldn't feel Dark Element coming from him. He also didn't have the red eyes that all devils usually did. "Seems like you're all back. Time to go."

"Elder Tapir!" Fagund quickly approached the old man to pay his respects. "Thank you for your trouble, elder."

Tapir just nodded in response. "I didn't have anything else to do, so I decided to wait outside. Besides, the city's insides are being watched quite thoroughly, so it's better if we avoid entering it." Obviously, he noticed Rean and Roan there as well. "These two were not with you when I sent you away."

"They're here to help, Elder Tapir," Fagund began to talk on the twins' behalf. "I invited them to participate in the Underworld Soul Reincarnation Contest."

"In the Soul Reincarnation Contest?" Tapir didn't quite get it. "Did you forget that the spots are limited? You can't just send anyone there. We've already selected the Void Tempering Realm devils of the clan that will take part in it."

Fagund shook his head, though. "They aren't just any devils, Elder Tapir. We might really get a shot at winning this contest if we let them participate."

Seeing Fagund's insistence, Tapir decided to not deal with it for the moment. "Fine. You can explain it to the Light Devil Clan Master. For now, let's leave this place before anyone notices that I'm here. Even worse, before anyone finds out that YOU are here."

Tapir then used his Spatial Powers to capture Rean, Roan, and Fagund's group. Soon after, he opened a fissure in the space and entered it. Tapir wasn't at the highest cultivation of the universe. However, he at least had enough power to travel through the spatial storms. That alone would save the time of going through any teleport formations.

On the way, Rean decided to ask something else. 'By the way, does the Underworld have the continental barriers too?'

Fleus answered that for his group. 'No. The Realm of Gods is the only realm that has such a thing. Heaven, Underworld, and the Mortal Realms don't have anything like that.'

Rean nodded after that. 'That makes things a lot easier.'

'Easier?' Tapir obviously noticed that Rean and Roan were devils born in the Realm of Gods. 'Hmph! That only means the wars are at a much bigger scale than anything you would find in the Realm of Gods. Devils like you, who had never been to the Underworld, just don't know how easy you had it. Consuming living souls and barriers to secure each space for the devil continent.'

'Don't mind him,' Fagund spoke in Tapir's defense. 'Elder Tapir despises devils who cultivate through the use of living souls.'

Rean didn't mind since they weren't devils to start with. 'Well, we can see that.'

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