Deconstruction is Weird - Chapter 1011 Absolutely invalid

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  Chapter 1011 is absolutely invalid

  Chu Dong thought for a while, and finally felt that it would be really stupid to let the diver stay here. If she misled him again, it would be really stupid.

  But now the diver came to admit that he was trying to lead Chu Dong to pay attention to the traveling merchant, which means that what he saw about the relationship between Words and him may be false.

  Chu Dong didn't explain too much to her, and directly carried the shrine into the first door, leaving only the diver in a daze in the shop.

   Now it has been nearly a year since the invasion of the dirty world, and as a result, not only has it not been broken, but it has become more complete.

The fragmented world in the Tower of Despair is likely to be broken at any time, and it looks sick, especially when I saw this world, it has reached the time when the oil is running out, but now it looks like a normal world Similarity, this kind of similarity refers to completeness.

  The gray sky, the earth covered in black, the remains of world-devouring beasts can be seen everywhere, and the corpses of filth piled up like mountains.

The World Devouring Beast collided with the filth, and it was an immortal type. There was nothing alive in the field of vision. The corpse of the filth was slowly rotting, and a few gray particles directly merged into the space. They were using their own The body nourishes the world.

Before a large number of Devouring Beasts appeared together with the filth, Chu Dong always thought that they were allies, but now it seems that this is not the case at all. Could it be that it was only because the gap that was torn at that time was too large that it caused the Devouring World Beast and filth at the same time?

Chu Dong put his hand on the body of the Devouring Beast and felt it carefully, but apart from being able to touch it, it was no different from those encrypted things, it was empty, but after touching Chu Dong's body, the Devouring Beast The dead body dissipated immediately.

The body of the Devouring Beast is a **** ticket, and Chu Dong's own **** ticket is obviously not enough. If Chu Dong can collect all the corpses of the Devouring Beast here, maybe he can know what he pawned back then. .

   Is it true that he pawned himself as the rhetoric said, but even if he pawned himself, how could the pawnshop owner allow a piece of goods to move freely? Can't explain.

  Chu Dong began to wander around in this dilapidated world, whenever he saw a world-devouring beast, he would go up and collect it. Not only did he not see a round belly along the way, he didn't even see a living filth.

Finally, in desperation, he had no choice but to go back to the ground and start trying his new ability to obtain information directly from this world. His thoughts began to wander, and continued to expand, farther and farther away, giving him a sense of overlooking all living beings. Illusion, suddenly, Chu Dong suddenly opened his eyes, that surprised expression seemed to see something extraordinary.

The next second he soared into the air, broke through the speed of sound in an instant and continued to double, and traveled more than 20,000 kilometers to the south in the blink of an eye. This is the center of the vast ocean, which is blue but dead silent. There is no living thing in the sea, only Demons and ghosts.

  Under the sea surface, there is a huge meat ball with a diameter of more than a kilometer, which is formed by the forcible extrusion of countless filth.

The filth is just distorted human beings. Most of them maintain the appearance of human beings, with miserable skin, black eyes, skinny skin, and disheveled hair. These things hold hands and feet with each other, with their feet hanging around their waists, using a strange splicing method formed a huge sphere.

It can be confirmed that they are still alive, and every filth is working hard to maintain the binding force of this meat ball. Every filth is desperately exerting force. These things regard themselves as threads and weave them into one. Line ball?

This ball is not calm, it often swells suddenly, and then retracts forcibly under the efforts of all the filth. Faster and faster, the range is more and more exaggerated.

   There was a bang, and a large amount of seawater rushed up into the sky carrying dirt, and the sea under my feet exposed the bottom of the sea.

   Inside that ball turned out to be the culprit, Round Belly. Now Round Belly's limbs are bound by thick chains, and those chains are made up of some filth that seems to have a strong breath.

The filth in the filthy world is also divided into grades, the lowest level of filth is the mist ghost that Chu Dong killed at will, but there are also a large number of high-level filth such as the seven ghosts and gods, and now it is this part of the high-level filth that is composed The chains that imprisoned the round belly.

Yuan Belly was resisting angrily, but his big belly was covered with filth at this moment, so that his strength could not be exerted much at all. But this doesn't change anything, and those low-level filth are returning to Round Belly's body like ants, desperately reattaching to Round Belly's abdomen.

Suddenly, the two iron **** that Chu Dong had been playing with to practice modifying the information suddenly left his hands and flew towards the direction of the round belly uncontrollably. Their speed became faster and faster, and finally broke the **** like a beam of light The two chains of his arms.

After the hands were free, the round belly became more manic, and immediately started to slap the big belly crazily. The terrifying sound waves hit everything, and the huge ocean disappeared under the attack of the round belly. The way is suspended between the sky and the earth, and it keeps vibrating with the attack of the round belly.

  Chu Dong's complexion tightened, and he said with a displeased face: "This old man didn't remind me, he caused trouble again."

  Yuan Belly is the Honkai information group, because Chu Dong's two iron **** have been amended countless times by him, so there must be information Honkai, but they have become the weapons of Yuan Belly.

  Chu Dong threw the shrine aside, and his body began to recharge continuously, and the whole cell was energized, with the ultimate physical strength.


  Like a sniper rifle equipped with a silencer, Chu Dong hit Yuan Belly's head in an instant. The violent force caused Yuan Belly to lie back directly, and the sea water suspended in mid-air also crashed down, and the sea reappeared.

  But Chu Dong was not satisfied with the effect of this attack at all, because according to his estimation, the shot just now should have shot directly through the round belly's head, but it turned out that he didn't even leave a mark on him.

  He couldn't understand, now that his physical body was comparable to a nuclear bomb, even more outrageous than a nuclear bomb, how could it be so unbearable?

Chu Dong didn't believe in evil and started to attack the round belly crazily again. Time and time again, each time he was able to beat him so that he couldn't stand still, and he didn't even have time to resist, but even so, Chu Dong still couldn't fight back Even the slightest trace was left on the round belly.

  He floated back into the air, and the white mist from his mouth was like a sword, spraying tens of meters away. He whispered: "This guy can't neutralize the attack, right? But it's quite reasonable."

The pawnshop owner has organized many times to exterminate the culprits, but they have never successfully killed them. A large number of casual people still cannot harm them. This can already explain the problem. You must know their previous strategy against the culprits There is only one, and that is to consume, and to consume the culprit to death is to win.

  Round Belly's attack was not as destructive as imagined, not even half as good as the current Chu Dong.

The collapsed information group will lead to the collapse of all information. According to the detachment theory of the pawnshop owner, all changes in the world are based on information interaction, and attacks are also some kind of information. Chu Dong's attack cannot touch the body of the round belly at all. The information collapses, so there is no information interaction.

   In this way, wouldn’t the culprit become an absolute attack nullification?

According to this setting, even if the culprit is thrown into the rampant core, it still cannot die, because as long as the attack exists in this world, it is information, and as long as it is information, it will be assimilated and destroyed by the culprit, so the culprit is Absolute immortality in concept.

  After thinking about these things clearly, Chu Dong said a little speechlessly: "This guy is really, his strength is not very good, but his ability to survive is first-rate. Since he is not dead, how can I get in?"

  He came here to use the collapsed characteristics of the culprit to obtain the encrypted information in the shrine, but this guy is invincible, how to use it?

  【Theoretically, it only needs to be touched to have an effect, and the body can try to touch it】

  【In addition, based on the information obtained before, the power of the culprit can be exhausted】

   "Run out? Hard work."

It is definitely meaningless to attack the culprit. He must be allowed to attack. Chu Dong defends, just like walking a dog. He must exhaust his energy. If Chu Dong's body is not so exaggerated now, he really wouldn't dare to play like this .

   Trick the Sinner with less powerful attacks to keep attacking.

All kinds of exaggerated sound waves began to rise and fall in this world, the sea was shaken up and down, and the sea level was lowered by more than ten meters than before. This environment is simply unbearable for Yuanbelly, because sea water can absorb a lot of sound wave energy, In the sea, the attack strength of the round belly has been reduced by more than ten times.

  The location was chosen so well that Chu Dong even suspected that something was pointing these filth, and why did the filth want to kill the world-devouring beast and imprison the culprit? This puzzled him a lot.

  Besides, after Chu Dong and the culprit began to fight, those filth consciously stayed away. Do these things have brains?

   After an unknown amount of time, the round belly began to crumble, its voice was not so loud, Chu Dong directly kicked it to the ground, this time it lay on the ground and did not get up for a long time.

Chu Dong heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at the broken world around him, it was hard to imagine how much damage so many culprits would cause to the world. You must know that there are still fifteen ancestor corpses in the valley of the ice field, and those things have not yet been activated. Fortunately, they are far less dangerous than round bellies, and they are still dormant due to some mechanism.

He slowly landed on the round belly of the culprit, and then slowly pressed his palm on it. It was icy cold and felt nothing, but when Chu Dong let go of his consciousness to feel it carefully, he was struck by lightning, and he curled up on the culprit. His body twitched uncontrollably, and his bones were even broken because of the severe twitching. He gradually distorted into an inhuman appearance, as if he had been violently crushed by something.

Chu Dong felt that he was thrown into a certain huge meat grinder, where he was mixed with all kinds of strange things, he felt that he was no longer himself, but other things, he was a plant of grass, a The tree is Duoyun, he is constantly experiencing all kinds of other lives, but the pain also makes Chu Dong feel like wanting to die.

I don't know how long it took, but the culprit regained some strength. When he moved his body, Chu Dong slipped off his body and floated freely in the deep sea. Day after day, his broken consciousness slowly reorganized. It seemed to be completely integrated into the sea, like a piece of rotten meat, rotten and swelled and turned white.

On an ordinary day, Chu Dong's corpse twitched, the distorted bones began to be straightened, the bloated corpse continued to decompose, and finally a brand new Chu Dong emerged from the original corpse, and he manifested a new body for himself. The clothes returned to mid-air, with a sigh on his face.

  The culprit has been restricted by the filth again, and the appearance of this world has also changed drastically. The previous battle between the two has turned this place upside down. Water vapor rises and flows, and a little bit of greenery appears on the continent.

He returned to the sky above the deep sea where the culprit was imprisoned, and sat down cross-legged. With two fingers, a cigarette **** appeared in his hand. He took a deep breath, and the end of the cigarette **** lit up. Suck longer.

  Chu Dong leaned back, propped one hand on a non-existent plane in midair, and sprayed a puff of smoke into the air, and a satisfied expression appeared on his face.

   "Intellect, how long has it been?"

  【Unknowable, the intellectual brain is also smashed, and the concept of time is completely lost】

  【Now there is a lot of external information in the database, which has not been sorted out yet】

  Chu Dong said with a relaxed face: "Coincidentally, I am too, by fate~"

  【Why does the main body smoke】

"Maybe I messed up with a certain smoker, but this relaxed feeling is really comfortable. Getting confused with a lot of people made me less depressed and much more comfortable. No wonder the old guy said that I came through the culprit. Fast reading to achieve detachment, because this thing can make me anything."

Many beings look at things differently from humans, such as a tree, a cloud, a dog, a pig, just such a simple contact, Chu Dong observes the world from many angles, such as a tree, It understands the world in a completely different way than humans.

  Contacting the culprit will make Chu Dong completely confused and merge with all kinds of broken information.

  Using this feature, indeed any form of encryption will fail.

   Originally, Chu Dong wanted to practice on the culprit first, so that he could have a certain resistance, but now it seems that no matter how many times he collapses, there will be no change, and the collapse is unreasonable.

  Chu Dong found the shrine in the sea. This thing is encrypted, only Chu Dong can see it, and it is not easy for others to attack, and there is no risk of losing it.

  He put some pressure on the filth, and the round belly was released again, but this time the round belly was obviously weaker than before, and after a little tossing, it lost its strength again.

  Chu Dong placed the shrine on its belly, and then tried to invade its consciousness.

  (end of this chapter)

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