Deconstruction is Weird - Chapter 1012 out of reach

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  Chapter 1012 Untouchable Domain

In a normal state, if Chu Dong wants to invade such a highly encrypted thing, it is impossible to do so, but on the round belly, it is completely unimpeded, but because everything inside the shrine is broken, even if Chu Dong succeeds in invading, He will also collapse, he may not remember who he is and what he wants to do, for how long it is unknown.

On a certain snow mountain, a house stands on the top of the mountain, surrounded by cliffs, and there is no way up and down, but this house uses a lot of stones, it is hard to imagine how it was built, and the mountain is so dangerous It's really not a place to live.

Right now on the roof, Chu Dong is sitting cross-legged on it, and there is an inexplicable airflow circling around his body, which circulates continuously with Chu Dong's breathing. He is practicing, and it is internal strength. The lowest level that can arouse the power of heaven and earth is the Heaven-reaching state.

Everything around is quiet, only the sound of Chu Dong's breathing drives the flow of extremely cold air around. In reality, Chu Dong has never seen such a phenomenon when someone cultivates internal force, and no one even knows how to practice like this. He is a person who reaches the sky, and he still has to guide and cooperate with his body if he wants to quickly recover his inner qi.

  Budo seems to have regressed.

Moreover, the existence of martial arts in reality is very low, and most of the low-end cheats occasionally have two true qi martial arts, which seem to be completely out of the same era, and there has never been any information about the origin of martial arts, maybe there can be an explanation here Maybe.

  Suddenly, a woman wearing a leather jacket flew up from the foot of the mountain. She was carrying a bamboo and rattan basket with a thick life cover on it. It turned out to be Wu Tong.

   "Chu Dong, stop practicing, come down to eat!"

Chu Dong's ears twitched, and the true energy in his body quickly returned to his body. Finally, he slowly opened his eyes and jumped down. The two of them sat down in this icy and snowy yard. There was a small wooden table with two bowls on it. Disc, it's very comfortable.

  Chu Dong said with a smile on his face: "I'm bothering my lady again, come and give me a kiss!"

  Wu Tong gave Chu Dong a blank look, and gently pushed him away, "It's not serious! Eat quickly, it's too cold here, it should be cold later."

A bowl of scallion oil noodle soup, with a thick layer of oil to ensure the maximum temperature, he picked up the bowl and began to eat, with a happy face, it stands to reason that such a little food does not have much meaning at all after cultivating to this level .

  Wu Tong looked at Chu Dong quietly from the side, his eyes were full of admiration, the relationship between the two was obviously pleasing to each other.

   "How about it, have you mastered your Han Shan Qi?"

  Chu Dong hummed, "It's almost done. It can already induce most of the cold air in the world. When I succeed, I can crush this day. It's my wish fulfilled."

  Wu Tong had a strange face on her face, she lowered her head silently, as if she was struggling with something.

Chu Dong glanced at Wu Tong, and asked strangely: "Why do you want me to stop cultivating? It has been decades since we reached the sky together. Although we have broken through the shackles of life span, you don't want to go to the sky above the sky. Spy?"

  Wu Tong looked at Chu Dong angrily, "I told you all! Don't use him to understand me!"

Chu Dong patted Wu Tong's head, and said dotingly, "Okay, okay, isn't this worrying you? Didn't we agree to keep no secrets from each other? Why don't you tell me what you think? "

  Wu Tong asked in a strange tone: "Have you ever heard the saying that after the Tongtian Road is the tomb? No one can set foot in the realm of the Heavenly Dao. To reach the Tongtian is beyond the reach of capable people. Isn't it enough to last forever?

  I have no interest in Babel, I just want to live a good life with you and our daughter, why should we touch taboos. "

  Chu Dong took a deep breath, lowered his head solemnly, obviously he was not happy.

   "Oh, I'm sorry, I put you in danger. As a husband, I am not competent, so let's go down the mountain today."

  Wu Tong raised his head happily, "Really! Give me a kiss, and the children will miss you too."

  Chu Dong followed Wu Tong down the mountain. It turned out that they had another courtyard, or a villa, at the foot of the mountain. Wu Tong lived here on weekdays and sent some food to Chu Dong.

  As soon as the two entered the door, two children ran out, about seven or eight years old, wearing the same clothes, they turned out to be Niuniu and Yuanyuan.


  Chu Dong dragged one with each hand, and his face was full of joy, followed by a beautiful girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, who was a little white haired girl.

  Although he agreed to Wu Tong, Chu Dong was always depressed, often in a daze and didn't know what he was thinking.

  After living like this for half a year, Wu Tong finally found Chu Dong and asked, "Chu Dong, why are you so unhappy all day long? If you insist on practicing, then go, I don't have to stop you."

  Chu Dong shook his head, "I won't practice anymore, just let it be."

During this period, Chu Dong and Wu Tong had a lot of exchanges with the outside world. It is certain that the two have already stood at the pinnacle of this world. There are not many in Tongtian, but Wu Tong and Chu Dong are also bug-level in Tongtian. The fundamental reason for its existence is that Chu Dong created true qi, an existence that transcends ordinary internal energy.

Normal people only cultivate one kind of internal strength, but Chu Dong re-cultivates one kind of internal strength every other year, turning his internal strength into true qi. No one knows how strong he is. Wu Tong has no talent at all, but with the help of Chu Dong , become under one person.

  Day by day, five years, ten years, twenty years.

  Niuniu Yuanyuan also became a big girl, but the family changed from five people to four people, Xiao Baimao disappeared, very suddenly, and no one remembered her, only Chu Dong was still frowning every day.

   Gradually, the number of people in this family became less and less, and Niuniu and Yuanyuan also disappeared, and no one still remembers them.

  In the end, it turned into Wu Tong complaining to himself all day long, saying that he failed to leave Chu Dong with a son and a half daughter, but Chu Dong comforted her every day, and another fifty years passed like this.

  One day late at night, Chu Dong suddenly stood at the door of the house without even blinking his eyes, as if he was guarding against something.

In the middle of the night, a cloudy wind blew by, and that ray of breeze seemed to want to enter the house, but Chu Dong's body was shaken violently, the breeze was shattered, something went wrong, the breeze struck again, and this time it seemed that it wanted to pass through the window, but This time Chu Dong directly slashed out with a sword, and the sword energy shattered Qingfeng, revealing his original appearance. He was an ordinary middle-aged man. If you looked carefully, you would find that this person was actually a pawnbroker.

  Chu Dong said in a cold voice: "That's enough, I only have her left. If you make another move, don't blame me for turning against me."

  The young pawnshop owner looked at Chu Dong in surprise, "You can actually see me. You deserve to be a person who breaks through the limit of information, but you are still an ant after all, sure."

With just one word, the world seemed to be paused, and the snow in the sky stopped. The pawnshop owner swaggered to Chu Dong's side, looked at him who was motionless, and even smiled mockingly. .

But at this moment, a thick layer of energy fluctuations like viscous water appeared around Chu Dong's body. He released the restriction, Chu Dong pressed on the shoulder of the pawnbroker, and then suddenly exerted force to push him away. Throwing out of the villa, a large amount of snow was knocked away.

   He was suspended above the gate of the villa, frowning tightly, and said angrily: "I said before, she is the last family member, you can't move! My children have been erased by you, what else do you want?

  You, the puppet of heaven! "

  The **** shop owner looked at Chu Dong in surprise: "You still remember, how is this possible, you have already crossed that line? But you can bear it for so long, amazing."

   "Why, must it be so?"

The pawnshop owner said coldly: "Above the sky is the domain of gods. If mortals want to set foot in it, they have to bear the price. Your children have nothing to do with me. If you insist on saying something, it is because you insist on creating this true energy. Practice can make them stronger, and sooner or later they will exceed the warning line.

   It's you who have been switching cultivation until you kept a low profile, and your cultivation level has always been maintained at a fixed value. It turns out that you have been pretending.

   If you have to blame someone, it can only be said that they all died because of you. "

  Chu Dong clenched his fists and asked suddenly: "Do I have a son?"

  The pawnshop owner suddenly realized, "Did you cross the line at that time? I can answer you, you do have a son, but I have already erased it, and being erased means that it doesn't exist."

   "Why must it be either one or the other, I have given up."

  The pawnshop owner said with a smile: "You don't understand at all, the realm of heaven is taboo, and no one should try to peep.

   To be honest, I admire you very much for reaching such a level, but you will never have a chance of winning. Even if you beat me, the Dao of Heaven can still directly destroy everything and start over. "

Chu Dong was still very calm, and just said to himself: "At the beginning, I practiced just to live a better life. Until one day, I felt that something in my life was erased, and the emptiness troubled me. Been there for me all the time, but I don't know what that is."

  The pawnshop owner shook his head, "I can answer you, that is your son, all the people who have been erased will not disappear, but he can no longer be discovered by anyone, and if he cannot be discovered, he does not exist.

  In the dead of night, your son may be begging beside you, but you don't do anything, and eventually they will die, dying of despair and hunger. "


Chu Dong fiercely slashed out with a sword, and the majestic sword energy attracted the power of heaven and earth, but the pawnshop owner just stretched out a finger to prevent the sword energy from advancing an inch, Chu Dong stepped on the gangster step, and the energy of a kilometer radius gathered In the arrow, the terrain is used as the formation, and the sky is used as the sword.

   "This sword is called Zhantian!"

  Sword of Zhantian, between reality and reality, the pawnshop owner lost his relaxed expression and replaced it with a dignified expression.

   "You, you are crazy!"


  The pawnshop owner's right arm and shoulder were cut off directly, and blood was sprayed out for free. This sword forced a gully nearly a thousand meters away.

   "I have searched all over the world for martial arts, and practiced hard for a hundred years, just to kill you. The way of heaven is not benevolent, and I have my own way of death!"

  The pawnshop owner shouted loudly: "How about you kill me? I, like you, tried to resist the law of heaven, but now, don't I still serve him as a dog!"

  The more serious you are, the more disgusting I feel! How can you resist God! There is only one sky, and you are only one person! If you resist again, the way of heaven will self-destruct and destroy this place, and everything will return to the original point. "

  Chu Dong paused, showing hesitation, "Heavenly Dao really doesn't care about this world, can it be destroyed at will?"

"A world without threats is a useful world. Don't try to understand the sky. You will only be left with madness. You and I are both ants. I know how difficult it is for you to get to this point, but if you continue to be willful , everything disappears.

  Give her to me, and you can live on. "

  Chu Dong said in a clear voice: "I would rather not live like this. I am not satisfied with such a life! If the sky is ruthless, I will kill it!"

The long sword pointed at the sky, and the terrifying power of heaven and earth was mobilized by Chu Dong. The mountain villages under his feet were collapsing, and the mountain tops and the ground were shattered because they could not bear the pressure. All broken.

It was originally a great battle, Chu Dong sharpened his sword for a hundred years just to cut the sky, but all of this suddenly dissipated like a purified water moon, everything is over, it seems that the pawnshop owner is not lying, the way of heaven can lift the table .

I don't know how long it took before Chu Dong opened his eyes in the deep sea. Just like last time, his round belly regained his strength and shook him away, and he was restrained by the filth again. It wasn't until a certain moment that he fully recovered himself.

Everything he experienced just now should be the experience of No. 0, but I don’t know why he experienced that world from the perspective of No. 0. It stands to reason that an outsider like him should observe everything from the perspective of a bystander .

  But Chu Dong didn't pay much attention to it, he only thought it was a side effect of information collapse, which made him merge with No. 0's consciousness.

  The last sentence of number zero made Chu Dong very concerned. He was not satisfied with this kind of life. When he heard that Yanshu wanted to reverse the future, it seemed that he was also dissatisfied with life.

What happened in that world made Chu Dong very concerned. Once it touches the realm of heaven, it will be erased from existence, and this erasure is actually a kind of encryption. Those who are erased should be desperate, and everything in the world cannot Seeing it, he couldn't touch anything, but died of exhaustion in despair.

If there is such a thing in this world that can erase someone’s existence at will and make people forget it completely, it seems to have no effect on ordinary people. They will forget anyway. What is erased is not just simple memories, even all the traces related to it in life are disappearing.

  It is impossible for ordinary people to discover the lack from the clues in life, and only the number zero, who has too high a level of cultivation, can vaguely feel it.

Zero's cultivation is so strong that he can't completely forget that he is the only one who suffers in this world. Because of the pain, he wants to reach a higher level and find the root of the problem, but the harder he works, he disappears faster.

  Little Baimao, Niuniu, Yuanyuan, these children that Chu Dong came into contact with by accident, are actually predestined.

It's hard to imagine how painful it would be for him to learn that his child was erased. He was clearly standing on top of the world, but he was still a mermaid, and the son of number zero could not even remember himself, so even if the creation belonged to It is impossible for them to recover in their own world.

   But now Chu Dong is even more confused, is No. 0 doing so many outrageous things in order to get rid of the control of Heaven? It always felt like he had only seen the tip of the iceberg.

  What timeline is this number zero, where is his brain?

  (end of this chapter)

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