Deep Space Beyond - v2 Chapter 653 another day

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Senior, do you want to make a move? "The great evil spirit Yuan Zhou was surprised, this old senior is definitely a scumbag, dare to fight against the most outstanding figure in the old sage.

"If the skin doesn't exist, how can the hair be attached?" Shan was very deep, staring at the dazzling area expanded by the myth, and said: "The old extraordinary center before the 23rd century has serious problems, even I really want to find out .”

"Nothing" turned into a colossus, cast a large area of ​​shadows, covered a large amount of extraordinary holy light, nodded towards the depths of the outer universe, and said nothing more.

"The 6-break must-kill list is gone, it's been crushed!" The giant monster Gu Sanming has been staring at the key thing. As for the supreme beings on the other side, they can't get through for the time being anyway.

The two supernatural worlds are in contact. In fact, the body universe is still infinitely far apart. It's just that the tide of the Tao is blowing out, violently clashing and tearing.

In the area where the mythology is connected, a traction force is formed, and the two extraordinary worlds blend together, and they are about to rotate, and a more terrifying force is formed in the borderline area.

Now, any tangible or intangible matter and living beings who dare to enter that area will be crushed and blown to ashes.

Under the traction and erosion of unpredictable forces, the two pieces of paper were indeed shattered, disintegrated into mythical particles, and then were further impacted.

The collision of the two sources of the center of mythology, the extraordinary rules that erupted are incomparable.

"Wu" watched closely, watching the changes in the must-kill list all the time, and found that even the last hazy afterimage and the texture of the unresolvable Taoism were also dimmed, and began to fall apart, he let out a long breath.

The paper body is shattered, and even the most essential lines that build it are also completely collapsed, which means that it is indeed heading towards the end and will eventually die.

"Destroyed?" asked the deceased.

"Yes" nodded, quite touched: "It's almost there. Unexpectedly, to solve this strange list of 6 breaks, two extraordinary centers need to collide."

Then, his face became serious, and he said, "Prepare for battle!"

This time, they directly opened the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century without the consent of the creatures on the other side, and a fierce conflict was inevitable.

Regardless of whether the other party has a problem or is wrong, but it is estimated that a powerful creature will come forward, and this matter may not be good.

Wangyou said: "The two mythical universes are merging, swallowing the Dao rhyme on our side from time to time, letting this side go out, and feeding back from time to time. I feel that this is an excellent change."

Those present were all true saints, who were extremely sensitive to the evolution of the Dao. After the two sources of mythology clashed, they briefly blended and devoured each other, and they actually saw some kind of opportunity to capture the extraordinary trajectory of the Dao.

"Wu" said solemnly: "I feel that the dao pattern that built the 6-breaking list has been wiped out."

Immediately, this caused all the saints to be restless, and then their emotions were high. All the efforts were not in vain, and now they have paid off.

"For the sake of safety, we need to drive the remnant rhyme and all traces of the fusion zone of the two extraordinary worlds to the opposite extraordinary center." Without opening his mouth, he suggested this.

Immediately, all the true saints were awe-inspiring, and this is still worrying, the 6 broken list has not been completely destroyed?

"Yes" nodded: "The must-kill list is not an artifact born from the source of our mythology. It is full of unknowns, and we cannot judge it with common sense."

All the saints agree, because such a plan has long been in place.

In the plan, if even the two major centers of mythology can't destroy the black paper, then they will be exiled, entered into the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, and locked in the "cage" opposite!

They have already tried sending two scraps of paper into the Land of Eternity, and it came back, so maybe only the new Transcendent Center Cage can hold it.

The saints have no guilt, they have already investigated a small part of the truth, and the supreme beings on the opposite side seem to be using the extraordinary center here as a shield.

Wu, You, Gu Sanming, Zhao Gu and other powerhouses walked in front, and the group of saints followed up. As long as the junction is stable and no longer devours and blows out to the strongest way, they can strike at any time.

Outer space

In the universe, evil spirits, evil gods, alien saints, etc. are all watching closely, and some people have already guessed what they are going to do.

"There is a high probability that the 6-pounder list will really be destroyed. They are still not at ease. Want to bring trouble to the east? Enough!"

"This is a conflict between extraordinary civilizations. It has always been bloody, not sacred. Besides, the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century revived inexplicably. There must be a big problem."

Behemoths, evil spirits, evil gods, etc. all admit that the group of true saints who can occupy the center of the extraordinary are indeed ferocious "a mess."

As the mutual engulfment of the two mythological universes tends to be calm, the resulting scene of birth and death is gradually less serious.

Near Wang Xuan, there are also some people who are unharmed, such as Lu Yun, who broke the limit of the extreme way, who is in good shape and spirit. But a strong man next to her turned into the bones of a rotten giant beast, which was quite scary.

In addition, some mechanical creatures can't escape the decay, such as a dragon turtle, which is full of rust, and the so-called psychic body is covered in dust.

Fortunately, the decay didn't last for a long time, and the glaring light shone down again, allowing those people to gradually recover.

"I want to become a foreigner as soon as possible. Only when I reach that level can I be considered truly alive. It is no wonder that the saints transformed into imperialists are called true saints."

Chaopei Shi, who had the opportunity to appear here to "observe the ceremony", for a moment, firmly believed that he had to become a different person. Just now, it seemed that Senluo Hell appeared, and many of them became ghosts.

Fortunately, the 36th Heaven took over everything and "filtered" in a disguised form. Otherwise, this influence would spread to the entire Transcendent World. At that time, there would be skeletons everywhere, which would cause great panic and chaos.

Even so, the supernatural beings in many places have a rotten smell, and only now are they gradually improving and The most important thing is that the vague umbrella of eternal silence is gone. For a moment just now, it seemed to believe that the extraordinary world was about to break its bank, and it would collapse in an all-round way.

Rotten, eternal death, the root causes all come from that big umbrella.

"We succeeded, and it can be regarded as a change of heaven and earth, and it will bring peace to the extraordinary world." A true sage was full of spirit.

When approaching the edge of their own mythical realm, they drove various dao rhymes and endless mythical particles into the opposite extraordinary realm, "Wu" stopped abruptly, looked at the central universe of the old mythology, and shouted: "Stop!"

The hearts of all the saints were throbbing, and at the same time, they had inexplicable sensations. There seemed to be a big problem on the other side!

"In the old extraordinary center, the fog was surging, and the supreme beings appeared. But why? I feel that there is an area of ​​nothingness, but it is extremely dangerous. This feeling is like facing the 'nothing' in the strongest state."

The giant monster Gu Sanming opened his mouth, feeling outrageous, Wu was beside him, why did he feel that there was Wu on the other side?

"Over there, there is a cloud of haze, shapeless, irregular, and flowing in the form of clouds, which is extremely frightening. I feel like I am facing "Yes?"

"In the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, there were creatures pasting and burning paper, accompanied by the sound of crying. This feeling seems familiar." An old true saint turned his head and looked at the old boy, feeling unbelievable.

In an instant, the hearts of all the saints trembled.

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