Deep Space Beyond - v2 Chapter 654 The Self of the Old Extraordinary Center Before the Twenty-Three Century

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Wu" didn't speak, staring at the opposite side, his eyes piercing through the endless foggy area.

"Yes" didn't make a sound, looking at the other side.

The atmosphere at the scene was extremely tense and dignified, and some of the true saints felt oppressed, and quickly opened a distance from each other, all on guard for something.

The old supernatural center before the 23rd century actually had "nothingness" and "being". What happened?

Is the other side acting as a demon?

Or is it that the "nothing" and "yes" on the other side are one with the other side? Some true saints have some doubts about the "nothing" and "yes" on their side, and there is a problem in the first place.

If they think about it carefully, they feel cold in their hearts, because the old extraordinary center opened before the 23rd century was itself dominated by "nothing" and "being".

All the saints were working together at first, but now they felt very uneasy and felt a sense of horror.

"Yes" broke the silence, and said: "It's not just us, you wait to sense it carefully. In the thick fog on the other side, there is a giant monster standing, suspected to be Gu Sanming."

In an instant, the real saint who was next to Gu Sanming quickly distanced himself, the trust between them was broken, and everyone became cautious.

"Yes" read the other names one by one: "On the other side, there are Wangyou, Yimin, Kongsha, Ember, Luhuang..."

The saints lost their minds. They were on guard against other true saints, but they also heard their own name.

Now only a few people can see through the fog and see the blurred scenery on the other side. Many true saints are blocked by the supreme law between the two extraordinary worlds, and they still cannot see the truth.

How could this be? All saints beware, the old supernatural center before the 23rd century is completely different from what they imagined, this kind of problem is too serious.

If you encounter a group of top opponents head-on, they will recognize it, and it will be a **** battle, but the real situation is that you have met their "self"!

On the other side, in the thick fog, a group of supreme beings were also watching and observing them silently, and there were existences at the level of peerless masters looking at them with scrutiny.

Both sides were silent, guarding each other, and both were afraid of something.

"Nothing" said solemnly: "I am here, that is not me!"

Looking at the end of the fog opposite, the old boy found a hazy fire, dancing yellow paper, and pasted paper figurines. He turned his head to look at Wu, and seldom took the initiative to say: "It's not you, would that be so?" Would it be 'Dao,?」

"Wu" was silent, looking at the other side, staring at the formless creature in the deep sky, a emptiness, unfathomable.

Afterwards, "You" said in a low voice, "We all know that the old Transcendent Center before the 23rd century was abandoned. It was already extinguished, and it is impossible to revive it. What kind of power made it flourish again? Most importantly, There are supreme beings who are similar to us, and the problem is far more serious than we imagined!"

He reminded and warned all the saints that in this mysterious and severe atmosphere, their camp should not be chaotic, and they should deal with the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century in unison.

The opposite side is also whispering, and the two sides confront each other across the air.

"How were you born?" Finally, Gu Sanming spoke, officially breaking the tranquility between the two parties.

"Same root, same origin. You are the continuation of our obsession. I never thought that you would find this place." On the other side, Gu Sanming, a monster with a similar face, said.

Zhen Gu Sanming said coldly: "Shut up, you evil spirit, don't be so arrogant, is it interesting to pretend to be me?!"

"It's really hard for you to accept the truth, but it's the truth." On the other side, a peerless powerhouse opened his mouth and stared at this side in the thick fog, saying: "We all come from the weak, so we should all know how to become immortals." Calamity. Your state is like when you crossed the catastrophe and became an immortal, you lost the obsession and residual bones of the original body, and moved forward inertially in the realm of mythology, and you have come to today.”

Wangyou retorted: "Nonsense words, even obsessions and broken bones, can reshape the flesh and blood and the main soul after reaching the realm of aliens, and reappear the true self."

On the other side, the creature continued: "I'm just making an analogy, be patient. The truth is, we are the real body, and you are the embodiment of our spiritual light. In the mythical universe on the opposite side, with Dao Yun

congealed, and finally sanctified. "

All the saints were sullen and silent, staring at the other side in disbelief.

"Brother Wu, what do you think?" Shenzhao said. As the fifth strongest person in the list of prohibited items, he felt heavy in his heart. The creatures on the opposite side were very strong and difficult to deal with.

"Wu" said very calmly: "What they said is nothing."

At this time, Wang Zesheng stood up, carrying a black long knife, staring at the opposite bank, and said: "If you have the ability, you can also recognize me as a real fake body. Where is my real body? Come out and take a few steps. "

There was a moment of silence on the opposite side, Wang Zesheng was really not among the group of supreme beings, and even some true saints were not among the group of beings.

Soon, there was a response from the other side: "You are a great evil spirit outside the territory, so naturally you are not the one who manifests the light of our hearts."

Wang Zesheng has always been tough, and directly replied: "I also said that you are the remnants of the old saints, and you are a monster who has gone crazy, and you are an extraterrestrial demon!"

The mechanical tengu looked and looked, and smelled and smelled. Its "sense of smell" was extremely keen, not to mention the number one in the extraordinary world, and it felt that there was no similar body on the other side.

It is covered with metallic luster, huge and boundless, like a prehistoric mountain, walking on a big catwalk, flowing with the texture of the royal road, and said: "On the other side, can you not show the real body of the prince, can you show the real shape of the dog? Should it be?" Nor does it exist."

Suddenly, in the fog on the other side, a robot appeared. It seemed to be a galaxy that could break into pieces. It was huge and stood there. Refined.

He showed his steel teeth and smiled at the mechanical tengu, but his cold metal face was icy cold no matter how you looked at it.

"Gouzi, you and the ancestor of the machine are the product of the light of my heart being divided into two. You and the ancestor of the machine are equal to my heirs."

That gigantic and boundless robot, more majestic and magnificent than the ancestor of the deceased machine, grinned lightly, and was actually befriending the mechanical dog.

The metal dog face of the mechanical tengu immediately sank, and then directly cursed: "Wow, c#m!"

Although it is a true saint, it didn't hold back, and directly recited the three-character scriptures to express its resentment. That **** mechanical monster dared to take advantage of it!

The saints were speechless.

On the other side, the gigantic robot that squeezed the sea of ​​mist and stars, its original bronze face suddenly darkened, turned around and left, and disappeared into the depths of the fog. He was concerned about his identity and did not confront the mechanical dog.

The mechanical dog is the most vengeful, and the dog's temper has come up, standing here and cursing endlessly, there is no such thing as the three-character scriptures, four-character mantras, and five-element grievances.

The "straightforward" dog never cared about his own image. Once he offended it, and if he could afford it, he could block the door of the opponent's dojo and scold him for three months.

36 Chongtian, even Wang Xuan could hear the scolding sound of the mechanical tengu.

Gouzi cursed and spread to the two mythical universes, causing the two extraordinary worlds to move together.

At this moment, Wang Xuan's mood was ups and downs. The saints penetrated the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century. Has the mobile phone's strange thing arrived there now?

Also, is Brother Ji's daughter, the number one genius of the Six Epochs who disappeared from the end of hell, also in that universe?

He listened for a while, and felt that something was wrong. There was something strange on the other side, which was different from what he had imagined.

"Yes" can't stand it anymore, this is the stage of the confrontation between the two worlds, when will the mechanical tengu be scolding? Although it was indeed suppressed that the opposite side was quiet, but how decent it was.

"It's almost there."

"Okay!" The mechanical tengu agreed very happily, and finally warned the terrifying robot on the opposite side, saying: "You pay attention to me, c#m, there will be no end next time."

"Wu" said very seriously: "The old Transcendent Center before the 23rd century has long been I don't know who are the strong ones, and what kind of countermeasures they used to revive it, but I guess we should pay Unpredictable price. Is this the resonance of truth and falsehood, reality and emptiness? It is true that many eras have been barren and decayed for many ages. Even if there is the light of the soul to embody the theory of true sages, you are my thoughts

continuation, expansion. "

Having said that, he looked towards the outer universe in the distance, and said, "Shan, please come and have a look."

"Okay." In the decayed universe, the giant among the evil spirits—Goodness responded immediately and walked over.

"Senior, where are Wu and You, you go there alone?" The great evil spirit Yuan Zhou frowned.

"It doesn't matter." Shan disappeared from where he was, crossed the decayed deep space, and projected himself to the extraordinary center, appearing in front of the saints.

"Wu" voice transmission said: "You have lived long enough, and there is no problem with your memory, please take a look, in the deepest part of the fog, are there any saints you used to be familiar with?"

Shan nodded, observed carefully, and said to himself: "On the other side, it's really not simple. The whole big a bit abnormal. Those supreme creatures are considered a super lineup, and those who don't know will be fooled."

Suddenly, he was taken aback, and then showed an unprecedented dignified expression, and said: "Huh? At the end of the thick fog, behind many supreme beings, in the blurry area far away, I seem to smell the smell of 'old friend,' .”

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