Dimensional Invasion of the Real Earth - Chapter 1697 whim

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  Chapter 1697 Temporary idea

  1930, temporary idea

  With great merit, comes great rewards.

  For Chen Xi, he was never worried about his lack of skills and skills.

  He has time to study these, whether it is from Liu Hao or the person in charge of the base Yang Jian, they are happy to take care of Chen Xi.

   This guy is not simple at all now, and he is completely different from when he stepped into the heavens. It is not an exaggeration to say that he has completely transformed.

   This guy has already crushed everyone from the mythical world of the Three Kingdoms. In silence, Chen Xi has already proved the Da Luo Jin Xian Dao fruit.

  If I hadn't seen Liu Bei today, I would have thought of Chen Xi from Liu Bei, and I would have almost forgotten this guy because of my obsession with Liu Hao.

   After counting his fingers, Liu Hao was also a little bit dumbfounded.

  He even wondered if Chen Xi already had persecution paranoia, is it necessary to be so low-key?

He even had to admit Chen Xi's intelligence and wise choice. He didn't see Chen Xi's Dao Fruit in the long river of time on his own earth, so he could only say that when this guy proved Dao Luo Dao Fruit, he chose the mythical Three Kingdoms world .

  As the first Mythical Three Kingdoms World, Chen Xi, who had attained Daluo Daoguo in this world, was naturally blessed by Mythical Three Kingdoms World.

This is tantamount to allowing Chen Xi to take back the gains that should have been made in the mythical Three Kingdoms world in one go, and quietly absorbed the atmosphere of the Mythical Three Kingdoms world that should have belonged to him for a long time. transport.

   This choice allowed Chen Xi to make up for his biggest deficiency.

   It is also because of Chen Xi's choice that the Mythical Three Kingdoms World, as long as Chen Xi is still there, will ensure that the whole world will have good weather and good harvests every year.

   To a certain extent, Chen Xi's choice has given him the honor of the God of Harvest in the mythical world of the Three Kingdoms.

  Once Chen Xi enters the quasi-sage realm in the future, this 'divine position' will truly be displayed in front of all living beings in the mythical Three Kingdoms world, letting them know that there is such a person in their world to protect them.

  At that time, Chen Xi's 'faith', which should be his, will also be supplemented at once, and last for a long time or even forever.

   This may be the child of destiny in one world, even if this child of destiny is keeping a low profile and hiding from beginning to end.

  It is also because of Chen Xi's proving of Daluo Daoguo in the Three Kingdoms of Mythology that the development of the Three Kingdoms of Mythology has really entered the fast lane.

  Sometimes, you have to admit that food is the foundation of everything.

  When there is no shortage of food, population growth will become inevitable. When the population increases substantially, the foundation will inevitably be stable, and a large number of talents will surely emerge.

  And the mythical Three Kingdoms world that has been connected to the heavens, there is no need to worry about the pressure brought by the population explosion, it is nothing more than immigration into another world.

   As far as Liu Hao earth is concerned, he can digest as much as he comes.

  Before, Cao Mengde was more or less hiding the benefits of the world channel, but now the whole people has participated, and countless skills from all heavens and worlds have been gradually poured into it.

   Over time, the mythical world of the Three Kingdoms, like the Dragon Kingdom on Earth Liu Hao, will truly contend with a hundred schools of thought.

Their original advantage, that is, the talent of awakened individuals will still continue. If they find that their awakened talent is of greater benefit to themselves, they will naturally be willing to invest more energy in developing it, and carry it forward, becoming the Mythical Three Kingdoms unique system.

  In the future, it is not impossible that someone like Chen Xi will continue to appear and achieve the "god position" in the mythical Three Kingdoms' own world.

   Just like Guan Yu on the monster battlefield right now, his awakened critical strike talent has been integrated into his own instinct, even if he crosses the world, there is still no difference.

  He has not only increased the increase in critical strikes to ten times, but with the development of Guan Yu in the future, the multiplication of critical strikes will only become more terrifying.

   Even relying on this, even if Guan Yu of the mythical Three Kingdoms does not merge with Guan Yu from the prehistoric in the future, it is not impossible to fight across the ranks.

  He Guan Yu is like this, and other people in the mythical Three Kingdoms world also have this possibility.

   And this point, in Liu Hao's earth, the ratio is much lower, which can be regarded as a gain or loss.

  Any world has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is nothing more than how to maximize its own advantages and how to eliminate its own disadvantages through various means.

  This is not the true meaning of practice.

  In the channel deep in the sea below, three monsters with quasi-sacred cultivation came through, and almost the moment they passed through the channel, they were already included in the "Tian Luo Di Net" guarded by Emperor Zhenwu;

  Perhaps he also found it difficult to face the three quasi-holy monsters, and seeing that Niannian Liu Hao was still watching a show outside, Emperor Zhenwu chose to send one of them directly to Niannian Liu Hao.

   But the quasi-sage who cut off a corpse is no different from a toy in front of obsessive Liu Hao;

   But this time, Liu Hao, obsessed with obsession, did not choose to kill him, but directly put him in his sleeves, closing his five senses and completely silencing him.

  The reason for doing this is also thinking of a possibility, that is, whether it can be sent to the Zhoutian Star Dou array on the front line of the abyss, whether it can be communicated, and it will become the fighting power of one's own side facing the abyss.

Obsession Liu Hao has been to the world carried by Xuanwu Dazun, and has also seen the entire world of Xuanwu Dazun, but that is just a glimpse, and it is not even too late to see the world of Xuanwu Dazun, nothing more than seeing the outline of the world of Xuanwu Dazun , is nothing more than the perception of countless huge and terrifying auras during the process.

  He didn't know how many monsters there were in the world carried by Xuanwu Dazun, but he knew that since they could be called the bottom, they would definitely not be rare.

   Maybe they are like some rabbits in the mortal world, with a huge reproductive capacity?

  It is by relying on this ability to reproduce that they will not be wiped out?

  In the world of Xuanwu Dazun, they will not be valued at all, and no one will even look at them at all, but they are already an extremely large and terrifying force for countless heavens.

  Even if their intelligence is not perfect, even if they still need a little time to evolve, even after the evolution is complete, there may still be shortcomings of one kind or another, but so what?

  Power is power. If you can use it for your own use, even if it becomes high-level cannon fodder when you face the abyss, you will make a lot of money.

  All he wants to do is to give others a chance. With his cultivation base, even if the experiment fails, it is nothing more than a waste of effort and energy.

He also knows that maybe even if it succeeds, it will probably be difficult to promote, because there are not many people who can easily suppress high-level monsters like him, and other people probably don't have this kind of thought to worry about, nor will they Put time and energy into it.

Because the more expert they are, the less interested they are in helping foreign objects. For them, all great power comes from themselves, and there are very few who can really help them. A covetous heart is born.

  But how many innate treasures are there in the heavens and myriad worlds?

   Obsession Liu Hao is well aware of this, and the experiment he thought of temporarily was not developed for these top experts, but really thought of the hardships at the bottom.

  He also suddenly remembered that in his own earth, even if it is a low-level monster, it is very difficult for humans to subdue it. The so-called beast control method seems to be particularly difficult in his own earth.

  He vaguely guessed that this might be due to the large-scale development of the modern world, which has long buried the disgust and resistance to humans in the beast genes.

  This makes even if many heavens are connected to Liu Hao's earth, there are very few people who have successfully domesticated monsters. Most of them would rather die than surrender even if they are captured and unable to resist, but they will choose to commit suicide if they have the opportunity;

   As time goes by, the number of human beings who have tried in this area has become less and less, to the point where they have even been ignored.

But there is such a possibility for monsters, as I said earlier, because the world carried by Xuanwu Dazun is too vast, making the gravity in it so strong that it is indescribable, forcing the races in it to be obviously backward in terms of spiritual perfection, even like Influx into Liu Hao's earth monsters, even at the quasi-sage stage, it is still not a complete group.

   And such a group, isn't it a beast that can be controlled by nature?

  There may be various reasons why no one has thought of this so far. For example, monsters are regarded as life and death enemies from the beginning, and they must be killed.

   Another example is that they look too tyrannical, too ugly, thick-skinned, and too dangerous to control, even if they think about it, they choose to give up.

   But these have never been a problem in the hands of Obsessed Liu Hao. He has already used the law as the basis for his control.

He had just made a decision in his mind, another quasi-holy monster poured into the passage deep under the sea. Panicking is only limited to being calm. If you come again, maybe you won't be able to do what you want, but the effect will definitely be weakened a lot, so it's better to give up.

   Obsession Liu Hao saw this, and didn't wait. When the new quasi-holy monster had just passed through the passage, he had already waved his arm and put it in his sleeve again.

  His understatement was in the eyes of Emperor Zhenwu throughout the whole process, and the sense of urgency in Emperor Zhenwu's heart increased rapidly.

  The world monks of Honghuang's level are even the top group of people. Which one is not arrogant in his heart?

Just like in the past, those quasi-sages who were dispatched, such as Avalokitesvara, had no expectations in their hearts before they arrived, as if they had a feeling of being sent to the countryside. Only then can we understand the value of it.

  This is the case with Emperor Zhenwu at this time.

  Even if he only followed Haotian's decree before, it would probably be impossible for him to return now.

  Actually, as the heaven and earth net array guarded by Emperor Zhenwu became more and more rounded, it also means that Emperor Zhenwu has thoroughly familiarized himself with the world beyond the prehistoric world, even if it is only Liu Hao's earth now.

  Even if it's just this familiarity, it actually brought a lot of insight to Emperor Zhenwu.

  Because of this familiarization process, isn't it a kind of sorting out of his own avenues and laws?

  Learn the new by reviewing the old, it is the most reasonable saying in any heaven.

  One thing that Emperor Zhenwu knew very well at this time was that the breakthrough he felt he would need years to accumulate seemed to have become much simpler in Liu Hao's Earth.

  He can guess this kind of feeling to some extent. The most important point is that Liu Hao's earth world is not as tough as Honghuang.

   But the reduction of these obstacles will not bring any side effects to Emperor Zhenwu.

  The avenue is the avenue, and the law is the law.

   is universal in any heaven.

   After breaking through in any of the heavens, returning to your own heavens can also display the strength after the breakthrough. It is nothing more than spending a little time to re-acquaint yourself after returning.

  But time, for a monk like Emperor Zhenwu, how could he care?

   On the other side, Liu Hao, obsessed with obsession, didn't know that Emperor Zhenwu had so many inner dramas at this time.

  He caught a quasi-holy monster again. Seeing that there was no place for him to guard on the battlefield, his thoughts had already been put into his sleeves.

  The same senseless closure, completely isolated.

   But this time, he recalled the rules of 'manipulation' in his heart.

  What he wants is not a simple puppet, but to retain the wisdom of the monster and give the monster room for perfection in the future.

  If he could, he would even choose to keep the original monster.

  Unfortunately, he found that it seemed that he could not achieve it.

  He is just a sub-sage, not as good as Hunyuan, how can he truly control a certain law?

  At the beginning, he thought about refining something like the 'Beast Control Card'.

But soon he gave up. External suppression may cause more accidents. Instead of this, it is better to take one step at a time, simply start with the monster's soul, and integrate a chain of laws into it, so as to achieve real control , to be the master of the monster.

  He discovered that the laws of manipulative nature seem to belong to the laws of humanity, which are not as good as the laws of heaven and authenticity.

  Humanity, I have to admit that emotion is the mainstream, even if it is an imperial envoy, it is more likely to achieve its goal through "captive breeding".

   Conversely, the laws of both the Dao of Heaven and the Dao of the Tunnel are much more overbearing.

   In other words, obsessed with Liu Hao's shots, it is definitely not as good as Qinglong Liu Hao and Baihu Liu Hao's shots.

Of course, the most important thing is the complexity of emotions. If the means are large, it may directly force the monster to gradually lose emotion, but if it is less, it will also increase the risk. It is not about being freed, but when controlling the monster , You can't do anything to this guy even if he has a little temper.

  After he actually did it, he found that it was much more difficult than he had imagined.

  Even if the soul reaches the quasi-sage, he has to admit his fragility, especially the unconscious and immature monster soul.

  He spent more than half an hour experimenting, and found that it failed shamefully in the end.

  (end of this chapter)

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