Dimensional Invasion of the Real Earth - Chapter 1698 black beard

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  Chapter 1698 Blackbeard

  1731, Blackbeard

   The feeling of failure seemed to have not appeared in his heart for a long time, and it suddenly appeared, which made him a little uncomfortable.

  He soon discovered that this rare feeling of failure was the greatest good thing for him.

   Isn’t this also one of the humane practice systems?

  What I subconsciously ignored in the past, or even if I didn’t ignore it, I would be subconsciously too lazy to pay attention to it.

  But that is also one of the rules.

  He can be said to be a continuation of the law of emotion, or it can be said to exist independently.

  His power is also incomparable, using it on the enemy, sometimes even brings better results than directly using the law of emotion.

   This is a sudden enlightenment, as if in an instant, and as if ten thousand years have passed.

  Although it did not bring many changes to Obsession Liu Hao, it rarely made Obsession Liu Hao look more like a living human being.

  Rarely, there was a slight wry smile on his face, and after the wry smile, it became brighter.

  Recovering from the enlightenment, even if the monster experimental product had died completely, and its soul had been shattered, he didn't feel any displeasure.

   Taking the monster out of his sleeve, he subconsciously looked at Luo Bing, but Zhang Xiu within sight made him take back his original thoughts.

   At any rate, it is also my own "soldier team", so how could it be possible that I don't need to take care of it?

   It's just that, if such a complete corpse of a monster is really handed over to Zhang Xiu, the King Qin City probably won't be able to cut it up, right?

   "You can't do it yourself, can you?"

   "Forget it, let's not give it away, but people can only look at it and not eat it!"

   Obsessive Liu Hao showed a weird smile on his face, sitting cross-legged on the clouds, he was a rare butcher.

   During the whole process, the monster was like a little suckling pig, under the control of obsessive Liu Hao's compression law, he didn't want the white cloud he was sitting cross-legged to be dripping with blood.

   After finishing all this, he found that Zhang Xiu didn't have a real storage treasure in his hands, so he couldn't help frowning.

   "Is the Kongming Stone lacking to this extent?"

   "The technique of Sumeru, it seems that it is not easy to practice!"

  He knew that no matter how many Kongming stones the Dragon Kingdom and Yanhuang Alliance collected from the heavens, they would only be put into the construction of the teleportation array. The Qinling Magic World might be the only source of storage rings.

  Naturally, it also makes its value much more precious. It is reasonable for Zhang Xiu not to get it.

   Obsession Liu Hao also has to admit that compared with the monster race, human beings do have some shortcomings in this area. The lack of a solid carrier is not easy to make up for.

Just like Liu Hao's son, Xiao Long'er, as long as he practices the Sumeru technique, he can create a space on any of his scales at any time, no matter the size, as long as the scale is still on his body, the maintenance of this space is nothing more than inputting some energy That's all.

  It can be changed to human beings, choose and choose, it seems that there is no suitable place, the skin is not thick enough and there are no horns, what can be done?

   No wonder the world in the palm of your hand and the universe in your sleeves are making humans more and more happy.

  For Liu Hao, he has countless methods, such as cutting out a dimensional space at will, refining it to form a good storage space;

  But if this space is far away from Liu Hao, the fusion within the dimension will still appear. As time goes by, this storage space will naturally gradually disappear.

   But for temporary use, it is just a casual thing. Even Bai Yun under his seat can refine a storage bag under the control of his laws.

   This method is not a long-term solution after all.

   This made Liu Hao think of the world of mortals cultivating immortals. There, he remembered that the 'storage bag' was almost no different from wholesale.

   In other words, the storage bags in the mortal world are bound to be made of rare materials, and only in this way can they be promoted on such a large scale, as if any monk could get them at his fingertips.

   Obsession Liu Hao speculates that the material is most likely to be a certain kind of plant fiber. The material itself may have the characteristics of isolating dimensional space, or it may also have a bit of space attribute itself.

   But whether it is a storage bag or a storage ring, there is never a real security.

  The level of the treasures stored in it must be limited. You can't put an innate spirit treasure in it, and their carrying capacity is not up to such a level.

   For a real master, it is not difficult to open other people's storage bags and storage rings. It is like no matter how precise a lock is, someone can always open it at will.

  They are more suitable for the mortal world and the cultivation world. Once entering a plane like the fairy world, especially when facing an opponent who really understands space ability, it is no different from delivering food.

  Everyone who understands these truths understands them, but those who understand them will not preach them, because they are meaningless.

   It's like being obsessed with Liu Hao. When he sees any storage bag and storage ring, he can easily poke into it to check all the items, but will he really steal it?

Obviously, it is also impossible. The monks who rely on storage bags and storage rings for storage, their so-called treasures, in the eyes of obsessed Liu Hao, are no different from straw paper, and the incomplete products he made at will are even more precious than them. too much.

He just kept this matter in his heart, thinking that when he went to the mortal cultivation world again in the future, he would introduce it into his own earth. If he didn't need it, it didn't mean that it was worthless. On the contrary, he felt that his own earth needed it. It's not that big.

  He didn't know that the space seal scroll from the ninja world has been improved many times by his own Dragon Kingdom and the Yanhuang Alliance. In fact, there is no shortage of small items to carry.

  The height he was standing at was so advanced that he overlooked many inconspicuous existences.

   also underestimated human intelligence itself.

  Perhaps in terms of practice, many people don't have much talent, and they can't even break through the immortal rank in their whole life.

   But these people's talents in other aspects cannot be ignored, just like the ancient dynasty, who ignored 'gong', but how did they think that once the 'gong' broke out, it would be the beginning of 'changing the world'?

In fact, obsessive Liu Hao still doesn't know that he is on the road of humanity, and he doesn't really walk in a straight line. On the contrary, he stays away from the crowd, so that even if he understands something, he doesn't understand it as quickly as he really sinks into human society. reason.

  The reason why he has always been the tail of Liu Hao's three incarnations is not that he appeared the latest, but that he was among them. Otherwise, he might even be the first one to prove Hunyuan.

   It's just that he hasn't understood this truth yet, and no one can really remind him.

  He threw the finished reward directly to Zhang Xiu, and left a message on it, no matter how happy the other party was, his eyes had already deviated.

  He will be looking at Garp with great interest. This guy who is used to his own fists is indeed the most passionate in the battle with monster opponents. His punches to the flesh have become a typical example of the entire battlefield.

Compared to a monster, this guy's size is nothing more than an ant, but his fists are really effective when hitting the monster. Almost every punch causes great damage to the monster's internal organs and bones. As long as he was punched a few times, as his monster opponent, he had already lost the ability to resist.

   In terms of flexibility, these monsters that flooded into Liu Hao's earth obviously failed to adapt in this respect, and there was no time for them to adapt.

  Liu Hao All creatures on Earth know the horror of these monsters, and no one dares to let them go out of this sea area and wreak havoc on their homeland.

   At this point, even the most inhuman world government of One Piece is the same.

  Who made their red earth continent not too far away from this sea area, they dare not gamble, nor can they afford to gamble.

  It is also because these high-level Tianlong people have to devote a lot of energy to this direction, which has prompted tremendous changes in the entire One Piece world.

For example, many of the franchised countries outside of One Piece's Red Earth Continent basically exist in name only now, and more of their ruling power has been taken over by the naval agency of the world government. Instead, they have gained more space and become no longer the same as before. So cruel.

   Red dog, this One Piece world navy trusts the marshal, but he is an extremely extreme hawk. This kind of cognition has already penetrated into the bones of red dog.

  Even if this guy is still listening to the "greetings" of the five old stars of the Red Earth Continent, who doesn't know that Akainu's current autonomy has been maximized?

   Between them, there is more of a superficial relationship between superiors and subordinates. They don't need and don't want to really tear their faces apart.

  One Piece's world government doesn't want Akainu to become the second East China Sea.

   Right now, the team led by Akainu, and the monsters they slay, are all collected by themselves, which has already explained everything.

   This is a loss of financial control. In this world of revived aura, whoever really has fists will not make money?

To put it bluntly, on this monster battlefield, Akainu casually kills a few monsters of the same class as him, and takes them back to share with his own account. Those followers are already dying of laughter. The so-called salary, what is that? ,do you need?

  If you have money, you can't buy such a treasure. Such a treasure can really improve your cultivation. Who doesn't know that cultivation is the foundation of everything in this world?

  That irritable as a red dog, isn't his temper restrained a lot now?

  When he clearly knows that his cultivation is nothing in the world, how can Akainu be as arrogant and confident as before?

  He smiled at Fujitora now, no matter how upset he was in his heart, knowing that this guy was completely different from what he insisted on, didn't he have to smile?

  Compromise is a quality that any politician must possess. Akainu, who has sat on the throne of Marshal, must change as long as he wants to continue in this position.

Conversely, the resigned Warring States is completely different. Now that he has followed Karp, his original nature has been released even more. His original snow-white hair has now returned to black again. The improvement of his cultivation has made him lose his Return to the old mind.

  His character, on the contrary, benefited the Warring States even more.

   This guy is the owner of the Great Buddha Fruit. He is naturally a Buddhist cultivator. In the world of One Piece in the past, it was impossible to achieve it. Now, not to mention that it is easy to get, but it is not much worse.

   Didn’t you see the current Warring States period, the entire battle mode is completely different?

In the past, this Warring States who only used impact and fists to fight, now once transformed, he is no different from a 'Buddha', and he chanted countless Buddhist scriptures in his mouth. As his monster opponent, he will always be inexplicable. Lost life in it.

  The change in the Warring States Period is also a change in the entire One Piece world, and it is nothing more than size.

   Already integrated into the earth, how can it still persist in the past? Perhaps the only one who can really do it is Karp?

   Not everyone knows exactly where their talents are from the very beginning. It is the common daily routine of most monks through continuous trial and error.

   Even most people are lost in trial and error all their lives, unable to find the exercises and skills that are really suitable for them, and unable to truly develop their talents throughout their lives.

   Because of this, there are bottom, middle, and upper layers that still exist in the world of monks. This pyramid has always been stable in the heavens and worlds.

  When the obsessive Liu Hao glanced at the direction of the Red Earth Continent, he couldn't help showing a smile.

  The Blackbeard Pirates still can only live here and struggle in this area;

   Obsession Liu Hao knew that it wasn't that Blackbeard didn't want to leave to find a bigger room for development, but that Blackbeard knew that no one would really accept him.

  Who knows his fortune story on the Internet?

   Betrayal itself is an 'evil' that all sentient beings despise;

   Betrayed, and took his former companions as a gift for promotion, and also killed his "father" who took good care of him.

   Such behavior, even the most evil person, would not be willing to talk to him.

  He Blackbeard Pirates can gain benefits from the Dragon Kingdom Australia base through trade, but if Blackbeard wants to apply to enter the base, he will definitely only get rejected, and there is no possibility of a second chapter.

  Even if Dragon Kingdom turns a blind eye to the Blackbeard Pirates, the original Whitebeard Pirates who are now based in the Dragon Kingdom's Australian base will definitely explode.

   For this reason, the way forward of the Blackbeard Pirates was also bet on.

  Of course, these do not mean that the Blackbeard Pirates are now in decline. On the contrary, under the intentional or unintentional indulgence of Wu Laoxing, the Blackbeard Pirates are still flourishing in the world of One Piece.

   Also, Wu Laoxing knew that Blackbeard One Piece had no way out, so he regarded it as raising a dog. With this dog's restraint, didn't the Akainu Navy, who originally wanted to break away from their notice, didn't say anything now?

   When it comes to keeping dogs, Wu Laoxing is a real expert in this regard.

   It's just that they don't know their base camp, and they have been targeted and booked by others. This person is Tang Sanzang, and they are definitely not something they can resist.

   I have to admit that sometimes ignorance is also a kind of happiness.

  (end of this chapter)

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