Disaster Artist - Chapter 1132 Snake hit 7 inches

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【Disaster Artist】【】

The air is slightly quiet, and the thin plywood can clearly hear the trivial sounds of being busy outside, which further sets off the quietness of the interior.

Bai Cheng's chewing movement also stopped, patter, and the last bite of glutinous rice cake fell off.

But Bai Cheng reacted immediately, grabbed the piece of glutinous rice cake that fell on the table, threw it into his mouth, and hungrily sealed his mouth with his right hand, and he couldn't see anything in a blink of an eye. Traces, the mysterious event of "the disappearance of glutinous rice cake" was staged on the spot.

Chen Mu didn't notice the delicate atmosphere in the temporary office, but saw Bai Cheng's movements, showing a speechless expression.


Bai Cheng looked innocent, "The three-second rule, haven't you heard of it?"

Chen Mu rolled his eyes, "Didn't you always say the five-second rule?"

Lu Qian twitched the corner of his mouth, "You can tell that you don't understand Dabai when you hear it. To be precise, it should be the law of 'As long as it is delicious enough or hungry enough, you can completely ignore time'. Is three seconds and five seconds important? It doesn't matter, Delicious food is the most important thing.”

So, is this a rant?

Bai Cheng chuckled.

Chen Mu choked on his words, glared at Lu Qian, and brought back the topic, "Why, have you heard about it?"

But after finishing speaking, Chen Mu started to mutter to himself, "But, they haven't been looking for me for long, and I've just made a decision, how do you know?"

Su Ziyi seemed to have noticed something, and was a little anxious, "Chen Mu!"

Chen Mu was taken aback and didn't understand why.

Lu Qian didn't wait for Su Ziyi to continue, "What project? Which director?"

Su Ziyi called out to Lu Qian unwillingly, but Lu Qian raised his right hand to stop him. Su Ziyi leaned back in the chair depressedly, with a lot of thoughts in his mind.

Chen Mu had question marks all over his head, and pointed to Su Ziyi, "What's wrong with him, did he take the wrong medicine?"

Without even looking up, Su Zi directly gave Chen Mu a middle finger.

Chen Mu didn't show any weakness either, and also raised the same finger, totally not understanding why Su Ziyi was bothering him, and then looked at Lu Qian.

"'Your Life', directed by Mu Zhenghai, is adapted from the novel of the same name, which is a very popular and award-winning science fiction novel."

Mu Zhenghai, director of the Mesozoic Era.

This director, who is fifty years old this year, can be regarded as a representative of a late bloomer. When he was in his early twenties, he shot some short films one after another, but his style was never successful, and he even went astray for a while. Actors also have no achievements.

Going around, going back and forth between Seka and Lanchuan, working for a TV station, writing scripts for the crew, and shooting commercials for commercial works.

Until the age of forty-four, it seemed that he finally became enlightened overnight, and filmed an image work "Scorched Earth" that focused on the psychological entanglements of the original family, and became famous in one fell swoop. This work was almost shortlisted for the Golden Book Award for Best Film , although he missed the nomination in the end and only won the nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, it brought Mu Zhenghai into the public eye.

Subsequently, in six years, three works, one step at a time.

The work "Border" filmed the year before last became the most affirmed work of the Golden Book Award that year. It was not only shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Weihai Film Festival, but also received a vote of nomination during the awards season. Unfortunately, because of the subject matter, In the end, only three technical awards were nominated for the Golden Book Awards.

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【Disaster Artist】【】

As a director, Mu Zhenghai, like Lu Qian, is a director who firmly believes in the big screen. He believes that the world built by the lens, picture and sound is full of unique light and shadow charm. The images are particularly sensitive, and the photographers we cooperate with each time are top-notch photographers in the industry.

From "Scorched Earth" to "Frontier", photography has always been the most important element in Mu Zhenghai's films.

It is undoubtedly a very important affirmation that Chen Mu can be appreciated by Mu Zhenghai and invited to participate in the creation of a new work. It is no wonder that Chen Mu is so excited.

"I had a video conference with director Mu Zhenghai. He showed part of his conception and setting, and started a preliminary discussion. I believe he is sincerely planning to make something, starting from the image to build the entire movie world. I think, It should be a very interesting challenge."

While talking, Chen Mu began to gear up.

Lu Qian just opened his mouth to say something, but this time, Su Ziyi couldn't hold back after all, and interrupted the conversation, "What about A Qian?"

Chen Mu's eyes widened, and he retorted confidently, "What's wrong with him?"

Su Zi became anxious, "What about Ah Qian's project? You just abandoned him like this?"

Chen Mu rolled his eyes speechlessly, "With his current reputation, he can cooperate with any photographer in the industry. What should he worry about?"

Lu Qian had no choice but to stop Su Ziyi again, "Chen Mu, congratulations! Director Mu Zhenghai's focus on photography is sincere, and now you are finally seen."

Chen Mu raised his chin proudly, but smiled and said nothing, and seemed to be very useful.

As soon as Su Zi looked at the calm and calm Lu Qian, he felt powerless, anxious and annoyed, "Chen Mu, now is not the time to be complacent. What company produced and distributed the project directed by Mu Zhenghai this time? It won't be Streamer." Film industry, right?"

Chen Mu's head was full of question marks, he didn't understand what happened, but he subconsciously replied, "No, it's Tianshan Entertainment."

After finishing speaking, Chen Mu immediately realized the strangeness, "Wait, Su Ziyi, what is going on with you? Targeting me once or twice, what do you mean?"

Su Zi cursed as soon as he covered his head and face, "Now they're after us again, it's not that simple, where are you still dreaming!"

Chen Muyun was in a fog.

Seeing that Su Ziyi didn't get to the point after talking for a long time, Bai Cheng explained, "The two projects of Liuguang Films invited me and Ah Yi respectively, and now you have also received the project. A project that cannot be refused, we all feel that ~www.novelbuddy.com~ things may be tricky."

Chen Mu finally understood, and was taken aback for a while, "But, yours is Liuguang Films, mine is Tianshan Entertainment, does it matter?"

Su Zi was furious and became anxious, "Time! Chen Mu, think about it with your head, time, everything happens at the same time, is this normal?"

"Now, the whole Lanchuan is questioning A Qian. They all think that A Qian is self-destructing. This project is under great pressure, and then our core team is invited at the same time. Whether it is the same company or not, the timing is different. What a coincidence, what if someone is behind the scenes?"

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【Disaster Artist】【】

"For example, Wei Wei, he has not been formally sentenced yet, and his brother has not retreated from the turmoil. In addition, there is also the Lanchuan Journalists Association."

"What if it's them?"

"They used their own connections to dismantle Ah Qian's core creative team. What do you think Lan Chuan will think? What will ordinary audiences think?"

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Su Ziyi's words were still incoherent, upside down, patchwork without beginning and end, the words were not coherent at all, and his brains fell out at once.

Chen Mu was also ignorant, but after spending a little time, he finally understood. After a while, he couldn't get over his emotions, and he also became angry.

"So are you blaming me now? What have I done wrong? Aren't you being unreasonable?"

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