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【Disaster Artist】【】

As soon as Su Zi got angry, he felt guilty and uneasy, annoyed and depressed, and all kinds of emotions rushed up, and the emotions came up. Rather than saying that he was angry with Chen Mu, it was better to say that he was angry with himself.

Chen Mu also got angry, inexplicable, full of question marks, he didn't understand what happened at all, and ended up being attacked in such a mindless way, how could his character swallow it?

"You're not out of your mind, are you?"

"Director Mu Zhenghai invited me to be a photographer, not to work on a crime scene with me. What are you so excited about? I didn't betray Ah Qian."

"I don't know exactly what's going on, so I just expressed my position in a hurry, and Ah Qian didn't say anything. Why are you so anxious?"

Chen Mu also cursed back directly, his words seemed to hit Su Ziyi's wound, he turned his head and sat back heavily.

Chen Mu was completely inexplicable, foaming from the mouth for a while, and his breathing could not be adjusted, panting like a cow, squinting his eyes, his face was full of anger.

Bai Cheng sighed softly, "Chen Mu, just before you came in, Ah Yi actually asked A Qian to resign, and director Zhang Lixin issued an invitation that was hard to refuse."

Chen Mu was stunned, and subconsciously wanted to complain: Why, you will have no problem accepting the new project, but if I accept the new project, it would be a betrayal or a violation of the law?

But when the words came to his lips, they stopped like this.

Chen Mu is not an idiot.

He also realized what was going on. If Su Ziyi, Bai Cheng, and Chen Mu all left Lu Qian's crew, what would that look like?

In fact, what needs to be worried about is not how new projects are. As Chen Mu said, with Lu Qian’s reputation, it is not difficult to form a brand new behind-the-scenes team in the industry. Without them, you can also find other professionals. Here is Lanchuan, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The real key is, what do outsiders think? What do the general public think?

"People in the industry are not optimistic about this song and dance project, and now even Lu Qian's royal team is falling apart?"

"Getting the right way will help you a lot, but being wronged will help you a lot. It seems that Lu Qian really went against the sky this time."

"Even the closest partners turned around, and Lu Qian encountered the biggest crisis in his career."

Etc., etc.

Objectively speaking, the impact on the project exists. People's expectations and attention to the project will definitely continue to decline, but this is just a trivial matter. What may really affect people's confidence in Echo and Blue Whale Films will further affect them. Layout.

It's like stocks.

A positive good news, the stock can rise; a negative bad news, the stock price may fall off a cliff.

The final direct impact is the confidence of major shareholders.

Of course, Echo is not a listed company, so there is no need to worry about the divestment of major shareholders. However, for Echo, which has just started, it is making a comprehensive layout. People have deep doubts in their hearts. Now that they encounter such a situation, they will continue to wait and see. , the echo situation will be even more difficult.

Chen Mu is also a smart person.

Although Chen Mu couldn't think so deeply for the time being, he soon understood that things were obviously not as simple as they thought.

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【Disaster Artist】【】

Indeed, maybe the invited projects come from different companies and different directors, but is there really no problem with the timing?

Such a coincidence?

But Chen Mu and Su Ziyi were different, their thoughts turned in their minds, and then Chen Mu looked at Lu Qian and gloated.

"Ha ha!"

That's right, Chen Mu laughed outright, looking a little abrupt in the solemn atmosphere, so that Bai Cheng and Su Ziyi looked at Chen Mu with question marks on their heads.

Chen Mu smiled brightly.

"Lu Qian, you guys also have today."

"The road went smoothly in Lanchuan, but I didn't expect to make so many enemies. Now that someone is coming to you, you probably don't know who it is."

"Ha ha."

Chen Mu was very happy, gloating all over his face.

Bai Cheng: Black lines all over his head.

Su Ziyi: Black lines all over his head.

Lu Qian was not surprised at all, this is Chen Mu, a typical Chen Mu.

The corner of Lu Qian's mouth also rose, "I'm also very happy, which means that I have such a weight now, and it's so laborious."

This interpretation angle is also... strange.

Don't say that Bai Cheng and Su Zi are the same, even Chen Mu's smile paused slightly.

Lu Qian shrugged.

"Look, Wesley, Zhang Lixin, and Mu Zhenghai."

Lu Qian looked at the three people respectively, and then said the names of the three directors respectively.

"Any name is a heavyweight in the industry, and their project is obviously not a joke. This shows their sincerity, and it is definitely not just a random lake."

"If you have to use such connections and energy to deal with me, what does that mean?"

For the follow-up words, Lu Qian will not say anything—


Chen Mu glanced at Lu Qian blankly, and couldn't help sighing, "Wow, I thought I was narcissistic enough, but in front of you, I'm still not in the same rank."

Lu Qian nodded slightly with a smile, "You just know?"

Chen Mu: ...blood spattered on the spot.

Su Ziyi couldn't laugh, "Ah Qian, now is not the time to joke."

Lu Qian laughed directly, "I'm not joking, I'm serious."

"Of course, there are still many, many things to worry about. I am also a little confused about this situation and this situation."

"But I hope we can all calm down for a while, don't be so anxious, and enjoy this moment."

"You get recognized where you belong, your profession gets recognized by these directors, I don't want moments like this to revolve around me, it's about you."

"Your excellence and excellence, your professionalism and talent, are now shining through. This is a moment to celebrate, isn't it?"

The three people in front of them looked at each other.

In the end, Su Ziyi shook his head lightly, but couldn't hold back after all, and laughed dumbly, "A Qian~www.novelbuddy.com~ You really are... you, at such a moment, you still have time to think about this."

Even Chen Mu was no exception, but he didn't want to use his mouth to give Lu Qian any praise, so he stubbornly averted his eyes.

Lu Qian spread his hands.

"Life is already complicated, we don't need to make things more complicated."

"Ah Yi, do you still remember our original intention of filming 'Unfriending' and then creating Blue Whale Films? It was to film and produce works that we are interested in, so we should be happy that we have finally come to this step."

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【Disaster Artist】【】

"As for the machinations, they're important, very, very important, but not that important."

Chen Mu didn't want to admit it, a warm current surged in his chest, so he glanced at Lu Qian from the corner of his eyes, and said disgustedly.

"Just keep pretending. If the company goes bankrupt, let's see how you can still make the movies you want to make."

Lu Qian shook his head lightly, "Mr. Chen Mu, you are not that important yet, don't push yourself up, even if my singing and dancing project fails this time, Blue Whale Pictures and Echo will not go bankrupt immediately; moreover, lack of You guys, my project may not necessarily fail, and I still have confidence in this matter."

Chen Mu: ...

Can he swear?

Chen Mu didn't hold back, turned his head to look at Lu Qian, gritted his teeth, and said viciously, "So, you mean, it's okay for us to accept the invitation?"

Here comes the point, they all understand the truth, but how should they choose?

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