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"... Attention to all units, attention to all units..."


There was a faint sound wave interference in the walkie-talkie, but it didn't affect it at all. When I was busy, I heard Lu Qian's voice, all of them stopped their work, and they were completely focused.

"Just one shot, very good, very good, very very colorful."

"However, I want to do some same attempts and make some adjustments and changes, so I need to do it again, and I hope it will collapse."

Surprise surprise, surprise surprise?

Su Ziyi and Baicheng exchanged glances, both of them were completely surprised and understood Lu Qian, so the result was completely expected.

The problem is-

What happened to Chen Ziyang?

One or two, no regrets, no annoyances, no complaints, no complaints, no disappointments, but instead a look of eagerness to try.

Those shining eyes were comparable to that of a king cobra, and the audience was muddy and filthy, which was really scary.

The expected response...something in.

We all know what is going on with the difficulty and workload of shooting in one shot. It was announced that we would shoot again, and the situation was "very, very colorful". It was simply superfluous and superfluous! Should the difficult crew be complaining and resentful?

The results of it?

"Have you lost your mind after being oppressed to the extreme?" Su Ziyi looked at Chen Ziyang who was clenching his fists in celebration, stunned and stuttered.

Bai Cheng put the unpacked lollipop into his mouth and glanced at Chen Ziyang, "I can be like Chen Mu, with an M physique."

Why do I feel like I wake up from a dream?

Then Bai Cheng glanced at Su Zi again, "Also."

Su Ziyi's head was full of black lines.

The crew of "Deadpool" was bustlingly busy and operating in an orderly manner. The atmosphere of the crew was not lost or depressed, but was full of enthusiasm and energy.

In fact, it only takes three chances to reshoot a shot to the end, and two times, two times are enough.

For the first time, the entire crew cooperated once and adjusted according to Lu Qian's changes, but there were still some flaws, and the shooting effect was better than once.

The second time, the various departments of the crew discussed with each other, officially started shooting, made nearly three adjustments and coordination, and then started shooting—

The cooperation is seamless, and the chemical reaction between the departments can be deeply felt, and the effect is far beyond expectations.

The clouds flowed smoothly, and the whole shot did not show any flaws from beginning to end. In the end, it was done in one go!

When Lu Qian announced that the filming of the scene had finally ended, the entire crew was boiling.

As soon as they gave each other high fives, hugged each other, cheered and celebrated, that kind of happiness, just joy, but also satisfaction, a sense of achievement in overcoming difficulties burst in the chest, smiles creeping up the brows, the crew was filled with the simplest and purest happiness.

Original, it's about teamwork, it's about movie magic.

Who can refuse such a moment?

Of course, the shooting of "Deadpool" is still unfinished.

, The most difficult, complex and challenging scene has ended, and a series of finishing work has been completed, but the overall difficulty is not difficult.

In the event of an accident, at most one week later, "Deadpool" can be successfully completed, and the entire shooting cycle lasts for a whole month, and the expectations are almost the same.

Then there's the post-production stage.

Judging from the goals and conditions, everything went according to plan, and there were no flaws. Lions Pictures took advantage.

In the car, the "Dead Servant" crew is operating at a high intensity. Even if the scene in the end is finally completed, the work can definitely be taken lightly.

What's more, the crew was already stunned, their level of devotion and concentration was no better than what Lu Qian said, and the work atmosphere was noisy.

That compartment, Lanchuan... still Lanchuan, no matter whether Lu Qian is in or not, to be precise, it is the same without anyone, and the entertainment industry is always lively.

None or missing.

Only, despite the Lu Qian site, Lanchuan still has the legend of Lu Qian—


With the debut of the Echo, streaming media platforms have once again become the focus of heated discussions. Let alone those movie companies that remain on the sidelines, practitioners in the entire film industry can deeply feel the intuitive changes brought by the entry of first-class media platforms into the war.

From the blacklist to the echo, Blue Whale Pictures is indeed increasing "job opportunities".

Although it is only a platform for screenwriters, producers, directors, and film companies have all begun to examine the list and try to mine its treasures.

More and more blacklisted works are put into development and production, which also makes Blue Whale Pictures' entire "blacklist plan" smoothly and comprehensively laid out.

It is still half a year from New Year's Day, but the industry has already begun to look forward to the second blacklist.

The latter, on the other hand, provides project opportunities in a solid way, and the Echo welcomes those who are negotiated and invests in the development of new projects.

According to the official plan announced by the Echo, the budget for the third quarter is 5 billion, and the budget for the fourth quarter is 7 billion, obviously, no joke.

Because of this, Echo has always been the focus of discussion in the industry, like a comet.

In any case, if you submit a submission to the type film company, you should also submit a submission to the echo.

Like Echo Home, it is still in the stage of development, with rapid growth and rapid development. Naturally, there are many opportunities.

, there are some differences between the two.

It is more cautious to enter the house. After all, the film production company started out, and the rental business has been transformed, so I am more superstitious about the "brand".

The projects of brand actors, brand directors, brand producers, and brand screenwriters can often be passed quickly, accumulating more stars for the platform; relatively speaking, for them, it is not so friendly, and the review of each project takes more time. The resource tilt is more obvious.

Echo is more professional. Thanks to Lu Qian's directorship, he is bold enough and adventurous enough to keep an open mind when choosing projects. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

Is "starlight" heavy? Of course, it is heavy; but Echo's attention to independent films and various themes is completely the same, which is really refreshing.

In addition to the various actions of Blue Whale Films for two years, and Lu Qian's appeal, those independent films, newcomers, and sullen insiders in the industry are all willing to give Echo a try. Perhaps, Lu Qian's magic can be used. What about Shi Chengjin?

Obviously, it also keeps the Echo in the spotlight.

However, with more attention, there is also more controversy. Like the law of conservation of energy, everything has two sides, and the situation at this moment is no exception.

With the appearance of the echo like a comet, the attention surrounding the streaming media platform has also caused a series of controversies, and even the house has been involved in it.

So, good or bad?

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