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A Serious Question: Should You Really Trust Streaming?

Whether it's an echo or a house, it doesn't matter, the film industry is not tied to the platform, because of the eyes, streaming media is streaming media.

A nest of snakes.

Just as Su Changting questioned at the beginning, the film industry's rejection of streaming media stems from its trust in movie theaters and its understanding of movies.

More importantly, the maintenance of traditional order.

This will only be mentioned once. With the strong rise of superhero movies, the industry order has been broken.

Fantastic Pictures has built the entire Marvel Universe as a TV series, which also means that the audio-visual experience brought by the "movie sense" has become more important - at least the most important; the superhero's charm is set, and the audience cares about the viewing experience, And the fate of things.

Based on this, from the way of publicity to the production mode, to the focus of creation, all-round changes have taken place, and the unique status of "movie sense" has been subverted.

The brilliant success of Magic Pictures is turning the film industry into a theme park little by little, providing tourists with sightseeing and browsing, but forgetting about it.

Those movies that focus on immersion and experience are gradually being marginalized. Naturally, the status of movie theaters is also facing a strong impact.

The emergence of streaming media has further exacerbated this process.

The existence of "streaming media" itself is to get rid of the shackles of movie theaters and TV sets, so that you can enjoy images through mobile devices anywhere, including but limited to episodes, movies, online videos, etc. There is no foundation.

The film industry's rejection of superhero movies also extends to its resistance to streaming.

Here, it is important to note:

So, what about Fantastic Pictures?

Fantastic Pictures relies on the Marvel Universe to create a new generation, completely changing the definition of cinematic sense, and subverting the industry order, that is to say,

It also means "movie sense".

From this perspective, Fantastic Pictures should embrace streaming media, and even take the initiative to promote the development of streaming media and continue to move forward.

In fact, it is not so, or it should be said that the facts are more complicated.

Fantastic Pictures needs to support traditional movie theaters.

Because of the traditional cinema chain, Magic Pictures is the most familiar and most trusted partner. It has established a complete distribution channel through the first century. It is now fully mature. From publicity to distribution, from film arrangement to dividends, everything has been perfected. thing.

What happens if you switch to streaming?

First of all, Fantastic Pictures needs to re-establish a distribution channel and start from scratch.

Secondly, Fantastic Pictures needs to stand on the opposite side of the theater line and offend its partners.

Finally, Fantastic Pictures needs to overthrow its familiar distribution system, even the movie system.

Would Fantastic Pictures do?

The answer is obvious, of course willing, and solemnly refused.

On the one hand, because of the mature system, on the other hand, there are entanglements of interests.

In fact, just like Wei Wei’s incident, I can, but I don’t think it is necessary. It’s just that I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m hurting my muscles and bones. Strategy.

What's more, in the face of accusations and criticisms of "lack of cinematic sense", Fantastic Pictures has always refused to admit—

"Superhero movies, also movies."

Since then, Fantastic Pictures has been emphasizing one point, insisting that the "movie feel" of superhero movies is absolutely inferior.

In this way, everything is beneficial.

In the past 20 years, in the high-end video disc distribution market, the two formats of Blu-ray and high-definition have launched fierce competition between the two formats.

Objectively speaking, the resolution and clarity of Blu-ray is indeed slightly better than HD, but is the difference between the two really that different?

not necessarily.

No matter how high the resolution is, it needs corresponding equipment to be able to present it. For the general public, the two formats are almost the same.

However, in the current high-end video disc distribution market, almost all Blu-rays have disappeared, and high-definition has disappeared. What is the root cause?


The process is complicated, but the result is clear and clear - Blu-ray, with a more favorable and more favorable royalties and a longer-term blueprint, persuaded more than half of the members of the top seven film companies in the pyramid to join the Blu-ray camp, and all subsequent films were released in Blu-ray format, breaking the market balance.

Same now.

The emergence of streaming media is only a new platform, but also a new distribution channel and a new promotion model, which will have a profound impact on distribution, publicity, and even production. It will challenge the order of the current film market in an all-round way and open up Brand new.

As you can imagine, interests are the real focus.

For the film company, he believes that the benefits of streaming media are enough to move the entire market, whether it is a house or an echo, the power is enough.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they all choose to stick to the current theater camp.

For movies, it may be the focus of interest, and perhaps seeing such a grand and long-term blueprint, but the "movie-sense" cinema still plays an important role.

A lot of movies insist that if a movie doesn't make it to the screen, it "counts"—

Because the picture, sound, light, color, composition, etc. conveyed by the sense of film all need to be presented on the screen as a medium.

Even, the same movie, because of the difference in the quality of the screen and the difference in the cinema equipment, finally presents the same work.

stream media?

Look, you are on the sidelines of the stream, talking about movies, and even TV dramas should be on the streaming media.


When Su Changting learned that Lu Qian was going to set up a streaming media, the betrayal and anger he felt spread to Lanchuan.

These movies, how good the data of the Echo, how many job opportunities the Echo has provided, and how many unnamed movies have been mined by the cooperation between the Echo and the Blacklist, the only thing is that the Echo Renegade has betrayed the movie.

Even, the Echo is ruining the movie~www.novelbuddy.com~ On the surface, the Echo provides more projects and more jobs, but in the long run, the Echo is completely ruining the "movie" thing.

Controversy is inevitable.

In this regard, Blue Whale Pictures has long been prepared, and Lu Qian has been vaccinated. Therefore, after being really involved in the vortex of controversy, the echo of Blue Whale Pictures is not too surprising. Instead, it is leisurely and comfortable. They all joked around.

"...Director, it's still amazing. The current situation has all been expected."

"Also, I think the director's prediction is more intense, and the reality seems to be a little bit worse."

"The main reason is because the director has a great layout, from the blacklist to the awards season to the streaming media, see, which step is arranged, and all of them grab the publicity. Looking at President Xiu, he praised the director, and felt that he was willing to move the director behind his back. Arrange everything."

Inside the company, there is peace.

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